Earliest known ancestors of Group 8
Robert Chawner, b Leicestershire England 1590, d Leicestershire England 1653
William Chandler, b VA USA 1749, d Orange Co., IN USA 1837

The genealogy research and DNA testing for Group 8 has resulted in discovering several (at least 7) independent Group 8 Chandler lineages. At present, these subgroups of Group 8 do not have a common Chandler ancestor, and none of them have found the connection linking the group back to England. We continue to seek this common ancestor, and welcome any who can help us make this discovery. See the Group 8 chapter page – Chapter 8 – for new information.

CFA descendants of Group 8

In April 2008 the Chandler DNA Project’s Group 8 had a major breakthrough when a close DNA match was found between the group members who reside in the USA and testee John Anthony “Tony” Chandler in England. Tony’s earliest known ancestor is Robert Chawner born about 1590 in Leicestershire (pro­nounced Lestersher), England, and the earliest known ancestor of the Americans is Robert Chandler, born 1775 in North Carolina. The connection between the Americans’ Robert and Tony’s English lineage has not yet been identified, but that search should be significantly assisted by the geographic focus provided by this intercontinental match.

Later, another English group 8 member was found.  Andrew’s ancestry traced back to Warwickshire in 1782.  Warwickshire (pronounced Worricksher) and Leicestershire are adjacent counties, which is encouraging, though Tony and Andrew may find it hard to identify the common ancestor, because the nature of the DNA match could place him back in the 1600s or even earlier.

Group 8 in the UK Group 8 USA ancestors

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The Chandlers of Gilmorton, England

John Anthony “Tony” Chandler in England is a 35/37 DNA marker match, with mismatches on markers 464d and 607, to Group 8 member Charles Thomas (Tom) Chandler, testee #26107, a descendant of Robert born circa 1775.

Tony has roots in Gilmorton, Leicestershire, reaching back to the late 1500s. It is quite possible that Robert Chawner’s father was William Chawner whose name appears as a Church Warden of All Saints Church, Gilmorton in Leicestershire, in 1585 and 1605. Existing papers of the Gilmorton Chandlers include not only vital event records, deeds and wills, but also a number of letters between family members who moved to London to conduct a successful undertakers (funeral home) business, and relatives at home in Leicestershire. These letters, more than 200 years old, provide a fascinating insight into family life of that period. Click the image at right for a glimpse into the life of the Gilmorton Chandlers in the late 1700s.

Lineage of John Anthony “Tony” Chandler:

    1. Possibly William Chawner, who was a Church Warden at All Saints, Gilmorton in 1585 and 1605.
    2. Robert Chawner died 1653. His wife, Elizabeth, died 1655 in Gilmorton.
    3. Simon Chandler, 1617-1697, married Alice. She died 1698 in Gilmorton.
    4. Edward Chandler was born 1669 in Gilmorton and died 1730. In 1705 he married Mary Green of Croft, who died in 1731. Peatling Magna was the place of death of both Edward and Mary.
    5. Simon Chandler was born in 1709 at Ashby Parva and died in 1776. In 1733 at Bruntingsthorp he married Lydia Hoball. She died in 1782. Both died in Gilmorton.
    6. Edward Chandler was born in 1743 in Gilmorton. In 1784 he married Latitia Strong in Broughton Astley.
    7. John Strong Chandler was born 1770 in Thurlaston and died before 1821. His wife, Mary Green, died after 1881. Both died in Broughton Astley.
    8. John Chandler was born 1805 in Narborough and died in 1875. In 1827 in Broughton Astley he married Mary Kenny, who died in 1882. Both died in Broughton Astley.
    9. William Strong Chandler was born 1830 and died in 1919 in Broughton Astley. In 1856 he married Sarah Dudgeon, who died 1904.
    10. James Chandler was born 1860 in Broughton Astley. He died in 1927 in Hove. In 1887 he married Mary Caffyn in Lewes. She died in Lewes in 1943.
    11. Harold James Chandler was born in Lewes in 1894 and died in 1980 in the Canary Isles. In 1924 he married Mary Elvira Burnett in Lewes. She died in 1986 in Church Stretton.
    12. Tony Chandler.

In Gilmorton, Leicestershire, and surrounding areas there are many Chandlers and even a school named Gilmorton Chandler, founded in 1774 by Edward Chandler to educate children within a Christian atmosphere. Read a narrative of Tony’s family – beginning with Tony’s grandfather James, born 1860, up to the present day.

The earliest known reference to Chandlers in Leicestershire is the gift of King Henry on 8 July 1262 to his beloved servant William le Chaundeler of 47 shillings and 9 pence (modern value 28,000 pounds or 45,000 US dollars) issuing out of two carucates of land and their appurtenances in Medbourne. A carucate was an area of land that could be ploughed by one man in a season. Medbourne is about 16 miles east of Gilmorton. Analysis of English tax records for 1381 reveals a baker named Johannes Chaundeler at Hallaton, about 3 miles north of Medbourne. Both these men could be forebears of genetic family 8.

At the time the 1777 Land Enclosure Act became law in England, Gilmorton records show “William Chandler as proprietor of the residue of the said open and common fields and commonable grounds” and “Principal landowners are the Chandlers, a respectable family of which there are several branches who possess by far the greatest part of the Lordship.”

The 1846 edition of White’s directory contained the following:

GILMORTON. A large village, on a bold eminence, 3 miles N.E. of Lutterworth, it has in its parish 2,230 acres of land, and 866 inhabitants, many of whom are frame-work knitters. Sir W W Dixie, Bart. is the lord of the manor; but a greater part of the soil, which is mostly freehold, belongs to John Tebbs, Esq.; Wm. and Allan Bent, W Coltman, W Chandler, W Warden, T Woodcock, and several smaller owners.

Sources: Except where otherwise stated, the source of all birth, marriage and death information contained herein is the baptism, marriage or burial register of the parish church in the place where the event occurred, or a transcript thereof. These registers, together with wills, estate papers and other Chandler-related records, were viewed at the Leicestershire Record Office.

image repsenting Virginia

USA Group 8 originated in Virginia

Illustration showing counties in Virginia and some in North Carolina. Click on this map to see original version at the University of Texas

Of the seventeen USA testees in Group 8, two are descendants of Robert Chandlerfootnote 1 born c 1775 in what is now Surry or Rockingham County, North Carolina. Robert, who died about 1848/49 in Carroll County, may have also spent time in Randolph County at some time during his life.

Robert Chandler is first found in Rockingham County in the 1800 Census and again in 1820. Property transactions and the 1810 census indicate that he also resided in the adjacent township in Stokes County, North Carolina. In turn, both these townships adjoin the state line with Patrick County, Virginia. Further complicating the situation is the fact that Stokes County was part of Surry County, North Carolina, until 1789.

Group 8 member Charles Thomas (Tom) Chandler, testee #26107, is the brother of then CFA vice-president Jacqueline Chandler Cahoon. Tom (and Jacqueline) and Lon A. Chandler, #24275, are descendants of Robert born c 1775. Lon is a descendant of Robert’s first wife, Judith, while Tom and Jacqueline descend through Robert’s second wife, Elizabeth.

Lon Chandler and Tom Chandler have a 36/37 DNA match, the mismatch being on marker 607.

Lineage of Charles Thomas “Tom” Chandler, #26107:

    1. Robert Chandler was born c 1775, probably in North Carolina; he died c 1848 in Carroll County, Virginia. By his second wife Elizabeth Amosfootnote 2 photo of John Watson Chandler family(b 1802 North Carolina, died after 1870 in Tazewell County, Virginia), he had four sons: James, Hiramfootnote 3 (from whom Tom and Jacqueline descend), Joseph and Jackson.

    1. Hiram A. Chandlerfootnote 4 was born c 1823 in Patrick County, Virginia. He married Nancy Nicholson, born 1827 in Stokes County, North Carolina. Both died after 1884, in Cabell County, West Virginia.

    1. John W. Chandler was born 7 January 1849 in Carroll County, Virginia; he died in 1914. In 1871 he married Arena Hallfootnote 5 (b April 1851, Giles County, Virginia; died 1934). Both died in Princeton, West Virginia.photo of Leser Norman Chandler

    1. Lester Norman Chandlerfootnote 6 was born February 1880, in Bland County, Virginia, and died 12 February 1944, Rich Creek, Virginia. He married 9 October 1901 in Bland County, Virginia, to Nina Jane Wrightfootnote 7 (b 1884, Bland County; d 1970, Newport News Virginia).

    1. Walter Bowman Chandlerfootnote 8 was born 21 September 1907, Bland County, Virginia, and died 20 May 1987, Roanoke, Virginia. He married 14 June 1932, in Hampton, Virginia, to Elsie Wade Drummondfootnote 9 (b 29 November 1910; d 9 November 1982, Clifton Forge, Virginia).
    2. Tom Chandler.

Lineage of Lon A. Chandler, #24275:

    1. Robert Chandler was born c 1775 and died c 1848. His first wife was Judith Brown.footnote 10 Robert’s known sons of this marriage were William, John, Isaac, Pleasant, and possibly Edmund.
    2. Isaac Chandler was born in 1816, in Rockingham County, North Carolina, and died 1894 in Surry County, North Carolina. His wife was Fannie Stewart.
    3. Richard Chandler was born in 1847 in Stokes County, North Carolina, and died in 1947 in North Carolina. His wife was Sarah Wall.
    4. Dalton Chandler was born in 1888 in North Carolina and died 1966 in California. His wife was Edith Lord.
    5. David Chandler was born 1914 in Georgia and died in 1964 in California. He married Martha Dahl.
    6. Lon A. Chandler.

Two members of Group 8 claim descent from George Chandler born c 1760 in Virginia. This has been the focus of much research and DNA testing for Group 8. The reason for this focus is that the lineage says that George Chandler’s father is Isaac Chandler (1732-1797), who is in Group 7A. Isaac’s position in 7A has been validated by multiple Y-DNA tests. At present, we conclude that either Isaac adopted George, or that our Group 8 George is not the George who is Isaac’s son mentioned in his will.

George is recorded in the 1830 Census of Sevier County, Tennessee, and the 1840 Census of Blount County, Tennessee. The 1850 Census of Sevier County, Tennessee lists his son James as born in Virginia.

Lineage of #58353:

    1. George Chandler was born c 1760 in Virginia.footnote 11
    2. James Chandler was born in Virginia in 1790 and died in Tennessee. He married Barbara Keicher. (Keicher is spelled many ways.)
    3. William Chandler was born 1820 in Tennessee and married Katherine Donaldson. He died on the way to Illinois.
    4. John Kiker Chandler was born in Tennessee in 1852 and died in Texas in 1948.
    5. Charlie Chandler was born in 1890 in Texas. He died in Texas in 1957.
    6. Carl Parmer Chandler was born in Texas in 1910 and died in Texas in 1992.
    7. #58353

The fourth USA match further confirms the tie back to Virginia. Many of the given names are very similar to those in the families of the previous matches. Terry Melvin Chandler is a 36/37 match to Tom, with the mismatch on marker 607.

Lineage of Terry Melvin Chandler, #102124 :

    1. Isaac Chandler was born in Virginia in 1785. He married 1st Sally Taylor and 2nd Matilda Quarles.footnote 12

    1. James or Jasper Gilbert Chandler was born c 1848. He married 2nd Sally Hungerford.footnote 13
    1. James Walter Chandler was born 9 September 1889 in Hickman County, Tennessee. On 2 August 1905 he married Ludie Buckhanon (b 2 May 1889).footnote 14 footnote 15
    2. Melvin Lee Chandler was born 25 April 1913 and died 24 February 1973.
    3. Terry Melvin Chandler.

This summary has been condensed from documentation provided previously by then CFA vice president Jackie Cahoon (American aspects) and family historian Tony Chandler (English aspects).

1 Robert Chandler, born 1775 NC (birth date averaged from 1800, 1810, and 1820 Rockingham, North Carolina, census records). Patrick County, Virginia, Superior Court Order Book May 1809-1831, page 121, 6 May 1825, adultery; page 122, May Term 1825, adultery; page 133, 7 May 1826, defendants not appearing; page 138, October 1826, adultery, pleaded not guilty; page 155, 3 October 1828, 2nd adultery charge; page 164, October 1829 term, summons to Sheriff, Grayson County; page 169, October 1830 term, not guilty. No further record after 4 January 1848 when a Carroll County deed of son Joseph to brother Jackson mentions Robert Chandler. Death certificate of son James, 27 August 1861, and marriage license of daughter Paulina, 6 August 1872, give names of both parents, Robert & Elizabeth Chandler, Tazewell County Virginia.

Elizabeth Amos Chandler, second wife of Robert Chandler, is found in the following census records: 1850 Carroll County, Virginia; 1860 Tazewell County, Virginia; 1870 Tazewell County, Virginia.

3 Hiram A Chandler, born 1823 Grayson County, Virginia, later Carroll County. Marriage bond 29 December 1846, Stokes County, North Carolina, married Nancy J Nicholson. Carroll County In a 12 December 1857 deed, his mother gave Hiram’s daughter Paulina a cow, stating the gift is to her “granddaughter and daughter of son Hiram Chandler.” Hiram is found in the following census records: 1850, Patrick County, Virginia; 1860, Tazewell County, Virginia; 1870, Bland County Virginia; 1880, Mason County, West Virginia. A deed dated 18 March 1884, Mason County, West Virginia, mentions H.A. Chandler and Nancy Chandler of Cabell County, West Virginia.

4 John W. Chandler, born 1849, Carroll County, Virginia; died 1914 Princeton, West Virginia. Marriage certificate dated 26 August 1872, Bland County, Virginia. He is buried in Resthaven Cemetery, Princeton, West Virginia. John is found in census records of Bland County, Virginia, in 1870, 1880, and 1900.

5 Arena Hall Chandler death certificate #17112, Princeton, West Virginia.

6 Lester N. Chandler, born 1880 Bland County, Virginia. Death certificate dated 12 February 1944, Rich Creek Virginia. Marriage certificate (to Nina Jane Wright) dated 9 October 1901. Found in census records for Bland County, Virginia, in 1910, 1920, and 1930.

7 Nina Jane Wright Chandler, wife of Lester N. Chandler, death certificate dated 12 May 1970, Newport News, Virginia.

8 Walter B. Chandler, born 1907 in Bland County, Virginia. Married in Hampton, Virginia 6/14/1932. Death certificate #657 dated 20 May 1987, Roanoke Virginia.

9 Elsie Drummond Chandler, wife of Walter B. Chandler, birth record #186, 29 November 1910; death certificate #82-036933 dated 9 November 1982, Low Moor, Virginia.

10 Judith Brown was the second wife of Robert Chandler. See North Carolina Marriage Index, 16 May 1798, Stokes County, Bond # 000137766. Judith is found in census records for Grayson County, Virginia, in 1830 and 1840.

11 Mentions of George and his son James were found in “Reconstructed 1810 Tennessee Census,” located in Tennessee Archives:

  • Tennessee Land Grants – George Chandler, Sevier County, received two grants, 1824 & 1826 (copies of certificates in the possession of Jackie Cahoon).
  • James Chandler md. Barbara Kiecher in Washington County, TN, in 1811.
  • George Chandler, Washington County, TN, named Bondsman for Jere Boyd and Susannah Ryker (?Kyker).
  • James Chandler was in Blount County – Blount County Court Minutes 1808-1811 (a Historical County Project), page 184. What it actually said is unknown.

12 Early Middle Tennessee Marriages, p. 96, lists Isaac Chandler’s two marriages:

  • Isaac Chandler to Sally Taylor 2/19/1821 Williamson County
  • Isaac Chandler to Matilda Quarles 8/9/1837 Williamson County.

13 James or Jasper Gilbert Chandler apparently went by the name of “Gilbert,” but was listed as James or Jasper in the 1900 Hickman County Census. He was “Gilbert” in the 1850 Hickman County TN Census of his father, Isaac. In the 1860 Hickman County census Gilbert is living with a Jones family. Isaac had probably passed away by this time.

14 James Walter Chandler was 23 in the 1910 Hickman County Census.

15Hickman County, Tennessee, History, published by the Hickman County Historical Society, confirms the marriage of James Walter Chandler, Sr.