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Membership in the Chandler Family Association is open to anyone with an interest in Chandler genealogy. The annual membership fee of $20 per year includes a subscription to our award-winning newsletter. Follow this link to join The Chandler Family Association or to renew your membership.

Contact Helen Chandler, Secretary / Treasurer and Membership Chairman, with membership questions or to change your contact information:
8965 Bristol Oaks Ln Apt 103
Bartlett TN 38133-4178
Telephone: 901-355-5614
E-mail: He

Chandler DNA Project

Visit the Chandler DNA Project page to learn about DNA testing and the Chandler DNA Project. Send DNA project questions to  

Chandler Family Association Lineages Database (CFALD)

Visit the CFALD page to read all about this on-going project. To submit your family information for inclusion or if you are willing to be part of a team that enters information, write to Glen Smith, CFALD Adminstrator

CFA Genealogy Panel

The CFA Genealogy Panel, organized in late 2009, is a group of volunteers who have expressed a desire to help other Chandler researchers. If you would like to work with the Genealogy Panel to solve your Chandler line mysteries, please visit the Genealogy Panel page for more information.


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