The CHANDLER DNA Project, described technically elsewhere on this website (chandna.html), has more than 535 participants, and some very exciting matches have been found, spanning three continents. For example, an English participant’s DNA has been shown to match closely the DNA of a number of American participants whose ancestor migrated to America early in the 1600s. We need more participants, who have to be Chandler male-line descendants because only males carry the Y chromosome, which is handed down, along with the surname, from generation to generation. The ultimate aim is to understand which of the thousands of individual Chandler families belong to each of the genetically distinct lines which are being identified by the Project – 118 so far, out of an estimated 150 lines – and to help individuals with their own research along the way.

As an alternative to the technical DNA discussion on the site above, we are collecting the human stories of the different genetic Chandler families, tracking each from the earliest known ancestor to the later generations who began to spread the Chandler name across the globe. This is a work in progress, but you can read the interesting and varied genetic Chandler family accounts developed and published so far, starting at Genetic Chandler Families.

The Chandler DNA Project, jointly sponsored by the Chandler Family Association and the Chandler One-Name Study, seeks to identify any and all lines of Chandlers worldwide. The genetically distinct Chandler lines have an occupational origin. Read more about the origin and history of the Chandler Name.

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Included surname variations, not all of which are represented in the Project at this time, are Chandeler, Chandler, Chandlor, Chanler, Chaundeler, Chaundler, and Chaundlor. Variations that seem at first glance a little further afield, but are represented in the ancestry of some Chandler DNA Project participants, include Chawner and Chantler. Visit the Chandler One-Name Study website for additional accepted variations of the name.

The Chandler Family Association uses Family Tree DNA for our DNA Project testing. Genetic tests from Family Tree DNA will provide an estimate of the probability that you and another person have a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) within a useful range of time.

The DNA test used measures the lengths of certain specific sequences on the Y chromosome. By comparing these lengths for different test subjects, we can deduce approximately how closely the participants are related. Note: the Y chromosome occurs only in males and is passed down more-or-less unchanged from father to son, along with the surname, making this kind of test very powerful for genealogical purposes. Females can still participate by getting a close male relative to provide the sample.

A genetic test kit consists of a cheek scraper and a collection tube. Using the cheek scraper has about the same effect as brushing your cheek with a soft bristle toothbrush. The cost for a 37-locus DNA test is currently $149 (plus shipping) to participants in the Chandler DNA Project. The CFA encourages all eligible Chandlers to take or upgrade to the 37-marker DNA test.

Chandler Family DNA Project Results

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Apply to Join the Chandler Y-DNA Project

This link will take you to the Family Tree DNA website where you can apply to join the Chandler Y-DNA project. Your interest is very welcome. Please make it clear, along with the other information requested on the application page, whether you already have Y-DNA test results which match Chandlers, or you are a male Chandler wishing to order a Y-DNA test. Indeed, if you are a male and already have Y-DNA results from FTDNA that match Chandlers, you will need to log into your FTDNA account before visiting this link. If your Y-DNA results are from another lab, you should write to the administrators with the details.

If your application to join the project is approved, you will be provided with a link to place your order with FTDNA – please select “Y-DNA 37” from the “Male Line Testing” category.

Access your account

Every email you receive from has the information you need to get to your personal page on the FTDNA website, except your personal password. The messages contain a reminder of your kit number plus a link to the log-in page at the FTDNA website.

Upgrade your DNA Test

Please upgrade your 12 or 25 marker test to 37 markers.

Donate to the Chandler DNA Project

Contributions in support of the Chandler DNA Project are very much appreciated. Please follow the link above. Before you select your method of payment, look further down on the page to the “Please select . . . ” area. Choose first “C”, and wait for the page to reload with the list of projects beginning with “C.” Select Chandler on the list that is presented. You can then complete the form for online donation. If you prefer to send your gift by mail, you can complete the form, print the page, and mail it with your check to the address provided. Your donation will be used by the Chandler DNA Project administrators to further the research by recruiting additional participants who seem likely to contribute to the success of the Project as a whole and who otherwise could not (or would not) join.

DNA Project Administrators

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Co-Administrators, Chandler DNA Project
Glenn Chandler – Coordinator
John Chandler – DNA Advisor
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