At the 2013 Annual Meeting the membership voted to amend the constitution of The Chandler Family Association to allow the establishment of chapters within the association. To date, the Executive Committee has approved the establishment of chapters for DNA groups 3, 8, 13, 18 and 27, plus a sub-group of DNA group 7A designated as Chapter 7A JRR-Robert. (See links to the Chapter pages below.) We strongly encourage chapter formation, because we believe this is the best way to expand the knowledge of a genetic Chandler family. If you are interested in forming a CFA chapter, you can initiate the process by contacting any member of the Executive Committee.


Chapter 3

Descendants of Richard Chandler born 1751 Virginia USA?

Chapter 7A JRR-Joseph

Descendants of:
John Chandler born 1600 ENG Robert Chandler born c 1629 Virginia USA > Robert Chandler born 1654 Virginia USA > Joseph Chandler born 1695 Virginia USA (known as JRR-Joseph line of Genetic Chandler Family 7A)

Chapter 8

Descendants of:
Robert Chawner born 1590 Leicestershire ENG
Rev. John Chandler born 1755 Virginia USA

Chapter 13

Descendants of Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Massachusetts, born c 1588 England

Carol May

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Chapter 18

Descendants of:
Daniel Chandler born c 1659 Surrey ENG
George Chandler born c 1680 Sussex ENG
John Chandler born c 1635 Middlesex ENG
Benjamin Chandler born c 1763 Hampshire ENG
Thomas Chandler born c 1770 Hampshire ENG
Thomas Chandler born c 1779 Hampshire ENG

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Chapter 27

Descendants of:
Edward Chandler born 1600 ENG, emigrated to Maryland
Thomas Chandler born before 1623 Wiltshire ENG
Richard Chand/tler born about 1778 Kent ENG
James Chantler born 1778 Kent ENG

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