Chapter 3

Descendants of Hezekiah and Richard Chandler, both born about 1755.

Research Director: Glen Smith, Administrator, CFA Lineages Database (CFALD)


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Organization of the Group 3 Chapter

Each CFA Chapter will decide for itself the best method of researching, collaborating, and sharing with the association. Group 3, the first CFA chapter, has established an online forum where the members will be able to work together and exchange information. There are currently twenty members of the Group 3 Chapter. An early chapter project will be an initial vignette of genetic family #3 to be added to the montage of stories on the CFA website indexed at Genetic Chandler Families. If you are interested in knowing more about Group 3, read the information below. If you would like to contact the Group 3 Chapter or request an invitation to join the forum, write to Glen at .


Chandler DNA Project Group 3

Group 3 Earliest Known Ancestors
Place of Birth Approx. Year of Birth Approx. Year of Death Place of Death
Hezekiah NC/VA? Abt 1755
Richard NC/VA? Abt 1755

Early compiled genealogies by the Chandler Family Association (CFA) appeared first in  the John Chandler Descendant Chart Book (JCDCB). This pioneering work was done primarily by Jim Reeves. In this early compilation, Hezekiah and Richard Chandler (both born about 1775) were listed as descendants of immigrant John Chandler born Abt. 1600 (Y-DNA Group 7A). Hezekiah’s exact relationship to Richard Chandler is unknown. Descendants of both Hezekiah and Richard that have participated in Y-DNA testing showed a matching paternal ancestry to each other, but were different from John the immigrant. Hezekiah and Richard are now assigned to CFA genetic family Group 3. There are two possible reasons for the Y-DNA results:

  • There was some form of adoption of a non-Chandler male into an established Chandler family (which could have been a 7A family). The adoption could have been an act of kindness, a marital infidelity, or a daughter’s illegitimate child. The adoptee could have been raised without knowledge of his origins, and therefore believed himself to be part of that family and its ancestry. If this was the case, you would expect our Group 3 participants to have quite a few matches with people of another surname – the surname of the original donor of the Group 3 Y-chromosome – and no substantial evidence of that has been seen.


  • Group 3 is a long-established Chandler family with roots and members back in England, and we just haven’t discovered them yet. This is likely to be the case, though that does not rule out the possibility that Richard and Hezekiah had some forebears in pre-revolution America.

Ten DNA project participants so far have test results placing them in genetic Chandler family #3. Most are believed to descend from Richard, but one claims descent from his presumed brother Hezekiah. Several CFA members who belong in Group 3 have elected to have their Chandler lineage displayed on this website. You can view those lineages here: Members and their lineage. Instructions are available on that page if you want your lineage added.

Chandler Group 3 Four Generation Descendants List

Update: 07/01/2021: At the present time, Chapter 3 has identified two progenitor lines. There are DNA matches between descendants of these two lines, but the exact relationship between Hezekiah and Richard is unknown.  To see the first 4 generations for each line, click on the reports below: