Annual Meetings

The Chandler Family Association holds an annual meeting for the purposes of sharing research, taking care of association business, and socializing among the membership. The location of the annual meeting is moved each year in order to make it accessible to members in different geographical areas.

For the first time ever, the 2021 CFA Annual Meeting was held online. The September 18 meeting included members from all around the United States plus two from England and one from Australia. Visit the 2021 Annual Meeting page for more information.

Stay up-to-date on upcoming annual meetings at the Town Crier section of the Home page.


Family Gatherings

If you’ve been into the DNA Project or Genealogy sections of the CFA site, you probably already know that there are several active “Chapters” that bring together people within specific genetic lines.

Chandlers hold other events, such as celebrating milestone birthdays or anniversaries, or just getting together to share stories and catch-up. If this information is passed along to us, we will add photos and other details on the Chandler Gatherings page. Send your photos and information to the website editor at

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