Chandler, an occupational surname, was originally used to denote men working as candle makers in various townships across England. As a result, people named Chandler in the different locations probably were not related to each other.

Today, the Chandler One-Name Study estimates there are about 150 genetically distinct Chandler lines distributed around the world. The Chandler DNA Project has identified more than 110 distinct DNA “fingerprints” (haplotypes). As more and more Chandlers from around the world participate in the project, identification of the remaining lines will continue in an ongoing, gradual process.

Participation in the Chandler DNA Project may help your research. This is especially true if your family tree contains one of the Earliest Known Ancestors or a Chandler ancestor who lived in a similar place and time. To participate in the project, apply here. We recommend the Y-37 test, which provides greater accuracy and is less expensive than starting with 12 or 25 markers and upgrading later.

The table below lists the Genetic Chandler Families identified to date. It shows the place and year of birth, and place and year of death, if known, of the earliest known ancestor of each family. If the common ancestor between two or more members of a genetic family has not yet been found, the earliest known ancestor of each DNA contributor is shown. The column at far left is the genetic family number; if the number is bold and underlined, there is a history posted for that family, which you can read by clicking on the number. We encourage you to take time to enjoy these interesting stories. (Please note: This group of pages is a work in progress. The number of clickable links below will grow as more genetic family stories are collected.) Read more about the reasoning and the process that led us to tackle this ambitious project in a message from CFA officer Dick Chandler.

If you have questions, or want more information about DNA genetic testing, contact the project administrators via .



Genetic Family Number Earliest Known
Place of Birth Approx.
Year of
Year of
Place of Death
1 John Chandler Jeffries Creek SC USA 1739
2 Thomas Chandler VA USA 1762 1840 WV USA
3 Richard Chandler VA USA? 1751
Group 3 descendants have formed a CFA chapter to facilitate research. See the Chapter 3 page.
4 Thomas Chandler probably VA USA bef 1725 1795 Dinwiddie Co VA USA
5 Daniel D Chandler NC or SC USA 1783 1843 SC USA
Samuel Chandler 1786 Lynches River SC USA
6 Elias Chandler 1826 1890 Lynches River SC USA
7A John Chandler ENG 1600 1658 Elizabeth City Co VA USA
7B Thomas Chandler* Wiltshire ENG 1570 1629 Wiltshire ENG
7C Richard Chandler Hampshire ENG 1575 1661 Hampshire ENG
7D William Chandler Wiltshire ENG 1617 1701 MA USA
8 Robert Chawner Leicestershire ENG 1590 1653 Leicestershire ENG
Rev. John Chandler VA USA 1755 1843 KY USA
9 William Chandler* Hertfordshire ENG 1595 1641 Roxbury MA USA
10 Thomas Chandler Hampshire ENG 1728 1782 Hampshire ENG
11 Thompson Chandler Monroe Co VA (now WV) USA 1811 1877 Kanawha Co WV USA
Thomas P Chandler Monroe Co VA (now WV) USA c1811/1812 Unknown Unknown
12 Edward Chandler/Chantler Sussex ENG 1754 1828 Sussex ENG
13 Edmund Chandler ENG c 1588 1662 MA USA
Group 13 descendants have formed a CFA chapter to facilitate research. See the Edmund Chandler Family, Chapter 13 page.
14 Datus W Chandler* 1890 1968
15 James E Chandler SC USA 1814 Aft 1880 LA USA
16 Jacob Chandler ? PA, NJ or DE USA 1725 1800 Newberry Co SC USA
17 William Chandler* Cambridgeshire ENG 1772
18 Daniel Chandler Surrey ENG 1659
George Chandler Sussex ENG 1680
John Chandler probably Middlesex ENG abt 1635
Benjamin Chandler Hampshire ENG 1763
Thomas Chandler Hampshire ENG 1770
Thomas Chandler Hampshire ENG 1779
19 Henry Chandler Suffolk ENG 1699 1733 Suffolk ENG
Henry Chandler Suffolk ENG 1748
20 John Chandler 1821 1892 Randolph Co IN USA
21 John Chandler Gloucestershire ENG about 1753
22 John Chandler ENG? 1650 1729 VA USA
William E Chandler OH USA 1842 1880 IN USA
23 Christopher Chandler St. Lucy Barbados c 1660 1729 St Lucy Barbados
24 William Chandler Essex ENG 1715
John W. Chandler MA or ME USA 1810 1890 ME? USA
25 Thomas Chandler Surrey ENG 1685
26 William Pless Chandler – many Snead/Sneed matches GA USA 1862 1944 SC USA
27 Edward Chandler ENG 1600 Emigrated to Maryland
Thomas Chanler Wiltshire ENG bef 1623
Richard Chand/tler Kent ENG about 1778
James Chantler Kent ENG 1778
28 James Chandler SC USA 1807 1853 AL USA
29 To be advised To be advised
30 Leroy Chandler Caroline Co VA USA 1800
31 Rev Isaac Chanler Bristol ENG 1700 1749 Charleston Co SC USA
32 Perry and Brown matches, no Chandlers
33 Capt John Chandler Plymouth Co MA USA 1696 1764 Plymouth Co MA USA
34 Chandler, Yancey and Brownlow matches
35 William S Chandler VA USA 1834 1881 MO USA
36 Robert Chandler CT USA 1761 1831 PA USA
37 Joseph B Chandler Spokane WA USA 1899 1984 San Diego Co CA USA
38 Awaiting ancestry from project participant
39 William L Chandler VA USA 1810 1836 OH USA
40 Joseph Chandler VA USA 1755 1822 GA USA
41 William Chandler Kent ENG 1616 1662 Kent ENG
42 William Chandler*
via Alma Elizabeth Chandler, a printer born 1856, daughter of Lyman W Chandler 1819-1882
Hertfordshire ENG 1595 1641 Rosbury MA USA
43 Joseph Chandler Bedfordshire ENG 1668
44 John Chandler Surrey ENG 1806
45 William Chandler Buckinghamshire ENG 1740
46 William T Chandler Jamaica 1850 1915 Haiti
47 Enos Chandler CT USA 1806 1876 Greenwich NY USA
48 Hiram Chandler NY USA 1809 1881 NY USA
49 Marcel Chandeleur France 1920
50 Fate Chandler KY USA 1849
51 Awaiting ancestry from project participant
52 Richard Chandler Berkshire ENG 1705 1758 Berkshire ENG
53 Awaiting ancestry from project participant
54 John Chandley NC USA 1822 1913
55 John G Chandler LA USA 1849 1902 TX USA
56 Thomas Chandler VA USA 1751
57 Claiborne Chandler VA USA 1760 1850 KY USA
58 Thomas Chandlor/ Chandler/ Challoner Chester ENG 1811 1893 County Carlow Ireland
59 William Tyler Chandler Gloucestershire ENG 1786 1839 Gloucestershire ENG
60 Awaiting ancestry from project participant
61 Roger Chandler Concord MA USA c 1637 1716/17 Concord MA USA
62 Benjamin Chandler Gloucestershire ENG c 1780
63 Charles Chandler NY USA 1802
64 Silas Palmer Chandler OH USA 1825 1885
65 Charlie Cleveland Chandler KY USA 1899 1988 IN USA
66 David Candler VA USA 1804
67 Many SHELTON matches
68 Emory Chandler SC USA 1811 1880 GA USA
69 No matches
70 Thomas Candler Essex ENG 1786 1858 Essex ENG
71 Samuel Chandler Warwickshire ENG b c 1755
72 To be advised
73 Jess Chansley AR USA 1884
74 William Chandler Warwickshire ENG 1753 1839
75 Carter Chandler VA USA 1788
76 Awaiting ancestry from project participant
77 Awaiting ancestry from project participant
78 Investigating possible Charnley/Charsley ancestry
79 William Robert Chandler Lancashire ENG 1842
80 Henry Chandler Cambridgeshire ENG 1864 1949 Cambridgehire ENG
81 Thomas Chandler Oxfordshire ENG 1770
82 William Chandler IA USA c 1847
83 William Hutson Chandler KY or IL USA 1820 1861 TN USA
84 William Watts Chandler Essex ENG 1830
85 William Chandler Cambridgeshire ENG c 1740 1793 Cambridgeshire ENG
86 Reviewing lineage due to unexpected results
87 William Chandler Suffolk? ENG c 1795
88 Participant surnamed Chandelier – no kinship matches with any surname
89 William C. Chandler TN USA 1927 2003 NC USA
90 James Chandler Surrey ENG 1826
91 George Chandler Gloucestershire ENG 1720
92 James Chandler Summerset ENG c 1771
93 William Elisha Chandler KY USA 1888 1950 OH USA
94 William Chandler Kent? ENG 1752
95 James Chandler Huntingdonshire ENG 1802
96 George Chandler ENG
97 John Chandler Berkshire ENG 1744
98 John Chandler TX USA 1865
99 Thomas Chandler Yorkshire ENG 1865
100 Thomas Chandler Norfolk ENG c 1770
101 Albert Chandler c 1840 c 1885
102 Charles Chandler ENG c 1800 AUS
103 James Chandler Worcestershire ENG 1801
104 Richard Chantler AUS c 1860
105 Henderson Chandler VA USA 1789 1870 NC USA
106 William Chandler ENG c 1870 aft 1896 South Africa?
107 Richard Chandler ENG c 1790
108 Robert Chandler NC USA 1811
109 Charles Chandler ENG 1804 1878 AUS
110 William Chandler Barbados? c 1800
112 Claybourn Chandler KY USA 1801
113 James Chandler KY USA 1870 1932 OH USA
114 Name change from Chandler to Challender VA USA c 1850

*Lineage includes earlier ancestors

If you are interested in contacting a representative of any of the genetic families, please click on the email link below. If you do not have an email program installed on your computer (perhaps you use one of the online email services like Yahoo or Gmail), you will need to type the address into your message. In that case, please include “Contact genetic Chandler family representative” as the subject and be sure to include the family’s number – 19 – in your message.