From the Chandler DNA Project Administrators:

Experience in analyzing results in the Chandler DNA Project has demonstrated that a lot can be learned from the 37-marker test and it remains reasonably priced.

While tests are now available up to 67 markers, 37 markers are adequate for many sophisticated evaluations/interpretations, including identification/verification of some subgroups (branches) of families.

So, if you are a testee (or sponsor a testee) who has taken only the 12-marker test or the 25-marker test, please upgrade to 37 markers as soon as possible.

CFA has started a Lineage Study Project that will compare traditional “paper genealogies” with DNA results. Evaluations will be posted on the website and/or published in the Newsletter as results become available. CFA officials may not be able to include men/branches in the lineage studies if their 12- or 25-marker tests provide inconclusive results.

  • A new test is not required.
  • The price to upgrade from 12 markers to 37 markers is $99.00.
  • The price to upgrade from 25 markers to 37 markers is $49.00.
  • Testees (or sponsors) should go to their personal page at to order an invoice or to pay in advance using a credit card for the upgrade that is needed.
    Access your account
    Every email you receive from has the information you need to get to your personal page on the FTDNA web site. The messages contain a reminder of your kit number and password plus a link to the log-in page at the FTDNA web site.
  • If a credit card is used, the upgrade will begin immediately. A credit card can be used for the upgrade even if an invoice and payment by check or money order was used for the initial test.
  • Results will normally be available in 6 to 8 weeks.

The Lineage Study Project began with the largest family of testees to date, DNA Group 7. Group 7 is currently subdivided into 7A (76 participants), 7B (8 participants), and 7C (1 participant).

Some men in other groups have not bought the 37-marker test. CFA urges these men to upgrade as soon as possible to ensure they and their branches can be included in the Lineage Study Project.

Barring exceptional developments, once an initial group study has been done, that group may not be revisited for many months (perhaps years) while other groups are studied. Moreover, all of our evaluators are volunteers with limited time to devote to performing these studies.

All groups and subgroups identified to date can be viewed on the project website: //