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born c 1588 England, died 1662 MA USA
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Group 13 Earliest Known Ancestor
Place of Birth Approx. Year of Birth Approx. Year of Death Place of Death
Edmund Chandler England c 1588 1662 MA USA

Welcome to CFA Chapter 13, descendants of Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Massachusetts (formerly the Edmund Chandler Family Association). The story of the Edmund Chandler family can be found elsewhere on this website: DNA Group 13.

The Edmund Chandler Family Association merged with the Chandler Family Association in early 2014 and became the second genetically distinct Chandler family to form a CFA chapter.

Reports of the ancestry, descendants and family groups of Edmund descendants can be obtained from the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD) by emailing your request to Email Genealogy Panel.

It is free to sign up for Edmund’s Community Courier. You can enter your email address (see “Email Subscription”) on the main Courier page to be added to the mailing list: ecfanews.wordpress.com/. For now, please send me, Carol May, questions articles or ideas for Edmund’s Community Courier.

Our group originally used the Yahoo Chandler Lineage Group page to communicate with each other, groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Chandler_Lineage/info; however, Yahoo has taken away almost all of the functionality of its group pages so we no longer use it. I am not sure if it will allow me to send out a group message when the Courier comes out, but will try.  If you wish to make sure that you receive the Courier (it is free) see the above paragraph for directions.

Our purpose is to research and accurately document Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Massachusetts, his origins, and descendants. Edmund Chandler was a Separatist and was part of the same Pilgrim group as those that arrived on the Mayflower, only he was a later arrival.