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Bailey Chandler, born 1751 – A group of Bailey Chandler descendants is searching for the burial place of Bailey Chandler, Sr., born 1751, who died in Jackson County, Georgia, on April 3, 1809. He married Tabitha Jackson, born 1750, in Henry County, Virginia, in 1772. She died January 6, 1840. If you have any information on Bailey’s burial place, please contact Judy Hardegree.

Judy Hardegree

Posted October 23, 2007; updated October 12, 2010

Searching for Wayne Chandler of the USAF – Heather Dodd would like to communicate with Wayne Chandler who was in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in the Virginia Beach area in 1969. It is believed Wayne was originally from Maine and in his mid-twenties at the time and he may have been transferred to California. Wayne was married at the time and also has a daughter who was born in late 1968 or early 1969. If you have any information about Wayne Chandler, please contact Heather.

Heather Dodd

September 26, 2010

Chandler Birth Father Traveled to Spain? – John A. Cleary, age 43, is searching for his birth father, apparently a Chandler. John’s DNA matches Group 7A, descendants of John Chandler b. 1600. His birth father could have been in the U.S. Air Force or possibly a civilian contractor or engineer for the USAF. This unknown Chandler would have spent time in Spain, specifically Madrid, in 1966-67. John can provide more details and would like to correspond with anyone who has information.

John Cleary

April 5, 2007, updated August 9, 2010

Burial site of Joseph Chandler b. 1755? – Dianna Howell would like to know the location of the grave of her ancestor Joseph Chandler, b.1755 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Joseph married Nancy Ann Turman in 1773. According to “Chandlers in the American Revolution – VA, NC, SC, GA” (CFA Newsletter, February 1997), Joseph lived in Franklin County, Georgia, for many years, serving as a Justice of the Peace and Judge until his death in 1822. A later CFA Newsletter article indicates his land may have been at Bear Creek, Franklin County. Dianna would also like to find the burial site of Martha Chandler Baxter (1848-1925), who is Joseph’s (1755-1822) great-granddaughter. Martha was the daughter of Thornton Howington Chandler (1825-1911) of Madison County, Georgia, and the granddaughter of Sterling Chandler (1782-1858). She married Henry S. Baxter (1841-1888). If you have any information on the burial site of Joseph Chandler b. 1755 or his descendant Martha Chandler Baxter, please contact Dianna.

Dianna Howell

August 4, 2010

Rezin Chandler b. 1804 VA – Bob Barber is searching for the ancestry of his gg-grandfather, Rezin Chandler. He is also interested in the ancestry of Rezin’s widow, Mary (Basinger) Chandler Reeves. Rezin Chandler was born 1805 in Virginia, and married Mary Basinger in 1831 at Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Rezin and Mary had two sons, William Thomas Chandler and Warren White Chandler (Bob’s great-grandfather). Rezin died on or about March 18, 1842, in Perry County, Indiana.After Rezin’s death, his widow Mary married Isaac Reeves on November 10, 1846, in Perry County, Indiana. This new family moved to Henderson County, Illinois, in 1849/1850. According to Bob, when Isaac and Mary Reeves were enumerated in Henderson County, Illinois, in the 1850 U.S. Census, both sons of Rezin Chandler were listed with their stepfather’s name, Reeves. The census shows Mary as being born in Kentucky and 39 years of age. After a brief stay in Illinois and Missouri, the family settled in Arkansas and lived there until the parents died. Mary died December 31, 1884, in Boone County, Arkansas.

Bob would appreciate your help in taking his Chandler ancestry beyond Rezin Chandler, born 1805 in Virginia.

Bob Barber

July 22, 2010

Still looking for Elizabeth Chandler’s Mom – This query has been updated and was moved to the 2013 Queries page.
James M. & Lucinda Womack Chandler – CFA member Mark Finley says, “I would like information on James M. Chandler, born about 1820 in Carroll County Georgia. He died around 1867 in Georgia. From what I have, he first married Rebecca Greene on Jan . 14, 1838. She was roughly 12 years older than James. On July 17, 1855 he married Lucinda Womack. The children I have for this marrige is James P., Martha J., Robert M., John T., & John William Chandler, who is my great grandfather. James and Lucinda do not appear in the 1870 census. The children have been farmed out to family members. I would like to know what happen to James and Lucinda along with any other information regarding the family. I have come across some information that James may have been in the Civil War, but I am not for sure on this. James was the son of Wyatt Chandler and Polly Liner.”

Mark Finley
Updated March 3, 2010

Joseph Chandler and the Port of Chicago – Judy Wagner is searching for the burial place, supposedly in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago, of her gg-grandmother’s first husband. Joseph Chandler was born in New York, and he came from Buffalo to work on the Port of Chicago, arriving on June 27, 1833, as part of a group of men who would superintend the project. Joseph is mentioned by name in historical accounts of the time. He and Catherine Lauer married October 24, 1838, and Joseph died in 1843. They had two daughters: Mary, who died as a child, and Catherine. After Joseph’s death his widow married Charles Charleston and had eight more children. Charles, from Sweden, was a fire marshall for the city.A quote from the website of the Ledger Sentinel newspaper indicates the importance of the Port of Chicago to what was then still a frontier town with a population of about 350 people: “The effect of the new harbor was dramatic. In 1833, only four sailing ships arrived at Chicago. In 1834, the year the initial harbor work was completed, 176 vessels came. The next year, the total surged to nearly 250; and when the shipping season ended on Dec. 1, 1836, 1,456 ships had arrived at Chicago’s harbor.”

Judy’s research indicates Joseph’s grave was moved to Chicago’s Rosehill Cemetery at some time after his death, when the cemetery where he was first placed was found to be too close to the water for public health and was closed. The administration of Rosehill Cemetery has been unable to locate the grave of this Joseph Chandler in spite of many requests from Judy and her family. It is possible Joseph is the son of Joseph Chandler, Sr., of Cornwall, New York, and grandson of Nathaniel. If you have any information on this family or the location of Joseph’s grave, please contact Judy.

Judy Wagner

January 7, 2010

A Chandler/Jernigan Connection? – Upon receiving results of a DNA test from Family Tree DNA, Barry Jernigan was surprised to find that he does not match a Jernigan DNA group but instead strongly matches one group of our Chandler testees! Barry now has a total of 67 markers of his Y-chromosome identified and is definitely a Group 7A Chandler. Barry’s proven great-great grandfather was James Silas Jernigan, who was born c. 1850 and died May 22, 1923, Tarrant City, Jefferson County, Alabama. Barry believes James Silas’ mother was probably Hannah Jernigan, daughter of Clement Jernigan and Drucilla Terry of Sevier County, Tennessee (1840 & 1850 census Sevier County, Tennessee; 1860-1880 census Marshall County, Alabama; other documents from Alabama — copies in Barry’s possession). His current theory is that James Silas’ father was most likely a Chandler who lived near the Jernigans in Sevier County, Tennessee at about the time James Silas was born. James Silas’ father’s Chandler line would most likely be from JRR > Joel > Timothy if that were the case.

Barry Jernigan

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Updated January 7, 2010