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The Chandler Family Bible Project

This web page is an important part of CFA’s work to preserve and promote Chandler family history. Our goal is providing Chandler descendants, researchers, and Family Bible preservationists a central location to share and view Chandler Family Bible records.

Your Assistance

There are several ways that you can help with this project.

  1. Donate your Chandler Family Bible to the CFA Library. We will work to preserve the bible with the other books in our library collection, and digitize the relevant portions of that bible for presentation on this web page.
  2. Keep your Chandler Family Bible in your possession, but share it here on this web page. We will assist you in documenting your bible to create a digital version to share here.
  3. Discover Chandler Family Bibles in your local or state archives or genealogical libraries, and work with us to create a digital version to share.
  4. Keep an eye out for references to Chandler Family Bibles on the internet that can be added here.

If you can contribute to this project, please contact Glen Smith, CFA Vice President.

Chandler Family Bible Files

Note: RIN below is the Record Identifier Number that applies to that individual within CFALD. When communicating with the CFA Bible Project team, please include the RIN for the person that you are discussing to ensure you are speaking about the same individual.
Caution: Some of the files below are large and require more time to load than other files.

Bible of Aubrey Chandler 1890-1980 RIN59237

Bible of Cora and Asa Owen Chandler 1879-1944 RIN109303

Bible of Daniel Stovall Chandler 1794-1879 RIN75564

Bible of Horatio Chandler 1778-1857 RIN5089

Bible of Isaac C. Chandler 1847–1937 RIN23177

Bible of Joel Chandler 1740-1800 RIN75538

Bible of John Chandler 1797-1873 RIN100869

Bible of John George Chandler 1845-1902 RIN106984

Bible of John William Chandler 1836-1888 RIN72933

Bible of Joseph Cornelius Chandler 1831-1914 RIN34200

Bible of Josiah Chandler 1762-1827 RIN72626

Bible of Josiah Chandler 1808-1880 RIN4328

Bible of Julia F Chandler – 1857-1924 RIN101511

Bible of Lorenzo Dow Chandler 1864-1934 RIN120923

Bible of Mary H Chandler 1789- RIN120897

Bible of Roland Abbott Chandler 1862-1943 RIN120768

Bible of Sterling Chandler 1782-1858 RIN18666

Bible of Swithin Chandler 1769-1839 RIN100183

Bible of Thomas B Chandler 1753-1828 RIN4475

Bible of Thomas Jefferson Chandler 1807-1885 RIN87323

Bible of Thompson Chandler 1811-1877 RIN14402

Bible of Willis Hiram Chandler 1829–1911 RIN120872

Family Bible Related Websites:

Bible Records Online
Note: the last new listing was Feb 2007

Bible Rescue
A 501(c)3 non-profit with 3 primary missions:  Rescue family Bibles, Record the family history information inside each Bible, and Reunite each family Bible with living descendants. Since their founding, they have rescued almost 1000 family Bibles along with the information recorded in them. 

Daughters of the American Revolution – Bible Records and Transcriptions
A list of Chandler names is viewable, but not allowed to be “redistributed to others, assembled, reproduced, published, or posted in any form whatsoever”.

FamilySearch – United States Bible Records

Genealogy is Chasing Your Tale —
This is a record of Amanda (Johnson) Chandler/Hanby and her two marriages, and the children and step-children from those marriages.

Heirloom Family Bibles – 13 Tips to Protect Yours
by Denise May Levenick

Montgomery History – Your Family Bible and Genealogy Research

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America
They maintain some original Bible records including the Chandler-Amis family Bible record, 1807-1953.

Ohio Genealogical Society Bible
Includes records on: Adah Chandler, Adalaide E Chandler, Adeline Chandler, Charles L Chandler, Daisy B Chandler, Ellen Chandler, Lucretia A Chandler, Mildred Chandler, Susan C Chandler, Wistella Chandler, and Nancy E Chandlers

Old Southern Bible Records 

Provides a search page for accessing an online database of old Southern Bible records. Old Southern Bible Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.

Original data: Lester, Memory Aldrige. Old Southern Bible Records. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2002.

Originality Counts, The Limits on Copyright
By Judy G. Russell, Jul 5, 2019
An explanation of where copyrighting happens (or doesn’t) within the use of family Bibles

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