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Several queries from 2006 have been updated and moved to the 2009 queries page, including:
Searching for Family Members
William Chandler and (A Noble Act of Justice)
William Chandler, born 1700
Chandlers in Dinwiddie County, VA? – Jaclyn Harrell is looking for Chandlers in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, who might link to her Chandlers. She has the following information: William Chandler was born before 1800 and died 1848. He bought or inherited a piece of property in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, called Taliaferro. William married Elizabeth K. Their children were Benjamin B. Chandler, William W. Chandler, Sylvestor Chandler, Algerina A. Chandler, Isadora Victoria Chandler, Mary K. Chandler, Martha A. Chandler, and Manirva Chandler. Jaclyn has copies of various Census records documenting William’s children but would like to go further back and find William’s parents.

Jaclyn Harrell
August 24, 2006

Information needed on William Chandler, born in Maine, 1830 – Mary and Wayne Chandler are searching for the ancestors of or other information about William Chandler, born in Maine in 1830. He married Phoebe Mason, born August 9, 1832, Deerfield, Onieda, New York. Phoebe died April 9, 1910, in Des Moines, Iowa. Their three children were Fred, W. R., and Medora. Fred died in Des Moines, Iowa on February 8, 1900.

Mary and Wayne Chandler
August 7, 2006

Officer in Afghanistan searches for Chandler ancestors – Colonel W. Thomas Frank, writing from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, poses this query: “I am a military officer deployed to Afghanistan and am trying to crack some of my genealogical riddles in my spare time. I descend from the family of William and Anis Chandler but I am stuck on one individual. Melinda Chandler is individual # 1150 (p. 676) in George Chandler’s The Chandler Family: The Descendants of William and Annis Chandler who settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1637, Worcester, MA: Charles Hamilton, 1883. Melinda married John Greenleaf Phinney, and they had one daughter Adeline May Phinney. Adeline was my GGGM. I have Adeline’s death record which gives her parents as John Phinney and Melinda Chandler, but I can find no other record anywhere of Melinda Chandler. In Howard S Finney’s 1957 publication, Finney-Phinney Families in America, John Greenleaf Phinney is said to have married one “Matilda Chandler” of Livermore, Maine b. in Pembroke NH 27 Oct 1799 with wedding intentions having been published (no location given) in May 1830. Both the Chandler genealogy and the Finney-Phinney genealogy state that John Phinney died in Wayne, Maine, but neither book says any more about Melinda (or Matilda) Chandler. I presume she died before 1850 since their daughter Adeline May Phinney is found living with a family of a different surname on the 1850 Census when she would have been 19. I have been unable to find any birth, death, marriage or burial records for Melinda Chandler. I think her name was Melinda rather than Matilda because her daughter’s death record gives the name as Melinda, as does the Chandler genealogy. Unfortunately neither George Chandler’s nor Howard Finney’s published genealogies give any source information. Also, has any progress been made on the early history and emigration of William and Anis Chandler since the publication of the 1883 genealogy which I have used for most of my information?”

Col. W. Thomas Frank MD FACP
Deputy Commander for Clinical Services
TF MED, 14th CSH
Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan
DSN 318-231-2127
July 11, 2006

The Chandler Girls of Thaxted, Essex – Laurie Rands of New Zealand is seeking information on sisters Rachel and Martha Chandler, both born in Thaxted, Essex, about 35 miles northeast of London, England. Rachel, born abt 1828, and her younger sister Martha, born abt 1840, were the daughters of William Chandler, a labourer. Both girls married Absolom Adcock, a tobacco labourer/cigar maker. Rachel married Absalom first, in 1850, but she died after giving birth to many children. Absolom married younger sister Martha in 1867. Martha also had many children with Absolom. Both marriages took place in Bethnal Green, London. Anyone with any additional information on these Chandler sisters, please contact Laurie Rands.

Laurie Rands
New Zealand
June 5, 2006

Chandlers in Lafayette County, Arkansas – Linda Glasgow Gray needs information on Joseph Chandler (born Feb. 22, 1797) and his wife Elizabeth (born July 21, 1797, daughter of Labon and Mary Massey). The birth places of Joseph and Elizabeth are unknown, but they were in Lafayette County, Arkansas, by 1860-1870. The family Bible lists two daughters, Sarah Emily, born Dec. 19, 1843, and Martha Caroline, 3 years older than her sister, according to census records. There may also have been brothers who were not listed in the Bible. Sarah Emily married Wilson A. Glasgow in Lafayette County, Arkansas, in 1861. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Linda Glasgow Gray
May 11, 2006

Looking for Brad Blake – Howard Odom is searching for a lost cousin. His cousin was born Brad Chandler but later took his stepfather’s name, Blake. Brad married Jennifer, and their last known address was South Spruce Street in Whitwell, Tennessee. Whitwell is a few miles south of Chattanooga.

Howard Odom
March 30, 2006

Mallory and Chandler – Norma Baker is looking for the orgin of the middle name Mallory, which has come down in her lineage for generations. She can go back as far as the Civil War where Samuel Mallory Chandler was killed in the Battle of the Crater at Petersburg, Virginia.

Norma Baker
March 30, 2006

George of Oare? – Gary Chandler has traced his line to James Chandler, born 1791 South Carolina, died 1850 Alabama. James married Mahalia Butler, born 1802 in North Carolina. She died June 20, 1860, in Butler County, Alabama. Gary believes there may be a link from James to George of Oare of Wiltshire, England, who sailed to the new world with his family but died en route. The family settled in Brandywine, Delaware, in 1686. Gary will appreciate any information linking James to George of Oare or to other possible ancestors in England.

Gary Chandler
March 17, 2006

Richard and Bethenia Chandler – Richard and Bethenia Chandler were b.1785/1786, possibly in South Carolina. Both are buried at old Piney Grove Cemetary in Cherokee County, Texas. They had 10 children, one of which was Wiley Chandler (born in Alabama) who never returned from the Civil War. Any information will be appreciated.

Maudine Kelly
March 16, 2006

Looking for Elizabeth Chandler’s Mom – Jim Light’s query updated and moved to the 2010 Queries page.

June 23, 2010

Chandlers in the Civil War? – Steve Chandler of Banner Elk, North Carolina, is interested in Chandler participants in the Civil War. In particular, Steve would like more information on his ancestor McVay (McVeigh) Chandler who died in 1862.

Steve Chandler
February 12, 2006