Send a photo or information about your Chandler sightings via e-mail to Eileen or Jim at

Chandler Distributors, St Louis, Missouri

We recently received this photograph of a “matchbook holder[s], which are a 20th century version of a match safe:  they hold a paper safety matchbook, rather than loose stick friction matches” according to the photo’s donor, Andy Denes. Andy found our website while trying to learn more about “Chandler Distributors”.

Thanks for your contribution, Andy!

Andy Denes
September 13, 2023

Chandler Hotel, Madison, Indiana

Larry Chandler forwarded this photo of the Chandler Hotel in Madison, Indiana.  Per the “Visit Madison” website, “The Chandler Hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Madison. The Chandler Hotel has a rich history while boasting sophistication and comfort for the modern traveler. This new, first-of-its kind boutique hotel gives a nod to the past while capturing a rich contemporary design featuring a rooftop terrace, fitness room, and spacious gathering areas. Each room is individually designed to offer a unique experience and pay homage to the charm and history of Madison.”

Larry Douglas Chandler

May 18, 2023

Rev Charles Chandler = Superman?

The Metropolis Planet newspaper of Saturday, January 22, 2022, had a front-page photo showing Superman, portrayed by CFA Vice-President Rev Charles Chandler, accepting a warm welcome at a ceremony in his hometown, on Jan. 21,1972, at Washington Park.

Eastern Kentucky

While reading a book about Eastern Kentucky, Larry Chandler spotted a photo of Charles Rucker “Epp” Epperson as he campaigned for “Happy” Chandler, who was running for the U.S. Senate seat, in Pikeville in 1938. For more information on “Happy”, click here.

Larry Douglas Chandler

June 24, 2021

North Little Rock Medicine

As they headed home, after the 2018 Chandler Family Association Annual Meeting, CFA Secretary/Treasurer Helen Chandler, her daughter Christine, son-in-law Johnny, and granddaughter Brittany, stopped for breakfast in North Little Rock when they spotted these 2 signs outside the Cracker Barrel.

Submitted by Christine Breland

September 16, 2018

Chandler – R. G. Bargy

Errol Chandler recently visited a vintage steam train place, called Devon Railway Centre, with his grandchildren. According to their website, “Exe Vale model village provides an insight into a world in miniature with horses and carts, detailed shop scenes and hundreds of folks going about their daily business. Enjoy seeing the trains meander their way through the village and see the tram winding its way from Wellington Square to the Wharf buildings and the canal. Exeleigh has been created to offer the visitor the experience of seeing life in a country setting in the Edwardian period.” Within the canal are barges and alongside are shops. While reviewing the model village, Errol and his family spotted a sign over the door of one shop (photo on left below) which tells us that it is a Chandler called R.G. Bargy (see close-up on the right below). Argy-bargy is a mostly-British term that means argumentative. Cute, right?

Submitted by Errol Chandler

June 19, 2018

The Chandler & Price Company Pilot Printing Press

This Chandler & Price Pilot Printing Press is located at the Oldham County History Center in La Grange, Kentucky. The photo was submitted by Larry Douglas Chandler, a CFA member and a member of the Oldham County History Center Board of Directors, who says the press is still in use by the center.

Larry Douglas Chandler

April 11, 2018

Chandler Chevrolet

Larry Douglas Chandler spotted this sign along the highway in Milton, Kentucky, advertising the Chandler Chevrolet dealership in Madison, Indiana.

Larry Douglas Chandler

April 11, 2018

Narrow Boat Chandlery

The photo above shows Errol Chandler, our CFA vice president in England, taken at Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, England. The business behind Errol is a supplier of “narrow boat chandlery and boating accessories” to the huge number of narrow boats that chug along the canals of England. Errol said, “Stourport is a major junction on the extensive canal system that connects all parts of England. These days “narrow-boats” are houseboats that are either privately owned or can be hired for holidays. Before the arrival of the railways and trucks they were the principal means of transporting goods around England. I think the ‘Limekiln’ refers to a previous trade in and around that site.”

Errol Chandler

March 1, 2018

Chandler Teddy Bear
CFA vice president Errol Chandler encountered this scruffy but adorable Teddy Bear on a flight from England to Montenegro. The printed line under “Chandler” on his shirt is not readable, so we are not sure of his origin.”

Errol Chandler

March 1, 2018

Chandlers Travels
CFA vice president Errol Chandler sent this photo of a book titled “Chandlers Travels.” It is the story of the life of travel agent Harry Chandler. For over 50 years Harry ran an agency based in Upminster, Havering, a borough of London and part of Greater London. He pioneered package holidays to Portugal and Spain for British holiday makers.

Errol Chandler

March 1, 2018

Henry Martin and Martha Chandler of Rockwall, Texas
Henry Martin Chandler (1821-1904) and his wife Martha (1826-1908) were early settlers of the area that is now Rockwall, Rockwall County, Texas. Henry Chandler’s name is memorialized at several locations in Rockwall. Rockwall is a small city of about 40,000 “named for a mysterious rock wall formation” (Rockwall County Historical Foundation). The photo above is of the entrance to Chandlers Landing subdivision. Below are photos of a street sign and a sign at a city soccer field. A Texas historical marker for Henry and Martha has been placed at the historic Chandler Cemetery. See the historical marker and Chandler grave marker photos on the Chandler Graves – Texas page.Read more about Genetic Chandler Family Group 4 elsewhere on our website. Henry’s family is mentioned on a subsidiary Group 4 page, “Thomas the Younger”.

Hope Wagner

December 15, 2017

Since 1925 a store called Smith & Chandler has welcomed tourists at the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Smith & Chandler, originally Smith & Chandler Indian Traders, is now Smith & Chandler General Mercantile.
Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872, was the very first U.S. national park, and it is widely held to be the first national park in the world. Yellowstone is famous for geothermal features such as Old Faithful Geyser and for abundant wildlife. The park, located primarily in the state of Wyoming but extending into Montana and Idaho, covers an area of more than 3,400 square miles.

Smith and Chandler Mercantile
September 2016 photo by Brett Chandler Brocato

Transcription of sign from the
West Yellowstone
Historic Walking Tour

(Click on the image of the sign
at left to open a larger version.)

In 1927, two pioneering entrepreneurs from Las Vegas, Nevada, Carl Smith & Ken Chandler, built a large general mercantile across the street from the Union Pacific Depot. Train passengers walked across the dirt street for their group photos. Tour bus riders bought western hats and dusters. Auto travelers picked up postcards and curios.

“Smith & Chandler Indian Traders” brought Navajo, Zuni and Hopi jewelry makers and rug, blanket and basket weavers to the store for decades.  Alice Chandler was quite a memorable sight, too. She dyed her hair a bright red and was dressed in the finest western dresses and boots. She graced in the store with her style and presence for 50 years.

By 1972, the Smiths and Chandlers had retired and sold the store to the Hamilton/ Povah family. In March of 1973, suspected static electricity and leaking propane gas sparked a tremendous fire. Without the help from modern fire hydrants to extinguish the flames, the store and adjoining coffee shop burned to the ground. The family quickly built this new store and kept the same name.

The trains have stopped coming to West Yellowstone. The Indian tepee and Navaho rug are gone from the store front. Airplane travelers, motorcyclists and RVers have joined the millions of auto travelers touring the Park. Yet, Smith & Chandler still provides postcards, souvenirs and memories for the Yellowstone traveler.

The record of Kenneth and Alice Chandler’s marriage lists his parents as Boyd S. Chandler and May Carnan.

These Chandlers belong to Chandler DNA Project Group 7B.

Chandler lineage of Kenneth North Chandler: George Chandler b 1633 ENG > George Chandler b 1671 ENG > George Chandler b abt 1700 PA > Isaac Chandler b 1732 PA > Jonathan Chandler b 1767 PA > Spencer Chandler b 1794 PA > Coulson Chandler b 1825 OH > Boyd Sankey Chandler b 1861 IL > Kenneth North Chandler b 1897 UT

See “Smith & Chandler – West Yellowstone, Montana” and the accompanying article, “Yellowstone National Park,” in the Autumn 2016 CFA Newsletter for more details


Ken Chandler
University of Las Vegas Special Collections,
Chandler Photograph Collection

Submitted by Claudia Chandler Brocato

January 18, 2017

Chandler Blueberries available in England

Errol Chandler, our CFA vice president in England, recently spotted Chandler Blueberries, grown in Poland, in his local supermarket. See photo below. When in the fifties of the 20th century, there was “a discovery” of blueberry in Europe, soon afterward this plant was brought into Poland.  Source: History of Highbush Blueberry Growing in Poland

Poland ranks as one of the top 10 blueberry producers in the world and shows potential to keep growing.  Source: New investments bring growth to Polish blueberries.

William Henry Chandler (1878-1970), horticulturalist, author, and professor of Pomology (the study of the cultivation, production, harvest, and storage of fruit) is credited with developing the Chandler strawberry and the Chandler walnut. Perhaps he also developed the Chandler blueberry. You will find more information about William Henry Chandler if you follow the link above to another page on our website.

Errol Chandler

October 9, 2016

Chandler Motor Company, Bristol, England

Chandler Motor Company is a family-run business established in 1978. Quote from their website: “From Camper to Taxi, Old to New, Citroen or any other make or model.”

In addition to Citroen repair specialists, they also advertise as Peugeot & Renault specialists, a Motability scooter dealer, and an authorized dealer for London Taxis.

Errol Chandler

October 9, 2016

Chandler Guitars

Chandler Guitars, established 1979 in London, was located at 300-302 Sandycombe Rd, Kew, Richmond, Surrey. This is just a short stroll from beautiful Kew Gardens in leafy South West London.

Updated 13-May-18: The company closed its doors October 31, 2016.

The former site’s History page had a long list of rockers, some very, very well known, who have shopped at Chandler Guitars.

Errol Chandler

October 9, 2016

Chandler’s Farm, Fillmore, Indiana

Vern Chandler shared this photo of the sign at Chandler’s Farm in Fillmore, Indiana (outside Indianapolis). Founded in 1975, the farm is owned by Vern’s cousin Jerry Chandler and wife Vyanne. The family- owned and operated farm has nearly 200 varieties of apples. In the fall, the farm features a pumpkin patch, a straw maze, horse-drawn hayrides, and bonfires! There is also a country store and plenty of parking. The Chandlers invite us to join them for “a day in the country”. The farm is open late summer until the end of December.

Visit Chandler Farm’s website (or look for “Chandler’s Farm” on Facebook) to see photos of beautiful apples and pumpkins and families having fun!

Photo courtesy of Vern Thomas Chandler

August 28, 2015

Chandler Place

St. Anthony, Minnesota

Chandler Place Assisted Living is located on Chandler Drive in St. Anthony, Minnesota (a suburb of Minneapolis).  The photo was taken by Vern Chandler, who says he has told his children this is where they should plan to park him and their mother Denise when the time comes.

Photo courtesy of
Vern Thomas Chandler

August 28, 2015

1927 Chandler Standard Six

This Chandler automobile is on display in the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, New York, about 50 miles south of Albany. The photos were taken by David A. Sander, chairman of the New England MG T Register, and forwarded to us by Gene Fodor, proud owner of an MG TD once owned by William Woods “W. W.” Chandler, Jr., of the Chandler banking family of Kansas. Views of the grill and the front of the car are shown below.
Photos by David A. Sander

April 14, 2015

Thanks to Gene Fodor

April 14, 2015

Chandler & Co. and Chandler’s Shoes

Chandler’s Shoes

Fenella Rook Smith spotted this wonderful pink shoebox in a thrift shop in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. The circular writing around the outside names a number of U.S. cities in which the shoes must have been sold. At right is a closeup of the graphic immediately above “Chandler’s” on the box. The words say, “French Room Originals” and “the world’s most beautiful shoes.” Internet searches for “Chandler’s French Room originals” will turn up numerous instances of vintage Chandler styles available for purchase.

Chandler’s Purse

Kitty Chandler Carr posted photos of a Chandler’s purse on the CFA Facebook Group in October 2014. She has given permission for us to include her photos here as part of our Chandler & Co. exhibit. The purse appears to be alligator, and the label inside includes the same “French Room Originals” that is shown on the shoebox above.

1907 Chandler & Co. Christmas Catalog

CFA Vice President Dick Chandler found a 1907 Chandler & Co. Christmas Catalog online. The catalog is titled “What Shall I Buy for a Present?” The address given on the catalog cover is 151 Tremont Street, Boston. Click on either the image or the link to view the PDF of the catalog.

Note: It is not clear whether Chandler & Co. and Chandler’s Shoes, both apparently headquartered in Boston, were related companies. If you know anything of the history of either entity, please write .

Chandler’s Shoes shoebox photos by
Fenella Rook Smith

April 14, 2015
Chandler’s purse photos by
Kitty Chandler Carr

April 15, 2015

Chandler Road, Greenville, South Carolina

Robert P. Chandler of Indianapolis wrote:I have attached a photo of me standing next to a sign for Chandler Road in Pelzer, South Carolina, in southern Greenville County.

My ancestors Joel, John and David Chandler all owned property in this area. Joel and his son John both received land grants near where this photo was taken.

I believe it was near here that my gg-grandpa William Hampton Chandler was born about 1807 to David, son of John and grandson of Joel. Another William Hampton Chandler was also a land owner nearby and he died in Greenville County in 1820. There is a school nearby named Ralph Chandler Middle School which was named after Ralph Ragsdale Chandler who lived on Chandler Rd and was a descendant of Josiah Chandler, son of William Hampton Chandler who I believe was my ancestor John’s cousin. Ralph was a minister and a long-time influential member of the local school board.Several other Chandler family members were also property owners in this vicinity in the post-Revolutionary War era.

My ancestor, John, left Greenville County prior to 1830 for Georgia with much of his family and eventually settled in Alabama.

These Chandlers of Greenville County, South Carolina, are members of the 7A group and descendants of the JRR > Joseph line.

Robert P. “Bob” Chandler
Indianapolis, Indiana

February 11, 2015

Chandler Sightings in Georgia

Chandler Street

Carrollton, GA

Chandler Furniture & Mattress sign

Bowden Junction, GA

CFA members Frank and Carol Waid recently made a research trip to the Carrollton, Georgia, library, which is the West Georgia Regional Library Headquarters and has a wonderful Special Collections room. Carol wrote: “The library’s back parking lot borders on Chandler Street so I took a picture of that street sign. The other picture is of a billboard advertising Chandler Furniture Company which is on U.S. 27 in Bowden Junction (right next to Carrollton).”

Carol Waid

October 6, 2014

Chandlers’ Inn, Joseph, Oregon

Chandlers’ Inn, a bed and breakfast in Joseph, Oregon, is surrounded by Oregon’s natural beauty. Nearby are the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Eagle Cap Wilderness, and Hells Canyon Recreation Areas. In addition to spectacular scenery, fishing, and big game hunting, llama trekking, horse packing, and white water raft trips are readily available. The Mt. Howard Tramway whisks visitors up to 8150 feet for spectacular views of Wallowa Lake and the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The inn was formerly owned by Jim and Ethel Chandler. Current innkeeper is Jim Bivins.Top: The Chandlers’ Inn sign – note the candle in the sign’s “window” in the close-up and the beautiful scenery behind the sign.

Photos courtesy of Chandlers’ Inn.

Chandler Automobile owners celebrate

100th Anniversary of Chandler Motor Company

The photo of Chandler Motor Company automobiles above, featured in the Autumn 2013 issue of the CFA Newsletter, was taken by Marie Kelch at a meeting of the Chandler-Cleveland Motor Club. The meeting and exhibit of Chandler Motor Cars celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Chandler auto brand. Included are, from left, 1917 Chandler 17 Touring, 1929 Chandler Sedan, 1927 Chandler Special Six Sedan, and 1914 Chandler 15.

Chandler Motor Company was incorporated in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1913, with Frederick C. Chandler as president. In 1929 the company was sold to Hupp Motor Works. DNA science has now made it possible to know that the family of Frederick Chandler belongs to genetic Chandler family #62 (as designated by the Chandler DNA Project), whose earliest known ancestor is Benjamin Chandler, born 1780 in Gloucestershire, England. In addition to an automobile manufacturer, that genetic family has produced a future King of England. George, infant son of Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, and England’s Prince William, is a Chandler descendant through his mother’s line.

Photo courtesy of Marie Kelch, daughter of CCMC member Harold Wintz, owner of the 1914 Chandler. See an advertisement for Chandler Motor Company elsewhere on this page.

Marie Kelch

August 8, 2014

Commander Tom Chandler, a modern-day fictional hero

Carol May wrote to suggest including fictional Tom Chandler as a Chandler Sighting. She said: “His character is an old style heroic figure saving the world.” In TNT’s action adventure summer series, The Last Ship, the crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth’s population. Eric Dane, who played Dr. Mark ‘McSteamy’ Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy, is Commander Tom Chandler of the USS Nathan James, whose crew must try to save what is left of the world’s population. Photographs from the show can be seen here.

Remembering another fictional Chandler, Carol said, “About 20 years ago there was a TV show called Beauty and the Beast starring Linda Hamilton as Catherine Chandler.  Her character was from a prominent New York or Connecticut family and also very heroic. I imagined if she were a real person she would have descended from William and Annis Chandler, a Massachusetts family with many wealthy lawyers and judges.”

Carol May

July 3, 2014

Chandler’s Crabhouse – Seattle, Washington, USA, and Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan

Errol Chandler wrote, “I visited this restaurant in Yokohama, Japan a few times when I used to travel to Japan on business. When making reservations I always received a very positive response from the staff!” About the Yokohama restaurant, one website states: “For those who are looking for a taste of home style seafood, especially crabs, Chandler’s Crab House is not to be missed.” Another reports: “It takes a certain amount of courage to import a foreign seafood restaurant into Japan, but Chandler’s Crabhouse, with branches in Yokohama and Tokyo via Seattle, pulls off the trick. Content with leaving the sashimi, sushi and tempura to the Japanese, Chandler’s instead focuses on heartier fare.” Thanks, Errol!
UPDATE: “In September 2018, the Chandler’s Crabhouse closed its doors to allow the property to be re-developed into Chandler’s Cove.

Errol Chandler

July 2, 2014

Chandler Motor Company, Cleveland, Ohio

The Chandler Motor Company was incorporated in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1913, with Frederick C. Chandler as president. In 1929 the company was sold to Hupp Motor Works. Members of this family belong to Chandler DNA Project Group 62, descendants of Benjamin Chandler born c 1790 in Gloucestershire, England. Kate née Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (wife of England’s Prince William) and her son, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge (born July 22, 2013), are also descendants of Benjamin Chandler born c 1790. Permission to use the 1927 advertisement below is courtesy of Chandler Products, still in Cleveland, Ohio. See a 2013 photo from an exhibition of Chandler automobiles celebrating the 100th anniversary of Chandler Motor Company.

Chandler Motor Company (Chrysler/GMC dealership), Rogers, Arkansas

Kitty Chandler Carr wrote: “My grandfather Harvey S. Chandler and grandmother Christine (Branham) Chandler owned a Chrysler/GMC dealership in Rogers, Arkansas. I am not sure of the dates they were open. In the picture with the tow truck is my dad on the left, Edgar “Ed” James Chandler (1919-1996), and my grandfather, Harvey Stephen Chandler (1905-1991).”Ed Chandler, Kitty’s father, was the tow-truck driver for Chandler Motor Company. He had signed on with the Chicago Bears to play as a quarterback, but before spring training he was hooking up a big rig to the tow-truck. It was icy and he slid down the trailer, hurting his back and ending his football career.
Edgar James Chandler, left, and his father, Harvey Stephen Chandler, owner of Chandler Motor Company
Ed remained in the car business all his life, eventually being in partnership and then owning his own dealership, Ed Chandler Ford, in the Bay Area of California.  Kitty grew up helping around her father’s California dealership, beginning at age 4 by passing out roses at the new car showings. She continued to work for her father off and on until his death in 1996.This family belongs to Chandler DNA Project Group 7A, descendants of John Chandler born 1600 in England.
A showroom full of new cars at Chandler Motor Company

A different view of Chandler Motor Company

Close up detail from the photo above

Chandler Motor Company tow-truck

Kitty Chandler Carr

June 17, 2014

Chandler Machine Co. Buttonhole Sewing Machine

Bryan Chandler submitted the photo above of a Chandler Button Hole Sewing Machine that he purchased at an antique store in Monroe, Georgia. The machine was made by Chandler Machine Co. of Ayer, Massachusetts, formed in 1905. The company is now Chandler Machine USA. with corporate headquarters in Carlstadt, New Jersey. According to the company website, they manufacture industrial hand-operated and electrical sewing machines used in the garment trade, dry cleaning establishments and laundries.

Bryan Chandler

April 30, 2014

Chandler Cup, St. John Ambulance Division, Tamworth

CFA member Errol Chandler in England came across another mention of a “Chandler Cup” while researching Chandler genealogy. A newspaper article dated July 17, 1937, reported on a competition for the Chandler Cup by members of the Tamworth St. John Ambulance Division. According to Errol, Tamworth is quite close to Birmingham. The competition took place at the Boys’ Senior School. Judging the test was Assistant Commissioner Dr. D. McColl, while Superintendent W. H. Chandler “took the oral work.” No mention is made of why the trophy was named the Chandler Cup, but perhaps it was in honor of Superintendent Chandler. Private S. Pownell won the trophy with 152 points, and there was a tie of 150 points each for second place between Corporal A. King and Private W. Postlethwaite. Unfortunately, no photograph was included with the article.

Source: Tamworth Herald, Saturday, 17 July 1937.

See a story about Ernest Vivian Chandler, World Amateur Heavyweight Boxing Champion, and a golfing trophy named in his honor.

Errol Chandler

January 29, 2014

Chandler Adjustable School Desk

The Adjustable School Desk made by the Chandler company of Boston, Massachusetts was a popular and well-respected item of school equipment in the late 1800s. One posting on states the company was started in 1892 by Frederic A. Chandler, and another says it was located at 7 Tremont Street in Boston. According to the second post, the family was originally from Duxbury and moved to Somerville around 1870. Jesus “Jay” Rodriguez, an antique furniture restorer in Coral Springs, Florida, recently rescued the vintage Chandler desk below from an apartment building dumpster. Jay wrote: “Both the seat and the desk were pretty dirty and mounted in a pine latex-painted plywood board. I made a deep cleaning (not sanding or removing patina) and applied several coats of water-based satin finish clear coat, then buffed with restore and shine compound and now it just looks amazing. I want to share some pictures with you. At this moment I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but in the meantime I’m enjoying a lot just looking at it in my living room.” Thanks for sharing, Jay!

Top left, a photo detail showing the Chandler logo.Above left and above right, two views of the restored desk.

At left, the desk in mid-restoration.

Jesus “Jay” Rodriguez
Email Me
November 13, 2013

From “THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF ALBANY, N. Y. ILLUSTRATED. A SOUVENIR VOLUME,”by Harold W. Cole and Theodore C. Hailes, Albany New York.

Published by Harold W. Cole and Theodore C. Hailes, Albany, NY, 1894.

Available online at //

THE idea of a school Desk and Chair that can be adjusted “exactly” to the sitting height of a child is not a new one. The best authorities on the proper seating in schools have for the past 20 years invited such an invention ; and since the introduction of the Chandler Adjustable Desk and Chair the same authorities have expressed their approbation and satisfaction that it is now possible to obtain scientific hygienic furniture for the School-room. “The Roulstone” is easily and accurately adjustable to the size of every child, both Chair and Desk having adjustments graduated to 1-16 of an inch. It is artistic in appearance, solid in construction and gives to each child a seat separate from the Desk, as all correct furniture should give.

Chandler Inn, Boston

Carolyn Greenburg sent this photo of Chandler Inn, possibly so-named because it is located at 26 Chandler Street, Boston. Does anyone know for whom Chandler Street is named?

Carolyn Greenburg

September 25, 2013

Albert Chandler, Fruiterer, Bedford, England

CFA member Errol Chandler in England sent this photo of Chandler’s fruit shop, operated by Albert and Louisa Chandler, that formerly stood at 16-18 Saint Loyes Street, at the corner of Dane Street, in Bedford, England. The shop is no longer there and the site has been redeveloped, so it is fortunate that a photographer of an earlier generation documented the shop. The sign over the door reads, at left, “English – Foreign” and, at right, “Fruiterer.” The photo was provided to Errol by Amy Chandler.

Albert’s 1923 grave marker in Bedford can be seen among a collection of photographs Amy provided for the Chandler Graves page.

According to Wikipedia, Bedford is in the east of England and is the administrative center for the Borough of Bedford. The name of the town is thought to derive from the name of a Saxon chief called Beda and a ford crossing the River Great Ouse. Bedford was a market town for the surrounding agricultural region from the early Middle Ages.

Errol Chandler

January 21, 2013

Kirkham Hulett & Chandler Washer-Scrubber

Kirkham, Hulett & Chandler, Ltd., London

photo of Dean ChandlerCFA member Errol Chandler (Chandler DNA Group #71) of Somerset, England, provided these two reproductions of advertisements from Kirkham, Hulett & Chandler, Ltd., an English manufacturer of machinery used in the production and purification of coal gas. The company was established at some time prior to 1879 and was formally registered on October 7, 1879. The giant machines they manufactured for coal gas production were sold and installed not only in England but also in far-flung locations such as Hungary, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, and Russia. Dean Chandler (at right), Errol’s great-great uncle (or possibly g-g-g uncle), may have been a founding member of the company. Dean co-authored a book, The Rise of the Gas Industry in Britain, which was published in 1949.

advertisement for Kirkham Hulett & Chandler Centrifugal Washer

Click on the small image above to see a 4-page patent application for “Apparatus for Washing or Scrubbing Gas”

Josiah Clement Chandler, Errol’s grandfather, was employed as a “gas engineer” with the family business, Kirkham, Hulett & Chandler, Ltd. Errol believes the job took his grandfather to Wales, where he married. Errol’s father, Leslie Chandler (his full name was Clement Leslie Chandler), was born June 4, 1893, in Pontybodkin, Mold, Flintshire, Wales, in a house called The Nant Cottage. A second son, Joseph Vincent, was also born in Wales on July 21, 1895. Other children were Drusilla Pearl, Reginald Victor, and Nora Louise. Josiah’s job also apparently sent him, and possibly the entire family, to Russia for a prolonged stay. Errol wrote:

Staff from the UK would have had to base themselves in the foreign destinations for months or even years – it was not like today when an engineer can fly back and forth and communicate by telephone, email and fax. This logistical nightmare would have played a major role in the childhood and adolescence of my father, Clement Leslie Chandler. I believe it directly shaped his character and prepared him for an extraordinary life.

The 1901 census of England shows the family living in London. As Josiah and Leslie were recorded on that census, they must have traveled between the UK and Russia, possibly more than once. It is understood that for a period only Josiah and Leslie were in Russia, while the mother and younger siblings remained in England.

Josiah Chandler apparently stayed in Russia (or at least traveled between Russia and England) until about 1909 or 1910. Leslie learned to speak fluent Russian, and that ability played a major part in his service to England during World War I and after. Errol is still pulling together that part of his father’s history, which promises to be a fascinating story including undercover operations, royal courier service, and diplomatic pouches.

Errol produced for the CFA a brief but interesting document on the history of Kirkham, Hulett & Chandler, Ltd., and the history and importance of the gas power industry in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Read Errol’s essay here.

Leslie eventually emigrated to South Africa, where he married and had six children. The 1937 photo at right shows Leslie strolling down Oxford Street in East London, South Africa. (Note that his eyeglasses have an opaque left lens. He suffered the partial loss of sight in that eye as a result of a wound he suffered in WWI.) Visit the Chandler Memories page for more about this family.

Errol Chandler

Updated September 25, 2013

Chandler Funeral Home, Vernon, Alabama

Kay Koonce sent these photos of Chandler Funeral Home in Vernon, Alabama, operated by her first cousin Allen V. Chandler.

Kay Koonce

September 30, 2012

Chandler Pump Company

While on vacation in July 2012 in Galveston Beach, Texas, with their family of three children, their spouses, and six grandchildren, Glenn (former CFA president) and Joy Chandler took the entire group to lunch at the Strand Emporium. The store contains a large collection of interesting and historic objects. Imagine the family’s surprise when the historic object in the center of their table turned out to be a Chandler pump! Behind the pump in Glenn’s photo at right is oldest grandson Tom Chandler, age 15, of Balfron, Scotland.

Research into the history of the Chandler Pump Company revealed the company was based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a 1903 company building is eligible for inclusion in the National Register. Glenn located a photo at of a Chandler Pump Company building (see below) by David Sebben, who has given permission for us to display his photograph.

Chandler Pump Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Photo by David Sebben

Details of the history of the Chandler Pump Company were found in an architectural survey, posted online by Preservation Iowa:

The oldest of these firms was the Chandler Pump Company started by J.A. Chandler in 1890 after being recruited by the Manufacturers and Jobbers Association, a bureau of the Cedar Rapids Board of Trade. By 1900, the company was well-known for its “Chandler Iron Pump” and was a major wholesale supplier of iron pipe, plumbers’ supplies and well casings. The company’s factory site included an extensive machine shop, pattern shop, iron foundry, several warehouses and an iron pipe shed. The buildings were situated on an irregular parcel located along a block of railroad sidings between B Avenue, NW and 1st Avenue. The warehouses were two-story brick buildings and the machines shops and foundry were one-story brick buildings. The company saw its product lines shift through the years and in 1952 moved operations to a new larger facility along the Illinois Central Railroad north of the downtown. The company was reorganized as Chandler Machine Products.

Source: Architectural Reconnaissance Survey for St. Patrick’s Neighborhood in Cedar Rapids

CFA President Dick Chandler added the following information: “Chandler Pump Company founder John Adams Chandler was a descendant of William Chandler and his wife Annis who settled at Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1637, so belonged to DNA Group 9 which already has quite a few famous Chandlers, including Seth Carlo Jr. (the astronomer discoverer of the Chandler Wobble), Chloe Chandler (great grandmother of President Rutherford B. Hayes) and Harry Chandler, publisher of the Los Angeles Times.”

Glenn Chandler

August 2, 2012

The Chandler House, Okolona, Mississippi

The Chandler House, built in the 1850’s as a log cabin, was extensively enlarged in the 1860’s by owner Col. James R. “Bob” McIntosh, and is a rare example of a residence that combines Greek Revival and Italianate features. Only about six houses in Mississippi feature a colonnade of six octagonal columns, as the Chandler House does, and the segmental arched windows and bracketed cornice add to its uniqueness. In 1896, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Chandler purchased the house, and it remained in the family until the heirs donated the home to the Okolona Development Foundation Charities in 2005. The house has suffered from neglect and deterioration, as it has stood vacant for more than 25 years. The Development Foundation has received an architect’s report and estimates that it will take $750,000 to restore the structure. Although a $50,000 Carpenter grant has been obtained, fund raising is at a standstill and this property is still endangered. Some roof work has been done and $20,000 has been raised from private individuals to stabilize the property. They would like to apply for a grant but felt the property needed to be stabilized first. Additional fund raising will have to take place to fund a grant application. Interest in historic preservation is currently running high in Okolona with several other historic properties having been restored recently by private individuals and membership in the Main Street up 50%, so hopefully that will translate into interest in helping to raise the money necessary to save the Chandler House.

Chandler House, Okolona, MS

If you would like to help, donations may be made to Mississippi Heritage Trust, P. O. Box 577, Jackson, MS 39205. To donate by credit card, call 601-354-0200. You may designate your gift for the Chandler House and your donation is tax-deductible.

Photos by Chip Bowman, Mississippi Heritage Trust
Submitted by Claudia Chandler Brocato
Updated April 12, 2011

Chandler’s Saccharin PelletsChandler's Saccharin Pellets

Dale Halupnik spotted this advertising sign in a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Joplin, Missouri. Dale said, “I always enjoy looking at the various signs they post in their establishments, and seeing Chandler was a neat surprise.” Since the Chandler name logo is the same, this is obviously the same company, Chandler’s Famous Medicines (see below), whose sign was spotted by another member at a Cracker Barrel in Valdosta, Georgia. Both signs have the slogan “Best by test!”

Chandler’s Famous Medicines was based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dale Halupnik

February 14, 2011

Chandler’s Grove United Methodist Church,Montgomery County, North Carolina

Kendrick Chandler (1813-1899) donated the land for Chandler’s Grove in 1871. The church had its beginning sometime prior to August 8, 1871, and the original building was replaced in 1911. For about 60 years Chandler’s Grove was a thriving and active church. In 1929 there was a membership of approximately 75, mostly large families who farmed nearby. The depression hit the area hard, and by 1956 the membership had fallen to approximately 28. Beginning in the 1970s, membership at Chandler’s Grove began to recover and is still growing. A few years ago, a member who was clearing a wooded area behind the church discovered two graves. Research indicates those two graves are the resting places of the first wife of Kendrick Chandler and a daughter of the couple. The area has now been fenced in and is being cared for by members of the church and the community. Anna Harkey, who provided the history of the church, says Kendrick’s first wife’s name was Elvira, and that is the wife from which Anna’s line descends. Kendrick and Elvira’s children were Wilson (1839-?), John (1844-?), Postell (1848-?), and Thomas (1856-1914). Thomas is Anna’s gg-grandfather. Kendrick then married Margaret Lomax (1836-1899) and their children were Mary (1865 – 1914), Emma/Eliza (1868 – ), and Cicero (1870-). Kendrick’s father may have been Wilkes/Wilkins Chandler. Anna is interested in knowing more about the ancestry of this family, so write her if you have anything to share. The associated cemetery of Chandler’s Grove United Methodist Church can be found here.

Anna Harkey

November 18, 2010

Chandler’s Famous Medicinesadvertising sign for Chandler's Famous Medicines

CFA member Alvie Davidson emailed this photo with the following note: “I was having breakfast in a Cracker Barrel at Valdosta, Georgia, on Sunday morning, October 31st and spotted this picture on the wall across from my table. I took a photo of it with my IPhone. This business was apparently in St. Louis, MO, according to the fine print on the picture. These are actual collected items and not just printed items. The sign brags “Best By Test” and “Tried And Proven,” with the statement “Sold since 1888.” The items offered by Chandler’s Famous Medicines included aspirin, cold tablets, headache and anti-pain pills, healing and pile ointment, mentholated rubbing ointment, cough syrup, saccharin, chick and poultry tonic, eye salve, circus liniment and kidney pills. At the bottom of the sign is the name “Chandler Distributors” and “St. Louis, Mo.”

Alvie Davidson, C.G.

November 1, 2010

advertising sign for Chandler Coal, the Wonder FuelChandler Wonder Fuel

Stan Chandler of genetic Chandler family 18 was 6,000 miles from his English home 30 years ago when he took this picture of a sign attached to a fence on the entrance to a pier in San Francisco.

Read Stan’s story of some of the descendants of his ancestor Benjamin Chandler born 1763 in Hampshire, England.

Stan Chandler

November 1, 2010

F. M. Chandler Stationery and Fancy Goods Shop, Englandphoto of F. M. Chandler stationery shop in England

F.M. Chandler was the wife of Bert Chandler, son of James William and Sarah Rowe Chandler. Bert opened F. M. Chandler Stationery and Fancy Goods in East Wittering, West Sussex, England, and for some reason named it for his wife. This family is genetic Chandler family #18, specifically descendants of Benjamin Chandler born 1763 in Hampshire, England.

Read the history of some of Benjamin’s descendants.

More stories of genetically distinct Chandler families can be found on the Genetic Chandler Family pages.

Stan Chandler

November 1, 2010

Chandler's Deli

Chandler’s Deli, Knoxville, TN

C. M. and Clara Chandler stopped for a bite at Chandler’s Deli in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently. Thanks for the photo, C. M.!

C. M. Chandler

July 23, 2010

Editor’s Note:  A fire in June 2020 shut down the deli for a few months, during which the repairs were made.  Recently, the owners chose to do away with their website and recommend people visit them via Facebook at Chandler’s Deli – Home | Facebook

Chandler, Quebec, Canada

Chandler, QuebecDick Chandler recently provided this photo taken of him by his wife Elaine in Chandler, Quebec, while they were on a four-month cross-Canada camping tour in 2003.

Information on Chandler, Quebec, has been included here since Cathy Chandler Oliveira wrote in 2006 to tell of “a fairly important town in Quebec” named Chandler. Cathy says Chandler “is named after a man from Philadelphia who came up here and helped build a pulp and paper mill.”

From Wikipedia: This city was named after Percy Milton Chandler, a manufacturer from Philadelphia who founded the first pulp and paper mill in the Gaspésie (the Gaspé Peninsula) in 1912. At the time of the construction some 200 workers, mostly of Italian origin, came to the area. Chandler, a mere village at its beginning, became a city in 1958. During summer, it is possible to fish mackerel from the wharf. Others fish from the superb beach situated on the sandbar in the bay. You will find nice trails at the Vachon lake’s boardwalk (walking, bird watching). The marina is frequently the scene of summer festivities.

Cathy Chandler Oliveira
October 9, 2006

Chandler’s Arms

In Shearsby, South Leicestershire, England, Chandler’s Arms was named “Country Pub of the Year.”

Chandler Landscaping

Chandler Landscaping
Bob Chandler of Brooksville, Florida, spotted Chandler Landscaping in Banner Elk, North Carolina, while on vacation. Bob stopped in and found that CFA member Steve Chandler and his wife Rebecca own the landscaping business as well as Clemmons Produce.

The inset photo shows, from left, Rebecca, Bob, and Steve.

Submitted by Bob Chandler

June 27, 2009

Chandler Concrete, Inc.

Chandler ConcreteBob Chandler snapped these photos on a vacation trip to North Carolina.
Internet research by your webmaster revealed that Tom Chandler purchased an existing ready-mix concrete business in 1973, and Chandler Concrete Company has continued as a family-owned and operated business since that time. The company is based in Burlington, North Carolina.

Submitted by Bob Chandler

June 27, 2009

Kentucky State Reformatory

Kentucky Reformatory
This photo was taken by Larry Douglas Chandler, then warden, on the front steps of the Kentucky State Reformatory, located in LaGrange, Kentucky, which is approximately thirty miles northeast of Louisville. Governor A. B. “Happy” Chandler, under whose first administration the Reformatory was planned and constructed, was twice governor of Kentucky – 1935-1939 and 1955-1959.

See more about “Happy” Chandler on the Chandler links page on this web site – chandler-links/chandler-people-places.

From the Kentucky Department of Corrections web site, (The Kentucky State Reformatory) is a medium security facility under the administration of the Kentucky Justice Cabinet, Department of Correction and is the state’s second largest institution in term of inmate population with a 1998-bed capacity. The Kentucky State Reformatory was the third prison built in the Commonwealth of Kentucky following the establishment of a penal system by Kentucky’s Legislature in 1798.

The concept of the Kentucky State Reformatory was made possible through the appropriation of funds by the 1936 General Assembly and matching federal funds from the Public Works Administration. A committee chosen by Governor A.B. “Happy” Chandler toured the country seeking ideas to bring back to Kentucky so that the new institution being planned would be the correctional showplace of America. The committee returned with a blueprint that was innovative as far as prison construction of the time was concerned. Architecturally, it appeared similar to schools and hospitals of that era. Instead of having individual cells for inmates, the plans called for open-wing dormitories. There was liberal space for each man and the design committee believed this would encourage the men to return to the community and lead crime-free lives. The prison hospital was said to be the best-equipped facility within a 15 state area. Overall, the Chandler Administration believed that the construction of the new buildings coupled with the adjacent area of farmland were Kentucky’s answer to prison rehabilitation. Up to the present day the physical plant has essentially retained its original configuration.

Larry D. Chandler

April 15, 2008

John Chandler House, Chesapeake City, Maryland

Chandler House
William W. “Bill” Chandler sent this photo taken in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Bill’s wife Marion is shown in front of a historic home, the John Chandler House. Chesapeake City grew up along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, one of only two commercially vital sea-level canals in the United States. The 14-mile-long Chesapeake and Delaware Canal runs across Maryland and Delaware, connecting the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay and the Port of Baltimore. As early as the 17th century local settlers, including the famous Dutch surveyor and map maker Augustine Herrman, recognized the possibility of connecting the Chesapeake Bay with the Delaware River. Not until 1824, after an unsuccessful first start further to the north, did construction begin at the Chesapeake City location. At its completion in October of 1829, two structures were reported to have been standing in the town (then known as Bohemia Village): a pre-revolutionary building known as Chick’s Tavern House, and a lock house for collecting tolls. The town subsequently grew in response to the needs of the canal operations and commerce. In 1839, the town changed its name to Chesapeake City in anticipation of big things to come, and incorporated in 1849 when the population reached 400. The John Chandler House sign indicates it was built one year before the town was incorporated. Chesapeake City’s historic area is on the National Historic Registry, as well as Maryland’s Historic Registry.

Sources: // and // (neither address is any longer used).

William W. Chandler

February 28, 2007

Chandler & Price Printing Press

Chandler & Price Printing Press
Larry Douglas Chandler sent this photo of a Chandler & Price Printing Press. Larry tells us this press is used to print Maker’s Mark labels at their distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. Information about the Chandler & Price Company can be found on the Amalgamated Printers’ Association web site in a re-print of a 1977 journal article originally published in Type & Press. According to the APA site, the company was formed in 1881 by banker Harrison T. Chandler and William H. Price, son of a builder of printing presses.

Larry D. Chandler

February 20, 2008

Chandler FarmChandler Farm – Death Site of Stonewall Jackson

New CFA member William W. “Bill” Chandler sent these photos taken in 1993 and the following information: On May 2, 1863, Stonewall Jackson threw his Corps against the Federal XI Corps and, with complete surprise, routed the Union forces. That evening, in reconnoitering the Federal positions, a Confederate outpost opened fire upon Jackson and his staff. Jackson was badly wounded, twice in the left arm and once in his right hand. He had his left arm amputated in the field, then was taken by ambulance to the farm of Thomas Coleman Chandler at Guiney’s Station, Virginia (now called Guinea Station), a rough ride of some 27 miles. Mrs Jackson and daughter Julia joined the General on May 7. At first he seemed to be recovering, but General Jackson took a turn for the worse and died on May 10, 1863. He is buried in Lexington, Virginia. His left arm is buried separately, on the Chancellorsville Battlefield. The white building is the farm office in which Jackson died, and the nearby sign describes the incident. The lady in the photo is Bill’s wife, Marion Wheelock Chandler. For more information on Stonewall Jackson and his death, see // Medical details (1886) are available at //

William W. Chandler

February 14, 2007

McGinnis-Chandler Road

McGinnis-Chandler Road is located in Madison County, Georgia. Nearby is the McGinnis family cemetery, where Dudley Jones Chandler, Nancy Frances Jolly Chandler, and many other family members are buried. (The cemetery web site has photographs of the markers of four Chandler graves.) The Dudley Jones Chandler homestead is located about half a mile from the cemetery (still occupied). The Chandler and McGinnis families were neighbors and inter-related.

Bryan Chandler

March 17, 2007

Chandler Printing Co., Inc., Corbin, Kentucky

Dodie Chandler and her friend Bryan Lamb recently visited Corbin, Kentucky, birthplace of Dodie’s father, Dewey Chandler. Bryan took this photo of a local business, Chandler’s Printing Co., Inc.

Dodie Chandler
January 18, 2007

Chandler Building, Miami, Florida

On a Thanksgiving trip to visit relatives in Miami, new member Bob Chandler snapped this photo of the Chandler Building in South Miami Beach. We have not been able to find out anything about the history of this building.

Bob Chandler

December 16, 2006

Chandler, Oklahoma

Founded in the aftermath of the 1891 Land Run, Chandler grew quickly as one of Oklahoma’s oil boom towns. The name honors George Chandler, the First Assistant Secretary of the Interior under President Benjamin Harrison. Chandler’s main street is part of the fabled Route 66, which ran from Chicago to Los Angeles beginning in 1926.

Photos by Bryan Lamb were submitted by

Dodie Chandler
November 26, 2006

The Merchant Chandler, Canterbury, England 

This photo was taken in Canterbury, England, by Ken Bell. Ken reports that the store owners are neither Chandlers nor related to Chandlers. They just decided to include Chandler, a historic term for shopkeeper, in the name of their shops. According to their web site in 2006, The Merchant Chandler has six stores in Kent, of which five sell a full range of imported goods. This one in Canterbury is geared to the thousands of tourists who visit the area. Thanks for sharing your photo, Ken!

Ken Bell
August 23, 2006

Chandler’s Furniture in Okolona, Mississippi

There has been a Chandler’s Furniture in Okolona, a small historic town in northeast Mississippi, for almost sixty years. These photos were taken July 1, 2006. Immediately across from Chandler’s Furniture is a Confederate cemetery.

July 6, 2006

On the road in Starkville, Mississippi

Donnie F. Chandler spotted this SUV with a Chandler Motors insignia in Starkville, Mississippi. Donnie says the insignia indicates Chandler Motors is in Grenada in north Mississippi. An internet search did find Chandler Nissan in nearby Oxford, so both are probably part of the same company. Donnie snapped the photo through his windshield while driving. A great sighting, and congratulations on keeping your camera handy, Donnie!

Donnie F. Chandler
June 26, 2006

More Chandler Sightings in North Carolina

Dodie has been on the road again! She sent these two images from a recent trip to North Carolina.

This Chandler sponge, promoting Chandler’s – Home of Dream Kitchens, was spotted in Troy Chandler’s home.

The bottom line says “DIP IN WATER SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”

Dodie’s camera caught this sign in Sprinkle Creek, Madison County, North Carolina.

Dodie Chandler
June 6, 2006

Chandler Cove Road in North Carolina

Our member Dodie Chandler has submitted a photo of Chandler Cove Road in Revere, Madison County, North Carolina. That’s a very scenic Chandler spot, Dodie!

Dodie Chandler
May 8, 2006

English Sightings!

Stan Chandler in England writes: “Hi there! I suppose you already know of Chandlers Ford near Southampton in Hampshire and Chandlers Cross near Watford in Hertfordshire, and looking at a London street map I notice six roads named Chandler, none of which I have previously heard of.  My family hails from Frensham, Hampshire, where my great great grandfather James was born in 1799.  James went to West Sussex, where my large family lived.  Alas, I think they all left after WW2. I have one known relative in Australia, one in I believe California.”

Stan Chandler

March 28, 2006

The Hotel Chandler in New York

In the center of Midtown Manhattan, atop historic Murray Hill, the newly-restored Hotel Chandler in New York brings the understated elegance of hotels from another era to the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. Hotel Chandler is situated within the Garment and Flatiron districts and within walking distance of the Empire State building and Madison Square Garden. The Hotel Chandler has 14 floors with 123 guest rooms.

These photos were taken by CFA President Glenn Chandler during a stay at the Hotel Chandler in December 2005.

Above left: front door                                           Above right: lobby

Below: hotel facade

Glenn Chandler

March 26, 2006