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The research of Bill Jaynes Chandler indicated that Brittain remained in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. One of Brittain’s sons, Sterling, was living in the household of his uncle, Thomas the Younger, in Lunenberg County, Virginia, at the time of his 1809 marriage.

Another presumed son of Brittain is Manson Hardaway Chandler (21 May 1787 – 22 June 1857). (Note: Some researchers have concluded that Manson Hardaway Chandler is the son of Thomas the Younger.) On 18 May 1812 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, Manson married Nancy Holmes Cheatham (14 September 1788 – 9 August 1855).

Their children were Julia Ann, Joel Brittain, Manson Hardaway II, Irona, John M., Trey Roland, Joanna, twins Elijah and Elisha, Conrad, Edward Wiley and Thomas Carrol.

The twins, Elijah and Elisha Chandler, were born 17 December 1824 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Sometime between 1828 and 1832 Manson moved his family to a part of Oldham County which later became Henry County. They lived on the Little Kentucky River at the present Henry and Trimble County lines. Manson and his wife are buried just outside Sulphur where they owned a small farm.




Elijah remained in the Sulphur area and married Sarah Ellen Stanley (27 October 1833 – 1 June 1920). Their children were Carrie, James William, Thomas, Ellen, Edmona, Mary, Mattie and Samuel Dehaven. Elijah farmed until his death on 4 May 1894. He and Sarah are buried in the Sulphur Baptist Church cemetery.

Above left: Elijah Chandler (1824 – 1894) – a tintype portrait.
Above right: Elijah’s son Thomas Chandler and wife May.


Samuel Dehaven Chandler (27 May 1874 – 21 May 1960) lived in the Sulphur area his entire life. He married Flora Elizabeth Davis (26 September 1878 – 17 November 1915), and they had a farm just across the county line in Trimble County. The farm was at the end of a lane off highway U.S. 421 and, as was the custom, the road was called Chandler Lane for years. Samuel and Flora are buried in the International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery in Bedford, Kentucky. Their children were Thelma, Frieda, Helen and Samuel Raymond.

Above: Sarah Ellen Stanley Chandler (1833 – 1920), widow of Elijah Chandler,

is at the center of this unidentified family group.

Above: Four Generations—Samuel DeHaven Chandler (right) with

grandson James Black (left), daughter Frieda Tingle (center), and, in front, Becky Black.

Below: Flora Elizabeth Davis Chandler.

Samuel Raymond Chandler, son of Samuel Dehaven and Flora Davis Chandler, was born 15 August 1912. This Samuel, the first Chandler in many generations who did not farm, worked as a cream route driver and played semi-professional baseball. Samuel primarily played right field for the Bedford Braves in the North Central Kentucky League and was quite a hitter. His claim to fame was getting three hits off Satchel Paige when Paige was touring Kentucky with the Zulu Cannibals in the 1930s. He always said his hitting ability was because of lifting heavy cream cans all day on his cream route. The hitting story was substantiated by two of his former teammates at an Old Timers game in Bedford, Kentucky, in the early 1970s. He also told the story for an oral history program in Kentucky.

Samuel Raymond married Mildred Francis Roberts (12 June 1919 – 31 March 1986), and they moved to Indianapolis during the Depression. Their children were Larry Douglas, born in 1942, and Judith Ann. Samuel worked in an Indianapolis Uniroyal factory until retirement. While employed at Uniroyal, he lost three fingers of his left hand in a rubber press and never played organized ball again. Larry says, “When I was in high school I fancied myself as a pitcher. Dad ended that fancy by hitting everything I could throw across the plate. He was a baseball fan all his life and had an excellent understanding of the game. I always thought he would have been an excellent coach.”

At left: Samuel Raymond Chandler

Samuel and Mildred returned to Kentucky upon his retirement from Uniroyal in 1974, and Larry made the move with them. Samuel Raymond died 6 December 1999; he and Mildred are buried in the International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery in Bedford, Kentucky.

From 2004 until his retirement in 2008, Larry Douglas Chandler served as Warden of the Kentucky State Reformatory located in LaGrange, Kentucky. The Reformatory, which opened in 1936, was planned and constructed under the first administration of two-time Kentucky Governor A. B. “Happy” Chandler. Until Larry’s DNA test result proved him to be a member of Group 4, he was not aware that he was related to Kentucky’s famous Happy Chandler.



The copy of the Bible page below was provided to Larry Douglas Chandler by Nellie Chandler Cobb. Transcription by Larry Douglas Chandler.

Manson Hardaway Chandler was born in our Lord 1787 May 21.

Nancy Homes (Holmes) Chandler was born in the year 1788, September 14.

Julia Chandler was born 15 April 1813.

Joel Brittain Chandler was born 24 April 1814.

Manson Hardaway Chandler was born 24 April 1816.

Irona Enes Chandler was born 01 November 1818.

John M. Chandler was born July 10th 1821.

Trey R. Chandler was born 27 April 1822.

Elisha I. Chandler was born 17 December 1824

Elijah H. Chandler was born 17 December 1824.

Conrad G. Chandler was born 4 Sept. 1826.

Edward Wiley Chandler was born Aug. 11th 1828.

Thomas Carrol Chandler was born June 15, 1832.

Information on the descendants of Samuel Dehaven Chandler and his son Samuel Raymond Chandler are largely from family stories and the personal knowledge of Larry Douglas Chandler, a Group 4 DNA match. Photos on this page courtesy of Larry Douglas Chandler.

Larry Douglas Chandler also discovered the following military record of Manson Hardaway Chandler on Transcription by Larry Douglas Chandler.

Manson H. Chandler was in the 6 Reg’t (Sharps) Virginia Militia as a Private during the War of 1812.


1 Evidence that Sterling, after his father’s death, was in the household of or closely associated with the family of his uncle, Thomas Chandler the Younger, is from the research of Dr. Bill Jaynes Chandler, as follows:

  • Sterling married Lucy Moore on 14 December 1809 in Lunenburg County, where Thomas the Younger and family also lived. The marriage was performed by Matthew Dance, the Methodist minister who also married several of Thomas’s children. The marriage was recorded in Lunenburg County Will Book 7, 1-A.
  • Sterling is in the 1810 Lunenburg County census, p. 327, listed along with Thomas and Martin. I believe this Martin is Thomas’ brother rather than his son, since he was listed as Martin, Sr.
  • A deed was recorded 12 September 1811 in Lunenburg County Deed Book 22, page 148, in which Thomas Chandler (either Thomas the Younger or his son Thomas) and Sterling Chandler witnessed a deed in which Vincent Inge, Sr., gave his son James Inge a tract of land. This James Inge was the husband of Mary, one of Thomas’s daughters. This marriage is recorded in Lunenburg County Will Book 5, p. 22, the marriage having been performed 29 March 1800. This Vincent Inge had been associated earlier with Britain Chandler and the other Chandlers back in Dinwiddie County.

The above is sufficient to assume, I think, that Sterling likely moved to Lunenburg County after his father died, and that there he was associated with his Uncle Thomas and family.

I believe that Sterling was Britain’s son, since earlier, while Britain was still alive, he was listed, along with Wiley Chandler, in Britain’s household, in the Dinwiddie County personal property tax lists in which males 16 and over were given by name. If Manson Hardaway Chandler was, as I think he likely was, Britain’s son, both he and his other brother Hubbard were too young then to have been included. Britain was in the Dinwiddie tax lists through 1806, and in 1807 the listing was “Britain Chandler estate.”

2 Family records of Georgia Nellie Chandler Cobb (deceased), Louisville, KY.
Also Meeks, C. Price, Henry County Historical Society Cemetery Listing (McDowell Publications, Utica NY: 1987).

Larry Douglas Chandler says, “According to his field notes, Mr. Meeks visited this grave site on December 22, 1982, and listed Manson’s name as Mason. The dates are consistent with Manson’s birth and death. I believe this was Manson’s grave site. The graves stones are no longer at that location.” See Meek’s transcription below:

Mason H. Chandler, Birth date 5/2/1787; Death date 6/22/1857
Nancy H., wife of M. H. Chandler, Birth 1788 (stone broken)

3 From Bible record of Georgia Nellie Chandler Cobb and Oldham County census records.

4 Georgia Nellie Chandler Cobb and grave stones at the Sulphur Baptist Church Cemetery in Henry County, KY.

5 Manson and Elijah are on the 1830 census for Oldham County. Twins Elijah and Elisha were born in Lincoln County Kentucky in 1824.

6 Undated newspaper obituary of Sarah Ellen Chandler, copy in files of Larry D. Chandler.

7 Georgia Nellie Chandler Cobb and grave stones located at the Sulphur Baptist Church Cemetery in Henry County KY.

8 Family Bible and history of Larry D. Chandler; birth and death notices of Trimble County KY located at the Trimble County Library; grave stone of Samuel Chandler at the IOOF Cemetery in Bedford, KY.

9 Family history of Larry D. Chandler. Marriage license states marriage took place in Madison, IN.

10 Father of Larry D. Chandler and family Bible. Samuel Raymond Chandler and Mildred Francis Roberts Chandler are buried at the IOOF Cemetery in Bedford, KY.

11 Family history of Larry D. Chandler.