Earliest known ancestor of Group 36
Robert Chandler, b Connecticut USA 1761, d Pennsylvania USA 1831

Photos courtesy of Jeff Chandler

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Alvah M. Chandler circa 1915

Decker and Lena Chandler with Ralph, Alvah and Helen, circa 1925

Decker and Lena Chandler and Alvah E. and Frannie Chandler

Lena Chandler, wife of Decker and mother of Ralph, Alvah and Helen

Ralph Chandler at the Chandler Mill waterfall in 1979

Alvah Ernest Chandler, son of Alvah Decker and Lena Chandler

Helen, Decker, Lena,
Violet and Ralph Chandler

Alvah E. Chandler circa 1940 with a string of Basket Creek trout

Lena Chandler cleaning fish at Rock Valley

Ralph Decker Chandler, son of Decker Alvah and Lena Chandler, with Deposit, NY, friend Sam Steamer

Ralph Chandler at age 25

Violet and Ralph Chandler at Keuka Lake,
New York, 1928

Ralph and Violet Chandler with Carolyn

Ralph D. Chandler with his Ryan Navion plane. This airplane was his passion from 1947
until about 1964 when he sold it.  He introduced many people in the Upper Delaware
River Valley to the hobby of flying.

Decker and Lena Chandler with family and friends

Lyman Bell Chandler and Josephine Chandler are at right in this photograph taken at Hawks Nest. Charlie Biffar, a family friend, is at left with presumably Mrs. Biffar next to him.

Chandler Rock Valley Hunting Party circa 1946.  Decker Alvah Chandler, standing far right.
Bob Evans, husband of Helen Chandler and a WW II veteran of the Italian campaign
is seated third from left. Photo provided by Bob Evans, his son.

1927 graduating class, Deposit, New York – Ralph and Violet are 4th and 5th from left, second row

Ralph and Violet Chandler’s 50th anniversary, 1956

Chandler Reunion, unknown year

Chandler Reunion, unknown year
1924 Chandler Reunion, Hancock, New York
An article about the August 7, 1924, reunion of the descendants of John Chandler and Catherine Decker was published in the Hancock, NY, newspaper. The article reported that 15 children were in the family, six boys and nine girls. Thirteen grew to adulthood, eleven of whom married and had children of their own. As of the reunion date, there were 285 living descendants, with three of the fifteen children still living. Sixty-one descendants attended this reunion, and the family was hoping for more than 200 attendees in 1925. There were only 14 surviving male descendants of this family with the Chandler surname in 1924, according to the newspaper.

Alvah M. Chandler home, Rock Valley, New York

Alvah M. Chandler’s living room, 1890

Rock Valley, New York, Methodist Church circa 1900.  Alvah M. Chandler helped to organize and build this church.  The building is currently still standing but is now a private residence.

The Old Red Schoolhouse was the original schoolhouse and community building in Rock Valley, probably built around 1855-1860.  Alvah M. Chandler’s first wife, Jennie Watson, was the schoolteacher there.  This building no longer exists.

Foundation of John Chandler’s Mill in Rock Valley, New York – the first sawmill on Basket Creek

Basket Creek at the waterfall, looking toward Chandler Camp bridge

Crossing the Chandler Camp bridge

Basket Creek waterfall, the original power source for the Chandler Family Sawmill circa 1850

Chandler Mill Foundation at the waterfall

Chandler Family area at Rock Valley Cemetery, Delaware County, New York

View of Basket Cemetery, Basket Creek, Sullivan County, New York

Memorial headstone, provided by the Veteran’s Administration, for Robert Chandler (1760-1831), Revolutionary War veteran. He is buried in Gibson Cemetery, Gibson, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Charles Chandler (died 1855), another son of Robert Chandler, served in the War of 1812 with his father.

William E. Chandler (1822-1900), a son of Robert Chandler, is also buried in Gibson Cemetery, Gibson, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Charles Church Chandler (1747-1787), son of Samuel Chandler, is buried in Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Woodstock, Windham County, Connecticut. He was the Justice of the Peace who presided over the July 1776 Guardianship Agreement of Robert Chandler.
(See more about the Guardianship Agreement.)

Alvah M. and Jennie Chandler’s grave marker at Rock Valley Cemetery, Delaware County, New York.
BORN MAR 27, 1844
DIED JULY 5, 1917
143 REG CO C N.Y.S.V.*
BORN MAY 12, 1843
DIED APR 28, 1902
*New York State Volunteers

Lyman Bell Chandler (1888-1939) and Josephine Chandler (1888-1968) grave at Rock Valley Cemetery, Delaware County, New York.

Decker Alvah Chandler (1881-1949) and Lena E. Oestrich Chandler (1858-1966) grave marker at Rock Valley Cemetery, Delaware County, New York

Ralph Chandler (1909-1982) and Violet Chandler (1910-2001) graves in Fairview Cemetery, Shillington, Pennsylvania

Alvah Ernest Chandler (1913-1960) and Frances K Menhennett Chandler (1918-1987) grave marker at Rock Valley Cemetery, Delaware County,New York.

Unknown Solder in the Chandler section of Basket Cemetery, perhaps John or Harrison Chandler

Headstone of Martinus Decker, who fought in the American Revolution. Martinus is the great-grandfather of Catherine Decker, wife of John Chandler (1800-1878), son of Robert Chandler, an early (1850) settler of Rock Valley.

Gustav and Ida Biedekapp Oestrich headstone at Rock Valley Cemetery, Delaware County, New York. They were the parents of Lena Oestrich Chandler.