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Descendants of Edmund Chandler

born c 1588 England, died 1662 MA USA

Chapter 13
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Myths, Mix-ups and Questions

Last Updated: 5/8/2014

The following are some of the myths, mix-ups and questions that have been frequently encountered while researching Edmund Chandler and his family. We have tried to point out the obvious impossibilities, but questions remain. If you have any clues or answers with proof, tell us! Or if we have made mistakes, tell us! Old books, while entertaining and interesting are not proof unless their claims are backed up with primary records. People were not as picky about research in those days and would write down stories that were sometimes fanciful. Primary records are vital records, wills, deeds, legal records, Bible records from that time, and other similar documentation from that time.

A word of caution about vital records, during the post Revolutionary War period, many Chandlers and others came up from Massachusetts into what is now Maine and had births recorded well after the fact in their new communities in Maine. This led to mistakes often in birth dates. Sometimes it takes considerable sleuthing to figure out what happened.