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November 2007

Barb Chandler EditorUnidentified Chandler Siblings

by Billie Pett and Comelia L. Taylor


Following are known records of several Chandler family groups who lived in and about Duxbury, and would seem to fit into the fourth generation of descendants of the immigrant, EDMUND1CHANDLER. It has been suggested that they are siblings, and that they might be the children of Edmund3 Chandler (Joseph2, Edmund1) and Elizabeth3 Alden (the aunt of Briggs Alden, supra.).[1]


i.                     NATHANIEL4 CHANDLER, born say 1700, died 1741; married Zerviah Sprague. (infra., Mercy (5), Caroline (5) , Ruth (5) and Ruby (5) family groups that follow **** as well as the proposed families of Ireney, Lucy and Zerviah). Four of his daughters have been proved, based on the following land record.


Extracted from Plymouth Deeds , book 67, page 150, :  Joseph Freeman, Jr., et al,  to John Chandler, Jr.

��To have and to hold the same to the said John Chandler, Jr, his heirs, and assigns forever to his and their own proper  use and benefit with all of the privileges ďż˝.In witness whereof the said Joseph Freeman, Jr. with three other heirs WHICH OUR HON. MOTHER ZERVIAH CHANDLER did give to us in her last will and testament, do hereby set our hand and seals the twelfth day of March Anno Domini 1779.

(Signed by:

Joseph Freeman, ( seal )

Caroline Freeman ( seal )

Mercy Sprague  ( seal )

Nathaniel Burgess ( seal )

Ruth Burgess ( seal )

William Weston ( seal )

Rube Weston ( seal )



ii. MERCY4 CHANDLER, born circa 1704, died at Lebanon, CT, 18 Jan 1781. She married Marshfield, 3 January 1722/23, JOSIAH BARTLETT, (ward of Pelatiah West, who was the second spouse of Elizabeth Alden Chandler, widow of Edmund3 Chandler). Peletiah West was also assigned as guardian to Josiah�s brother, Nathaniel Bartlett.

Josiah Bartlett and Joseph White made the inventory for Samuel Hill�s probate 22 October 1753, at Lebanon, CT. Pelatiah West was also assigned as guardian to Josiah�s brother, Nathaniel Bartlett..


                The Josiah Bartlett and Mercy Chandler children born at Lebanon, CT:

i.       ICHABOD BARTLETT, born in Lebanon, CT, Oct 1723; and died Lebanon, CT, 10 December, 1798; married DESIRE OTIS, daughter of Nathaniel Otis and Hannah Thacher, (Lydia Gorham3, Desire Howland2, John1). She was born. May 20 1723 Colchester, CT; died April 12, 1801 East Haddam CT.


Their children (all born in Lebanon, CT):

i.          Lydia Bartlett, born 6 May 1748

ii.          Desire Bartlett, born 24 April 1750

iii.         Judah Bartlett, born 15 June 1752

iv.         John Bartlett, born 29 September 1754

vi.         Hannah Bartlett, born 24 May 1757

vii.        Molly Bartlett, born 4 April 1760

viii.       Lucy Bartlett, born 19 December 1763

ix.         Seth Bartlett, born 18 June 1766

ii.      BETSY BARTLETT, born 28 Jan 1724/5.

iii.     NATHANIEL BARTLETT, born 17 Nov 1727; married 14 December 1753 Lebanon, CT, MERCY OTIS ĎŻ˝of Colchester;ďż˝ died 1785 Bolton, NY.

iv.     JOHN BARTLETT, born 15 Aug 1730; died 10 Oct 1796 NC; married first SUSANNAH SOUTHWORTH (born 27 Jul 1731, at Duxbury), resided at Lebanon,       died before 1761, Susannah was a daughter of Jedidah Southworth. John married second at Stonington, CT, 18 March 1761, LUCRETIA STEWART, born Stonington, CT, 3 Jul 1741, daughter of WILLIAM STEWART and ELIZABETH STEVENS.


Children of Dr. John Bartlett and Susanna Southworth:

i.   John Bartlett, born Yarmouth, Maine, June 1755

ii. Sarah Bartlett, born 3 June 1757

iii. Jedidah Southworth Bartlett, born 31 May 1759.


Children of Dr. John Bartlett and Lucretia Stewart:

i.   Amherst Bartlett, born Stonington CT, 2 June 1762

ii.  Charlotte Bartlett, born Stonington, CT, 3 May 1764.

iii. Charles Frederick Bartlett, born Westerly, RI, 22 February 1766.

iv. Leander Bartlett, born Westerly, RI, 1767.

v.  Pascal Paoli Bartlett, born Charlestown, RI, 1769.

vi. Oliver Cromwell Bartlett, born Newport RI, 2 Jul 1775.

vii. Susanna Bartlett, born Newport, RI, 25 Feb 1777.

viii. Lucretia Bartlett, born Edgartown, RI, 27 Jun 1779.

ix. Aurora Bartlett, born Nantucket, RI, 7 Dec 1784.


vi.     CHANDLER BARTLETT, born 22 Jan 1732/3; married 7 August 1777   DELIGHT MACKALL

vii.    CYRUS BARTLETT, born 14 Jan 1738/9.

viii.    MERCY BARTLETT, born. 4 May 1740; died after 3 August 1813; married Patrick Butler, who died before 6 Sep 1813.


Children of Mercy Bartlett and Patrick Butler:

i. Chandler Butler, born before 16 October 1757; died young.

ii. John Butler, born 29 March 1759, died before 4 September 1819.

iii. Molly Butler, born 26 July 1761.

iv. Chandler Butler, born5 January 1763; died before 3 August 1813.

v. Henrietta Butler, born before 26 June 1774.

vi. Patrick Butler, born before 6 Oct 1776; died 2 March 1853.

vii. James Butler, born before 17 January 1779, died Vermont 1819.

ix.     MOLLY BARTLETT, born 16 January 1742/3.

x.      RACHEL BARTLETT, born circa 1745.

xi.     STEPHEN BARTLETT, born circa 1747.


iii. JOHN4 CHANDLER, died testate 21 April 1764 aged 67 years 7 months; married BETHIAH RICKARD; and his children were documented according to Plymouth Probate. His wife, Bethiah, is also mentioned in his will. Their son, Jonathan, married Rebecca Packard. The document, Vital Records of Duxbury to the Year 1850, corroborates Jonathan Chandler�s birth date as Duxbury, 24 Sept 1731, and confirms that his parents were John Chandler and Bethiah Rickard. This is the John Chandler identified as the grandson in the will of Joseph2 Chandler.


Children of John Chandler and Bethiah Rickard,

i.   Dorothy5 Chandler, born 31 May 1738

ii.  Reuben5 Chandler, born 9 May 1725

iii. Jonathan5 Chandler, born 24 Sept 1731, REBEKAH PACKARD, 27 Nov 1755. He died in Minot, Maine, 13 February 1813.

iv.  Mary5 Chandler (twin) born 18 May 1736.

v.  Elizabeth5 Chandler (twin) born 18 May 1736


             iv. (LT.) ZEBEDEE4 CHANDLER born Plymouth, Massachusetts, January 1712/3; died at Plympton, MA, 2 Dec 1777. Zebedee married first 2 August 1721 LYDIA LORING, daughter of Dr. Caleb Loring (9 Jun 1764-22 Dec 1732) & Lydia Gray (12 Mar 1677/8-28 Mar 1771), at Plympton, MA. Lydia was born on 23 Aug 1721 at Plympton, MA, and died 2 April 1760 in her 39th year. He is listed as one of the children of Edmund Chandler and Elizabeth Alden.



i.          Lidia Chandler, born, Plympton, 23 Sept 1737

ii.          Faith Chandler, born, Plympton, 30 July 1740.

iii.         Nathaniel Chandler, born 26 Aug 1742

iv.         Billy (Bile) Chandler, born 5 Nov 1745

V.        Josiah Chandler, born Plympton, September 1748; married second RACHEL MAGOUN born Pembroke, MA, daughter of                                                          David Magoun. Josiah died 15 December 1834 Montville, Waldo, Maine.


Josiah and Rachel�s children:

i.   ALDEN CHANDLER, born 8 March 1777


vi.         Joseph Chandler, born Plympton, 28 August 1750.

vii.        Hannah Chandler, born Plympton, 12 October 1752.

viii.       Perez Chandler, born 4 Nov 1754; died 27 November 1756.

ix.         Perez Chandler, born. 29 Nov 1758; died 14 January 1760.


Zebedee4 Chandler married second REPENTANCE LUCAS BENNETT, former wife of Arthur Bennett, daughter of Samuel Lucas; died 5 March 1816, aged 90 years.


Their children were:

x.         Arthur Chandler, born 28 May 1762, married MERCY RIPLEY


i.              CAROLINE CHANDLER, born 8 August 1803

ii.             HANNAH CHANDLER, born 21 Feb 1785

iii.            JOSEPH CHANDLER, born 5 July 1798

iv.            MERCY CHANDLER, born 8 April 1792

v.             REBEKAH CHANDLER, born 12 May 1795


xi.         Lydia Chandler, born Dec 1766

xii.        Zebedee Chandler, born Plympton, 22 April 1764; died January 23, 1844; married ZERVIAH CUSHMAN. Zerviah died Plympton, July 1, 1826. Zerviah,                                    born 17 April 1764 died 1 July 1826, aged 62 years 2 mths, 23 days. He was a Revolutionary War veteran and was listed on the 1840 list of                                             Revolutionary War pensioners. He served as a lieutenant in Captain Thomas Loringďż˝s Company.


Children of Zebedee and Zerviah:

i.              ZERVIAH CHANDLER

ii.             ZEBEDEE CHANDLER

iii.            CHARLOTTE CHANDLER


v.             ISAAC CHANDLER

vi.            MERCY CHANDLER

vii.           SALLY CHANDLER



Some Descendants of Francis1 Sprague of Duxbury, Massachusetts


Nathaniel4 Chandler�s wife, ZERVIAH SPRAGUE, was born 10 December 1704, died 10 October 1778, in her 74th year as wife of Nathaniel Chandler. She seems to be the earliest to be named �Zerviah� in the FRANCIS1 SPRAGUE Family of Duxbury, MA. She was the daughter of WILLIAM3 SPRAGUE (John2, Francis1), born 1658, and Grace Wadsworth, born 1679, the daughter of Deacon John Wadsworth and Abigail Andrews. Grace died 1758. William died 25 Nov 1712, by drowning, and Grace Wadsworth Sprague married again, Josiah Wormall, and left a will at Duxbury, MA, written 13 January 1748, proved 3 April 1758. In it she mentions her daughter ZERVIAH CHANDLER, among others (infra.).


The children of John Wadsworth and Abigail Andrews:





v.   GRACE WADSWORTH, born 1679.



i.          RUTH SPRAGUE, born 22 February 1701/02; married SAMUEL KEENE.

The Keene children were:

i.          Grace Keene, married Cole

ii.          William Keene

iii.         Levi Keene

iv.         Samuel Keene

v.         Abel Keene

vi.         Josiah Keene

ii.          ZERVIAH SPRAGUE, born 10 December 1704; wife of NATHANIEL4 CHANDLER.

iii.         JETHRO SPRAGUE, born 30 Nov 1709; died at Cape Smallpoint, ME, after 1780;

married first at Duxbury, 12 December 1738, PATIENCE BARTLETT, born Duxbury, 27 July 1718,, died Duxbury,19 May 1741. Jethro married second circa 1750, BETHIA SPRAGUE, born Duxbury, 10 December 1706. On 7 October 1732, Bethia first married Joshua Cushing, son of Joshua Cushing, who was born   27 August 1670; died-26 May 1750) and Mary Bacon, (born at Kingston, MA, 7 February 1679/80). Joshua and Bethia lived in Kingston, MA.51 Circa 1750 Bethia married second Jethro Sprague. Upon his departure to Maine, he conveyed 3 acres of land to Zerviah Sprague Chandler, his sister.


Children of Jethro Sprague and Patience Bartlett:

i.          Silvina/Sylvina Sprague, born Duxbury, 8 October 1739, married NATHANIEL SYLVESTER.

ii.          William Sprague, born Duxbury, 19 November 1740, died Phippsburg, Maine, 9 March 1814, married Georgetown, ME 2 March                                        176., MIRIAM DAY BLIFFINS.


iv.         TERAH SPRAGUE, born Duxbury, 17 Feb 1711/12, died Steuben, Maine, between 1777 and 1782; married about 1737 LOVE HOOPER. Terah was living in Berwick, York, ME on 14 January 1736; and on 17 December 1748. There is record of a transfer of property on 19 October 1737, Berwick, York, ME. He served in the Militia on: 27 September 777.

Children of Terah Sprague and Love Hooper:

i.          Ruth Sprague, baptized Berwick, Maine, 12 November 1738/9

ii.          William Sprague, born 19-November 1740.

iii.         John Sprague, born1755, Maine, died 21 March 1846, Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada.; married circa 1780 Charlotte Co., NB Sarah                                           ____.





ix. ICHABOD WADSWORTH, (TWIN) born 1686.



xii.     Isaac Wadsworth.


   Mayflower Families, through five generations, Richard Warren, v. xviii, Part I.  Also NEHGS Register v. lii (1898), p. 52. NEGHS Register, v. 6, (October 1852), ďż˝Marriages in Marshfield, MAďż˝ p 351.

   Another brother of Josiah Bartlett, Joseph Bartlett, born 1706, married Dorothy Wadsworth, daughter of John Wadsworth and Mercy Wiswell. John Wadsworth and Grace Wadsworth were siblings. In other words Grace was Dorothyďż˝s aunt. It also means that Mercy5 Chandler (Graceďż˝s granddaughter) was Josiah Bartlettďż˝s niece through his marriage to Mercy4 Chandler Bartlett, the assumed sister of Nathaniel4Chandler.

   Another brother of Josiah Bartlett, Joseph Bartlett, born 1706, married Dorothy Wadsworth, daughter of John Wadsworth and Mercy Wiswell. John Wadsworth and Grace Wadsworth were siblings. In other words Grace was Dorothyďż˝s aunt. It also means that Mercy5 Chandler (Graceďż˝s granddaughter) was Josiah Bartlettďż˝s niece through his marriage to Mercy4 Chandler Bartlett, the assumed sister of Nathaniel4Chandler.

   Desire was baptized 18 August 1723. She was a cousin of Stephen Otis who married Lucy Chandler, another candidate as one of the seven Chandler sisters (infra., see family group of Lucy Chandler).

   Barbour Collection, Lebanon V.R., p. 15

  Mercy Otis and Desire Otis were probably sisters since Nathaniel Otis and Hannah Thacher had daughters with these given names (supra., see Ichabod Bartlett).

  Website of Robert Bartlett family  //homepages.rootsweb.com/~cst/bartlett/team9d.htm

  New Bedford Public Library: Vital Records of Duxbury to 1850, Duxbury Births, p. 43.

Jonathan5 Chandler was the son of John4 Chandler, Nathaniel Chandler�s brother, according to the Mayflower Vital Records, therefore, Mercy5 Chandler was Jonathan5 Chandler�s cousin. Her daughter, Mercy5 Sprague, married Jonathan5 Chandler�s son, John, viz. Mercy Sprague married her second cousin, Rev. John6 Chandler. This suggests a strong association of these two families. This Mercy5 Sprague Chandler was living in Minot, Maine, near Caroline5 Chandler Freeman, who is a likely daughter of Nathaniel4Chandler and Zerviah Sprague (infra., family group of Caroline and Joseph Freeman).

  Billie Todd Note: They had at least one set of documented twins. CLT Note: these twins would be the influence of their mother, and not the Chandler family.

  Mayflower Descendants, v. ix, 1907, ďż˝Records in the Old Cemetery at Plymptonďż˝, p 119

  Mayflower Births and Deaths, Vol. 1, John Alden, p. 30.

  Birth Records, Plympton, Plymouth, Massachusetts

  Childrenďż˝s births recorded at Plympton, see NEHGS Website: Massachusetts Vital Records

 Billie Pett Note: I believe Alden Chandler, was named after his Alden ancestors, i.e., Elizabeth3 Alden (Jonathan2, John1). He removed to Poland/Minot, Androscoggin, Maine from MA. He and wife, Priscilla, had son Josiah, in Poland, Maine, 22 Aug 1812. This was also the home of Caroline Chandler Freeman (see more later), as well as Jonathan Chandler, Alden Chandlerďż˝s second cousin.

   Massachusetts Vital Records, to 1850, Town of Plympton

   Mayflower Descendants, v. ix, 1907, ďż˝Records in the Old Cemetery at Plymptonďż˝, p 119

   Edmund Chandler Association website.

   Mayflower Descendants, v. ix, 1907, ďż˝Records in the Old Cemetery at Plymptonďż˝, p 119


   Based on age at death by calculation

   Duxbury V.R., p. 8.

   Mayflower Descendents, v. ix., ďż˝Gravestone inscriptions Old Cemetery (Standish Cemetery) on Center Street, South Duxbury,ďż˝ p.160.

   It is noteworthy that several of the ancestry and some of their descendants of William Sprague (father of our Zerviah Sprague Chandler), went to live in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut.

   Mary Jane Fry Wadsworth, Wadsworth Family in America, (1978), pp 179-180 [CS 71 W128, Sutro Library, San Francisco, CA].

    A Munsey-Hopkins genealogy: being the ancestry of Andrew Chauncey Munsey and Mary Jane Merritt Hopkins, the parents of Frank A. Munsey, his brother and sisters (Boston private printing, 1920), p. 63.

    NEHGS Register: v. 82, April 1928, Records of the First Church of Berwick, Me.

   Note twin children, siblings of Grace Wadsworth Sprague Wormall. There are many twins that follow this generation through the daughters of Zerviah Sprague Chandler. In fact she could easily have had twin daughters among her seven girls since we do not have absolute dates for most of them.

Billie Pett, Longmont, Colorado, descends from Caroline Chandler Freeman, and Cornelia L. Taylor, of Walnut Creek, California, descends from Zerviah Chandler Wells. They have collaborated on the research which supports the conclusions of this article. They can be reached by e mail:

Billie Pett:

Cornelia L. Taylor:


*Cont’d next edition; Proposed Children of Nathaniel4 Chandler and Zerviah Sprague

The Father of Bethiah Richard


Billie Pett shared this information; Bethiah Rickard, wife of John Chandler, her father�s name was not Samuel Rickard:


Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 29, page 134:

�To all people whom these presents shall come know ye that we John Chandler & Bethiah Chandler wife to John Chandler of Duxborough in the County of Plymouth

for the consideration of the sum of forty pounds of money to us in hand paid by Elkanah Rickard of Plimpton in the county aforesaid ďż˝forever quit claimďż˝.onto our brother Elkanah Rickard aforesaid son of our honorable father Henry Rickard deceasedďż˝.the estate of our Father Henry Rickard late of Plimptonďż˝John Chandler and Bethiah Chandler have hereunto set our hands  & seals upon ye twenty ninth day of September  Anno Domini 1726. Signed: Bethiah Chandler (Seal) Jno Chandler (Seal)

Witnesses: Jonathan Weston and Mercy Weston

Received Feb. 20,1734 as recorded. Note: This verfies that John Chandler also used the name Jonathan since that is how he signed.




Carol May

Indian pudding is old-time New England classic dessert which is made with corn meal, or �Indian meal�, as it was known in the old days.

Just as the Pilgrims had English origins, so did Indian pudding.Adding corn meal transformed it from the English �hasty pudding� to the colonists, Indian pudding.

Despite my New England ancestry, I never heard of it until I read the book ďż˝Little Britchesďż˝ by Ralph Moody as a child. Some of you may be familiar with Ralph Moody’s books about growing up in Colorado.

“Little Britches” was the most famous. There is still a Little Britches rodeo in Littleton, Colorado named in honor of him.

Just as Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her “Little House” series, Moody wrote a series of books about growing up at the turn of the last century in Colorado.

Moody wrote about his adventures as a pint sized cowboy, stilt-using cherry picker, and seller of his motherďż˝s baked goods, one of which was Indian pudding as Moody’s family was from New Hampshire, via Maine and Massachusetts.

There are Chandler/Moody family connections through the Rebecca Chandler of Minot, Maine who married Robert Moody and Jane Moody who was the second wife of Philip Chandler of New Gloucester, Maine.

While I couldn�t go on a cattle drive at age 12 like Moody, I could find out about Indian pudding.

I found the recipe in my mother’s “Joy of Cooking” cookbook.

I came across another recipe for it recently in my grandmother’s 1906 “The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book” by Fannie Farmer – making it about as officially New England as you can get.

The ingredients are simple and remind me of pumpkin pie filling. It is baking that takes the time.

Here is the Joy of Cooking recipe that I use:

Boil in the top of a double boiler:
4 cups milk

Stir in:
1/3 cup corn meal

Place these ingredients over boiling water. Cook them for 15 minutes.

Stir into them and cook for 5 minutes:

1/2 cup dark molasses

Or use 1 cupful molasses and omit the sugar.

Remove them from the heat.Stir in:
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ginger
3 tbsp. sugar
1 well beaten egg (optional) 1/2 cup raisins (optional) 1/2 tsp. cinnamon (optional)

Pour the batter into a well-greased baking dish.

Bake the pudding in a slow oven at 325 degrees from 1-˝ to 2 hours.

It is traditional in New England to serve it with vanilla ice cream.

Here is the Fanny Farmer 1906 version:
5 cups scalded milk
1/2 cup Indian meal (corn meal)
1/2 cup molasses
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ginger

Pour milk slowly on meal, cook in a double boiler twenty minutes, add molasses, salt and ginger; pour into buttered pudding-dish and bake two hours in slow oven (325 degrees); serve with cream. If baked too rapidly it will not whey.

Ginger may be omitted.

I am not sure what wheying is in this context, but don’t bake it in too hot an oven or it won’t happen. You probably can speed things up by using a microwave to scald the milk, otherwise it is a slow food, something to make and enjoy on a cold, rainy or snowy day.
If you have questions or comments please direct them to Barb Chandler at barb95831 @ gmail.com