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July 2006

Barb Chandler Editor
WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?Family trees, vital records, and a library are a few of the important research tools available to members of the Edmund Chandler Family Association (ECFA).

Bob Chandler, Treasurer and co-chairperson ECFA, explains how these tools are invaluable to a researcher.

Databases or family trees contain collected information conveniently presented, and enables a member to save considerable time by using it;

The library is useful in being a central depository for ECFA information thus far discovered. It gives members access to proven documentation and saves valuable time and money;

Vital records, like cemeteries and marriages, identify family members not previously known. This discovery saves a family researcher considerable time, and money by not necessitating the hiring of a Certified Genealogist to do the leg work.

Besides access to these important research tools, there is a community of like minded people at ECFA. Through discussion and information, sharing research becomes easier, and there are much fewer brick walls.

Annual dues are $20.00. These Dues go towards full access of the family tree databases, vital records section, library and the promotion of research and documentation of Chandler ancestors.

*Note; The one (1) year membership fee will be waived for anyone who brings in two (2) paid members.

If you’re interested in joining CFA, membership information is online at: //www.chandlerfamilyassociation.org/membership/.


Hello, my name is Barb Chandler. I live with my partner and our animal companions in Sacramento California. My roots, along with my heart, are in Iowa where I lived 46 of my 59 years.

In my former life, I was a community organizer, consultant social worker to nursing homes, counselor on a suicide prevention hotline, and psychotherapist Now; I’m a full time freelance writer.

My interest in family history brought me to genealogy. My need to learn about my ancestors and their stories is what keeps me. A researcher told me my line goes back to Edmund although I’m not convinced.

I know my line descends from Jonathan. Another thing I know for certain is that the majority of my ancestors came from Maine and settled in southeastern Iowa around Danville/Burlington.

“Getting To Know You” will be a regular column in the newsletter. In each issue we’ll focus on a different member of the ECFA community.


I’ve discovered a great site that has proven to be a very useful research tool. The site, called “Find A Grave,” is located at //www.findagrave.com/.

Searches of this site reveal the location of a grave, along with birth and death dates of the deceased. As well as the general information, those who have created the virtual memorials may have included obituaries and/or pictures of the deceased.

I plugged in the name “Chandler” and came up with 4,573 matches. One of the last names was Lt. Zebede Chandler buried in Smallpox Cemetery, Plympton, MA.
by Carol May

Human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes. One of these pairs are unmatched. Males have an X and a Y chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes. When the male contributes an X chromosome the offspring will be female, when the male contributes an a Y, the offspring will be male. Females can only contribute an X.

Can you guess which parent determines whether a child will be a boy or girl? The answer is at the bottom of the page.

If you have a genealogy tidbit like trivia, a joke or limerick, old recipe, or poem please send it to me at barb95831 @ gmail.com write TIDBIT in the subject line.
Elihu Chandler

Elihu came west to Ohio in 1830. The next year he went to Henderson County, IL. The Blackhawk War was raging so Elihu helped build and gaurd the forts in the county.

I wrote to the county clerk requesting information about Elihu’s participation in the War. There was no record of him being a solider, however, the clerk referred me to a man who told me a fort from the Blackhawk War used to stand on what is now his cornfield.

After I spoke with him, I goggled “Blackhawk War Henderson County IL”, and came up with the webpage “Forting up in Knox County” //www.geocities.com/old_lead/knoxcounty.htm. It has an overview of the Blackhawk war in IL, tells about the forts, and describes the “Volunteer Rangers.”

The men called the “Volunteer Rangers” protected the Henderson Grove area. Since I knew Elihu guarded forts, I’m guessing he may have been one of the men in the Volunteer Rangers.

Stories about our ancestors give us insight into their personalities, they help us to realize they were human, and may also give us new clues to our investigation. “A Glimpse into the life” will focus on an accomplishment or story about a Edmund descendent. Please send it to me at barb95831 @ gmail.com write Glimpse in the subject line.

Librarian. Duties are scanning and organizing information to be placed in the library.

If you would like to volunteer to work in the library or to help Carol with the database. Please write to me at barb95831 @ gmail.com put Volunteer in the subject line. Thanks.
Answer to Tidbit: The male determines whether the offspring will be male or female.