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photo of John William Chandler Family

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Chandlers of Madison County (and Banks County), Georgia, Chandler DNA Group 7A

Dudley Jones Chandler of Madison County, Georgia

Nancy Frances Jolly Chandler (1811-1887)
Dudley Jones Chandler (1809-1905)
Dudley Jones Chandler was born August 5, 1809, in Madison County, Georgia, and died June 27, 1905. He was the son of Sterling Chandler (b 1782 NC, d 1858 GA) and Edith Bryant (b 1787 NC, d aft 1858 GA). On January 10, 1831, Dudley Jones Chandler married Nancy Frances Jolly, born April 14, 1811, in South Carolina.Chandler lineage of Dudley Jones Chandler: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b abt 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b abt 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > John Chandler b 1726 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1755 VA > Sterling Chandler b 1782 NC > Dudley Jones Chandler b1809 GA

Photo submitted by Bryan Chandler,
courtesy of John Holliday

December 8, 2013


Dudley Jones Chandler home, Madison County, Georgia

CFA member Angie Henley went on a mission in 2013 to take updated photos for her cousin Larry Chandler, a Dudley Jones Chandler descendant. See Angie’s photos of the graves of Dudley Jones and Nancy Chandler.

Angie believes she located the Dudley Jones Chandler home, still standing after all these years – see photo at left. The current owner did not know anything of the history of the home, located 1/4 mile or less, Angie says, from McGinnis Cemetery in Madison County where Dudley and Nancy are buried.

2015 Update! – In the summer of 2015, Bryan Chandler, a Dudley Jones Chandler descendant and contributor to this page, drove family members to show them the Dudley Chandler home, only to find out that it wasn’t there any more!  In December 2015, Bryan wrote: “Today, I finally had a chance to drive back and talk with a neighbor who purchased the property next door to the Chandler home in July 2015.” He was told that the people living in the Chandler house left the stove on, then fell asleep and were awakened by the fire. Bryan says, “There is nothing left. There is now an empty place in my family history. I’m only glad that we still have photos of the old place. To me, very sad!”Dudley Jones Chandler and Rev. William D. “Billy” Chandler (elsewhere on this page) were third cousins.Their common ancestors are Joseph Chandler and Sarah

Children of Dudley Jones and Nancy Chandler
  • Daniel Lumpkin Chandler b 1832
  • John Louis Chandler b 1833
  • Sterling Simeon Chandler b 1834
  • Mary Virginia “Polly” Chandler b 1837
  • Allen Moses Chandler b 1838
  • Dudley Cromer Chandler b 1840
  • James Anderson Chandler b 1842
  • Henry P Chandler b 1844
  • Neal Chandler b 1845
  • Isaac Cleveland “Ike” Chandler b 1847
  • Docktor Franklin “Dock” Chandler b 1848
  • Nancy Catherine Chandler b 1850
  • William Hardman Chandler b 1852
  • Reuben “Rube” T. Chandler b 1854


Angie Henley

August 24, 2013



William Hardman Chandler and Salena Ann Porter*

William Hardman Chandler

Salena Ann Porter
William Hardman Chandler, born April 3 1852, was a son of Dudley Jones Chandler and Nancy Frances Jolly Chandler. He was born in Madison County, Georgia. His wife, Salena Ann Porter was born August 21, 1853, in Georgia. She died December 5, 1918, and he died October 14, 1938. They are both buried in the Hudson River Baptist Church Cemetery in Franklin County, Georgia.

These photos are from Carolyn Atkinson, granddaughter of William Hardman and Salena’s daughter, Ethel Susan Chandler Ballard.

The CFA Lineages Database (CFALD) lists six children for this couple: Henry Wootson “Woot” Chandler born 1875, Crawford Melvin Chandler born 1879, Beulah Olivia Chandler born 1882, Stoy Hardin Chandler, born 1886, Edgar Carlton Chandler born 1888, and Ethel Susan Chandler born 1895.

Carolyn Atkinson
Email Me
July 4, 2016

Neal Chandler of Madison County, Georgia

Neal Chandler, son of Dudley Jones and Nancy Frances Jolly Chandler (above), was born October 6, 1845, in Madison County, Georgia, and died June 28, 1927, in Madison County, Georgia.
Confederate records incorrectly show his death on June 21, 1913, in Screven County, Georgia. Bryan Chandler, Neal’s g-g-grandson, has a copy of his death certificate showing the correct date and place. (Bryan is the source of most of the information below, with the exception of the list of Neal’s children, which is from CFALD.)
Neal Chandler married Batavia A. Proctor Stephenson
Neal enlisted in the Confederate Army in Danielsville, Georgia, on October 3, 1863 – three days before his 18th birthday. He was a member of the 16th Georgia Infantry (Madison County Greys), Army of Virginia, under the command of General James Longstreet.Neal was in the Knoxville Campaign (Battle of Fort Sanders) in November 1863. He was shot in the left arm, requiring amputation above the elbow. He also lost sight in his left eye. Neal was captured at Campbell Station near Knoxville on December 5, 1863, two days after his brothers, Allen Moses Chandler and James Anderson Chandler.

Neal was sent to Camp Chase in Ohio on February 25, 1864. From there he was moved around between several POW camps and apparently escaped and was recaptured more than once. In 1865, back in the service of the Confederacy, he was diagnosed with smallpox and admitted to a hospital in Richmond, where he was recaptured one more time on April 3. He is shown on a POW roll and still at Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Virginia, on May 28, 1865.

After the war, Neal was a farmer and also tax collector (1867-1868) for Clarke County, Georgia. In 1872 he became tax collector for Madison County, Georgia, and served in that position for a number of years.

Above are two photographs of Neal Chandler as an older gentleman. The one on the right
was taken at the home of his son Dock (James Dock Chandler, 1875-1958).

A story passed down through the generations about Neal tells that, although he only had one arm and one eye, he could “outwork all his sons, even chopping firewood.”

Neal’s wife was Batavia A. Proctor Stephenson, daughter of Thomas W. Stephenson and Sarah Rounsavall. Batavia was born in Bartow County, Georgia, on August 3, 1846, and died in Madison County, Georgia, on April 4, 1912. She was first married to George W. Nunnally, who died in the Civil War. They had no children. (Note from Bryan: I don’t know what the “A” stands for or how she got the name Proctor. She was listed in her father’s will as Batavia A. P. Nunnally, so she had this name from birth. Her name is shown on her tombstone as “Mrs. B. A. P. Stephenson, wife of Neal Chandler.”)

Neal and Batavia are buried in Chandler Cemetery, Blacks Creek Road, Madison County, Georgia. See photos and more information about their graves.

Neal and Batavia had 11 children, one of whom died at birth (name not known). The surviving children were*:

Olempia Olivia “Empey” Chandler born 1870
Leonard Ferdinand “Bud” Chandler born 1871
Reuben D. T. “Rube” Chandler born 1873
James Dock Chandler born 1875
Joseph Neal “Joe” Chandler born 1876
Allen Sims Chandler born 1878
Alice Leila Chandler born 1879
Emory Speer Chandler born 1881
Charlie Hardin Chandler born 1882
Lilbon Chandler born 1885

*CFALD and Bryan Chandler

Photos courtesy of Jacqueline Ivey
Submitted by Bryan Chandler

May 6, 2014


Isaac Cleveland “Ike” Chandler Family

After Angie Henley submitted the photo at left, believing it to be the Dudley Chandler family, Bryan Chandler was able to identify the photo as the family of Isaac Cleveland “Ike” Chandler (1847-1937), son of Dudley Jones and Nancy Frances Jolly Chandler, and his wife Olivia Ann Nunn. Bryan believes the location of this
home was in Banks County, Georgia – just north of Madison County. He has hand-drawn maps showing the locations of various Chandler homes and some burial sites.

Bryan sent another copy of the same photograph, provided by Emma Tatum, with the family names written in. Both copies of the photograph are labeled “Our Home in 1896. See the handwritten names on the photo sent by Bryan.

Family members in the photo, left to right*:

  • Onis Nunn – Aunt Sis’ son (possible nephew of Olivia)
  • Aunt Sis (possible sister or sister-in-law of Olivia Nunn Chandler)
  • Emerson (Emerson Simeon Chandler b 1880)
  • Aunt Polly (probably Ike’s sister Mary Virginia “Polly” Chandler McGinnis)
  • Big Pa (Isaac Cleveland “Ike” Chandler b 1847)
  • Delia (Minnie Adelia Chandler b 1889)
  • Cleve (Cleveland Jones Chandler b 1884)
  • Ola (Olas Ethel “Ola” Chandler b 1886)
  • Mammy (Olivia Ann Nunn Chandler b 1859)K/li>
  • Fair (Farish Carter Tate “Fair” Chandler b 1893)
  • Otis (Abe Otis Ashmore “Otis” Chandler b 1891)
  • Will (William Henry Chandler b 1878)
  • Algie (Alger Nunn Neal “Algie” Chandler b 1882)
  • And 2 unidentified figures in 2nd floor windows

*Nicknames are given as written on the photo from Emma Tatum; proper names and birth dates are from the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD)

Curtis Eugene Chandler was born November 5, 1895, but does not appear in the family photograph. Isaac Vivian Chandler was born May 1, 1901.

Bryan wrote: “Isaac’s house is no longer there. . . . . The area where they lived is called Five Points, indicating five roads coming together. Today there are only 4 roads (intersection) coming together. . . . . The Isaac Chandler family is buried on his property located at near the intersection of GA Hwy. 326, Brown Bridge Rd. and Duncan Rd.” . . . . It is the cemetery listed as Five Points.” (See the Isaac Chandler Five Points Cemetery at

After these photos were posted, Jeff Chandler of Royal Oak, Maryland, wrote to Bryan with more information about the home:

I am the son of Daniel Chandler, who was the son of Curtis Eugene Chandler, descendent of Sterling.  I have a bunch of old notes on genealogy going back many years and might be able to fill in missing info.  . . . . What happened was that the original house, built around 1840 according to my notes and maybe earlier according to others, was passed down through the generations to Curtis and wife Rachel Breedlove Chandler.  They didn’t actually own it at first, but it was sold to them eventually.  When my grandfather died in the late 80’s, my grandmother continued to live in the house for a time, but it became difficult with her age since there was no central heat.  She eventually moved in with my aunt in Doraville, GA, and when she eventually passed away in 2001, the five children decided to sell the remaining property.  A neighbor purchased the land and buildings.  Two of the buildings were salvaged and moved to Fort Hollingsworth nearby as examples of period outbuildings.  The main house was used as practice by the volunteer fire department.  We tried to find a buyer for salvage, but were not successful.  The floors were wide plank hand-hewn oak.  The house was built of hand-hewn timbers.

Bryan provided a much later photograph, also from Emma Tatum, of the Isaac Chandler home (at left). This photo was probably made shortly before the house was demolished.

Larry Chandler believes the history of these families and the locations of their various homes over the years requires more research, and he hopes to make a trip to Madison County soon for that purpose.

Thanks to Angie Henley, Bryan Chandler, Larry Chandler and Jeff Chandler, all descendants of Sterling Chandler, for their contributions.

Angie Henley
Bryan Chandler
Larry S. Chandler
Updated August 10, 2014


Docktor Franklin “Dock” Chandler Family*

Docktor Franklin “Dock” Chandler (1849-1925, son of Dudley Jones and Nancy Frances Jolly Chandler) married Matilda Jane Wilson (1852-1929) on January 10, 1870. They had 12 children, including two sets of twins and one son who died at birth:

  1. Olevia Lena Chandler born 1870
  2. Enid Naomi “Onie” Chandler born 1872
  3. Garnett McMillian Chandler born 1875
  4. Alvia Thurman Chandler born 1877 (twin)
  5. Julius Cohen “Coey” Chandler born 1877 (twin)
  6. Isaac Wayne Chandler born 1880
  7. Zora Chandler born 1882
  8. Inez Chandler born 1885
  9. Baby Boy Chandler born Jan 1888 (died at birth)
  10. Clyde Chandler born Nov 1888
  11. Florence Chandler born 1892 (twin, born Feb 14)
  12. Flora Chandler born 1892 (twin, born Feb 14)

The four older sons of Dock Chandler:
Back row: Isaac Wayne and Alvia Thurman.
Front row: Garnett McMillian and Julius Cohen.

Olevia Lena Chandler and husband Fayette Luther Sims

Docktor Franklin Chandler
Matilda Jane Wilson Chandler

Enid Naomi “Onie” Chandler

Alvia Thurman Chandler

Isaac Wayne Chandler

Zora Chandler

Inez Chandler

Flora Chandler
At left, an undated photo of the Dock and Matilda Jane Chandler family. All twelve children are not included.

Photos submitted by Bryan Chandler,
courtesy of John Holliday

December 8, 2013

*Some of the family details are from the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD).


William D. “Billy” Chandler (1822-1897) home, Madison County, GA

CFA member Bob Chandler (shown in photo) of Brooksville, Florida, sent this photo of the former home of his great-great-grandfather, Elder William D. “Billy” Chandler (d. 1897) in Madison County, Georgia.Bob says, “Danielsville should have been named Chandlerville.” A little internet research by your webmaster revealed no less than 6 Chandler Family Cemeteries in Madison County with over 200 Chandlers listed.

Billy Chandler and Dudley Jones Chandler (elsewhere on this page) were were third cousins.Their common ancestors are Joseph Chandler and Sarah Bilbo or Bilbeau.* Billy’s lineage: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b abt 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b abt 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > Joseph Chandler b abt 1739 VA > James M. Chandler b 1761 NC > James Chandler b 1801 GA*


Submitted by Bob Chandler

June 27, 2009


Stevens Murphy Chandler</h4 Stevens Murphy Chandler was born October 18, 1898, in Madison County, Georgia. This photograph dates from approximately 1940. Stevens was the father of long-time CFA member and first CFA Newsletter editor Thom Chandler of Lakeland, Florida. He was the great-grandson of Rev. William D. “Billy” Chandler (above). The line from Rev. Billy to Stephens: William D “Billy” Chandler b 1822 GA > Samuel W Chandler b 1852 > Thomas Ancil Chandler b 1874 GA > Stevens Murphy Chandler b 1898 GA. Stevens married Huldah Mildred Coile, born in Madison County, Georgia, in 1903. They had three children: Howard Stevens born 1921, Thomas Edgar “Thom” born 1928, and Miriam Leverne born 1935.

Thomas E. “Thom” Chandler

September 26, 2017

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Rev. Lewis Martin Chandler and wife Mary L. Carolyn Sailors

Rev. Lewis Martin Chandler was born March 7, 1860, and died April 22, 1918. In 1878 he married Mary L. Carolyn Sailors, his fourth cousin once removed. (Both were descendants of John Chandler born 1600, Genetic Chandler Family 7A.) Mary was born May 8, 1857, and died April 22, 1919.

portrait of Lewis Martin Chandler
Lewis Martin Chandler
portrait of Mary L. Carolyn Sailors
Mary L. Carolyn Sailors
Lewis Martin was a Primitive Baptist preacher. His last church was Moriah Primitive Baptist Church off of Highway 29 near Danielsville, Georgia. He and his wife are both buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Danielsville, along with many other Chandlers. Union Primitive is believed to be Lewis’ home church. (See photos of grave markers at Union Primitive Baptist Church cemetery on the Chandler Graves page.)
photograph of Levie Alice and Mary Lula Chanlder
Sisters Levie Alice Chandler and Mary Lula Chandler
Children of Lewis Martin and Mary Chandler:

  • L. A. M. Dora B. b 1879
  • George Lacy “Doc” b 1882
  • Mary Lula C. b 1884
  • Earl F. b 1885
  • Levie Alice Ophelia b 1886
  • Stephen Griffith b 1893
  • Catherine b 1894
  • Samuel Edrie b 1896
  • Hosea E. b 1896*

At left is a photograph of Levie Alice Ophelia Chandler and Mary Lula Chandler. Levie Alice Chandler was born October 17, 1886 and died January 9, 1980. She married Allen Daniel “Dan” Henley (1883-1966), and they had nine children. Levie and Dan are buried at Ila City Cemetery, Madison County, Georgia. Children: Annie Sue b 1907, Ralph Daniel b 1909, Thomas Martin b 1911, John Wyman b 1913, Mary Frances b 1915, Roberta Virginia b 1917, Geraldyne b 1919, Lewis Chandler b 1922, and James Harvey b 1924.*

Mary Lula C. Chandler was born August 13, 1884, and died November 10, 1971. She married Samuel Ernest Whitworth (1887-1961) on December 9, 1905, They are buried in Whitworth Cemetery Diamond Hill Colbert Road, Madison County, Georgia. Children: Troy Chandler Whitworth b 1906, George C. b 1908, Mary Dell b 1910, and Willie May b 1918.*

Chandler ancestry of Lewis Martin Chandler: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b abt 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b abt 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > Joseph Chandler b abt 1739 VA > James M. Chandler b 1761 NC > James Chandler b 1801 GA > Rev. William D. “Billy” Chandler b 1822 GA > Lewis Martin Chandler.* (See photograph of home of Rev. William D. “Billy” Chandler elsewhere on this page.)Chandler ancestry of Mary L. Carolyn Sailors: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b abt 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b abt 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > John Chandler b 1726 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1755 VA > Sterling Chandler b 1782 NC > Edith Caroline “Eady” Chandler b 1834 GA > Mary L. Carolyn Sailors.*

*CFA Lineages Database (CFALD)

Angie Henley

May 30, 2013


Levie Alice Ophelia Chandler and Allen Daniel “Dan” Henley family

Levie Alice Ophelia Chandler, daughter of Rev. Lewis Martin Chandler and Mary L. Carolyn Sailors (above), was born October 17, 1886. See a portraitof Levie and her sister Lula on this page. Levie married Allen Daniel “Dan” Henley on December 14, 1905. He was born November 8, 1883.
In the photo above, the baby in the stroller is Annie Sue Henley, born February 13, 1907. Dan Henley is sitting on the back of “old Geoff” (according to information on the back of the photograph), and Levie is standing behind the stroller. The young girl is Dan’s sister Hoyt Henley. The house was a tenant house in Pocataligo or “Poca” (pronounced Pokie) that Dan’s father, John Harvey Henley, gave to Dan when he married. Dan and Levie eventually tore this house down and built a new one on the same spot.
This family group photo was taken just after WWII. The two youngest sons had just returned from service.  Dan and Levie are at extreme left, Dan on the back row and Levie in front. To Dan’s right are Ralph Daniel Henley b 1909, Thomas Martin Henley b 1911, John Wyman Henley b 1913, Lewis Chandler Henley b 1922 (Angie’s father), and James Harvey Henley b 1924. To Levie’s right are Annie Sue Henley Langford b 1907, Mary Frances Henley Bridges b 1915, Roberta Virginia Henley Carithers b 1917, and Geraldyne Henley Benton b 1919.

Dan and Levie Chandler Henley celebrated their 60th anniversary in 1965. He died July 28, 1966, and she passed away on January 9, 1980.



Angie Henley

September 26, 2013

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