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photo of John William Chandler Family  

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This page: Genetic Chandler Family #3


William Chappell Chandler and son Amos Chandler

Duke Williamson Chandler family

William Martin Chandler family

Robert L. Chandler family of Alabama

Robert B. Chandler

James L. Chandler family

William Solomon Chandler family of Georgia

George Washington Chandler family

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William Chappell Chandler and son Amos Chandler

Janelle Chandler Bates submitted these photos of her great-grandparents and grandparents.

William Chappell Chandler
Born 7 February 1866, Talladega County, Alabama
Died 28 November 1941
Married 18 September 1884 to
Harriet Eliza (could be Liza or Elizabeth) Gann
22 September 1869 – 7 February 1957
Amos Chandler
Born 22 January 1890, Talladega County, Alabama
Died 14 September 1965
Married 3 August 1907 to
Nora Ethel Sutton
6 April 1887 – 26 January 1968
Janelle Chandler Bates

December 1, 2015


Duke Williamson Chandler Family

Duke Williamson Chandler was born January 5, 1851, in Wedowee, Randolph County, Alabama, and died June 30, 1936, in Haralson County, Georgia. He was the son of Asa Chandler (born 1831) and Lydia Stallings (born 1828) who both died May 19, 1900. On September 4, 1874, he married Lougenia Ayers, who was born August 3, 1854, and died April 18, 1940, Lafayette, Walker County, Georgia. Children of Duke Williamson and Lougenia were Evie, William, Reuben Alonzo “Lonnie”, Julian born 1886, Ivy Benjamin born 1887, Elzy (female) born 1891, Judge Ayers born 1984, and Neal Hubbard born 1898.

Left to right: Duke Williamson Chandler, Lougenia Ayers Chandler, Eva/Evie Savanah Chandler Loggins, William A. Chandler, Ivy Benjamin Chandler, Elzy Chandler, Judge Ayers Chandler and Neal Hubbard Chandler. There is a stamp on the back of the photo showing it was developed in Anniston, Alabama, but no date. Sons Reuben Alonzo “Lonnie” and Julian are missing from this family group.  
Duke Williamson Chandler and Lougenia Ayers Chandler. Apparently it was taken the same day as the group picture at left. It has the same stamp on the back and they are wearing the same clothes.
The little boy pictured is believed to be Charles James Payton b. 1912, son of Christopher and Elzy.  From left to right: Eva “Evie” Savannah Loggins, her husband Johnnie Loggins, Janie Payton Chandler (wife of Ivy Benjamin Chandler who is not pictured), Christopher Columbus Payton, his wife Elzy Chandler Payton, Minnie Yancy Chandler and her husband Julian Stubbs Chandler.  


Photo courtesy of Iva Jean Chandler Yarbrough Donahue

November 13, 2016

Duke Williamson and Lougenia Ayers Chandler with their children:


  1. Duke Williamson Chandler (father)
  2. Julian Stubbs Chandler
  3. Ivy Benjamin Chandler
  4. Eva/Evie Savannah Chandler Loggins
  5. Reuben Alonzo “Lonnie” Chandler
  6. Neal Hubbard Chandler
  7. Lougenia Ayers Chandler (mother)
  8. Elzy Birtie Chandler
  9. Judge Ayers Chandler
  10. William Ambus “Buddy” Chandler (at left in photo), born 1911, son of Ivy Benjamin Chandler

(Missing from the photo above is eldest son William)

Second from right in this photograph is Lougenia Ayers Chandler. Family members, from left to right and also indicated by numbers, are:
1.  Jessie Loggins
2.  Fannie Ruth Loggins (married Maples)
3.  Eva “Evie” Savanah Chandler Loggins
4.  Johnnie Loggins
5.  Henry DeForest Littlejohn
6.  Arthur Littlejohn
7.  Ethel Loggins Littlejohn
8.  Addie Littlejohn (married Boatman)
9.  Charlie Loggins
10. Grandma Lougenia Ayers Chandler
11. Luther Roy LogginsThe photo above has been sized to fit on the page and cropped to allow closer views of the faces. Click on the image to see a version that is twice as large and has not been cropped.

This photo was taken on the front porch of the Judge Ayers and Della Whitehead Tant Chandler family home at 801 Quintard Avenue, Anniston, Alabama. Front row (left to right): Elzy Chandler Payton, Della Tant Chandler (wife of Judge Ayers Chandler), Lourie Longhorn Chandler (wife of Neal Hubbard Chandler), Pearl Cardel Chandler (wife of Reuben Alonzo “Lonnie” Chandler), Vandora Bailey Walker Chandler (wife of Ivy Benjamin Chandler), and Minnie Yancy Chandler (wife of Julian Chandler). Back row: Judge Ayers Chandler, Neal Hubbard Chandler, Reuben Alonzo Chandler, Ivy Benjamin Chandler and Julian Stubbs Chandler.
Neal Hubbard Chandler, son of Duke Williamson Chandler and Lougenia Ayers Chandler


Photos courtesy of Iva Jean Chandler Yarbrough Donahue

August 17, 2015

Neal Hubbard Chandler (inset at left and standing by rear tire of the fire truck) was the chief of this fire department.

Ivy Benjamin Chandler poses on a vehicle. Note that the logo on the front says “Anniston Alabama.”


Far left, Ivy Benjamin Chandler on his 69th birthday in 1956. He was born April 28, 1887.

Left, Reuben Alonzo Chandler dressed for a parade at the age of 93.




Far left, Judge Ayers Chandler and his wife Della Whitehead Tant Chandler on their wedding day, February 14, 1917.

Left, Neal Hubbard Chandler and his wife Lourie Longhorn Chandler.

The six youngest (of eight) children of Duke Williamson Chandler and his wife Lougenia Ayers gathered for a photo, probably in the 1950s. They are, from left: Reuben Alonzo “Lonnie” Chandler, Julian Chandler, Ivy Benjamin Chandler, Elzy Birtie Chandler Payton, Judge Ayers Chandler, and Neal Hubbard Chandler.


Photos courtesy of Iva Jean Chandler Yarbrough Donahue

October 3, 2016




William Martin Chandler family

William Martin Chandler was born August 30, 1852, in Haralson County, Georgia. He died April 5, 1917 in Etowah County, Alabama. On October 5, 1873, he married Mary Minerva Brown (1857-1906), the mother of his nine children. Mary Minerva Brown Chandler died in Rankin, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma. There was a second marriage in 1907 to Eula Plunkett.In the photo at right (scanned from a tintype*) are (3)William Martin Chandler and his four oldest children:(1) Sarah Ann Chandler  born 1876, (2)  Edward Augustus Chandler born 1874, (4) William Franklin Chandler born 1879, and (5) John Madison Chandler born 1881.

Identified on the larger photograph below are William Martin Chandler (seated at left) holding Isaac born 1886 and Mary M. Brown Chandler (seated at right) holding Mattie. The boys in front are John (left) and Lewis (Major Lewis). Standing at back are (from left) Edward, Will and Sarah. Mattie was born June 22, 1889, so this family portrait was probably made about 1890. Born later were Cecil Cicero Chandler (1891) and Mary Leola Chandler (1894). The six older children were born in Georgia and the three youngest in Texas.


The Group 3 Chandler lineage for William Martin Chandler is believed to be as follows: Richard Chandler b 1751 VA? > Richard Chandler b 1775 VA > Major Lewis Chandler b 1815 GA > William Martin Chandler b 1852 GA.

William Franklin Chandler, at left, was a son of William Martin Chandler and Mary Minerva Brown. He was born February 17, 1879, in Carroll County, Georgia, and died May 14, 1904 in Shackelford County, Texas. He married Lettie Newcomb on December 20, 1898. They had at least one child, William Chandler born September 26, 1904.



Above, (2) Sarah Ann Malinda Chandler, daughter of William Martin Chandler and wife of Robert Manuel Herring (1875-1953), is shown with her baby (4) Manuel Augustus Herring (1894-1963). At left is her young sister (1) Mary Leola “Ola” Chandler  (1894-1925) and at right is her young brother (3) Cecil Cicero Chandler (1891-1969).



Sarah Ann Malinda Chandler Herring (2 above) is shown with her son (1) Manual Augustus Herring (1894-1963) at left, daughter (4) Ethel May Herring (born 1900) in her lap, and young brother (3) Cecil Cicero Chandler (1891-1969) at right.



Martha Arenah “Mattie” Chandler, daughter of William Martin Chandler and Mary Minerva Brown, was born June 22, 1889, in Upshur County, Texas, and died September 16, 1958, in Swisher County, Texas. She married John Emmit Copper (1882-1918) in 1906. The children standing in the back are Amber Oleta Copper (1907-1941), and J. D. Cooper (1910-1983). In front are Lottie Mae Cooper (1914-1990) and Clifton Archie Copper (1911-1926). The family’s youngest child, Leo Franklin Copper, was born July 3, 1916, but only survived until August 17, 1917.



The surviving children of William Martin Chandler gathered for a funeral in Canadian, Texas, in 1963. From left are brothers Lewis (Major Lewis) Chandler, John Madison Chandler, and Cecil Cicero Chandler, followed by Cecil’s wife Gladys and John’s wife Lucy. In front is the eldest living child of William Martin Chandler, Sarah Ann Malinda Chandler Herring, age 87 at the time.



Unknown, scanned from a tintype* – There is no name on this picture, just “Pa’s brother” written on the back. Very possibly it is a brother of William Martin Chandler. His four brothers were Edward, born 1841; Greenbury Franklin, born 1849, Levi F., born 1851, and John Smith, born 1855. The CFA Lineages Database (CFALD) has information on descendants of two of the brothers, Levi F. and John Smith, but nothing about descendants for Edward W. and Greenbury Franklin.

*Tintypes came into use about 1855. Their popularity peaked 1861-1871, but some usage continued until about 1900. Tintype Photographs,


Unknown, scanned from a tintype* – The identity of this gentleman is uncertain. Scratched on the back of the photograph is “Mrs. W.M. Chandler Herald City,” which presumably refers to Harrold, Texas, in Wilbarger County, where members of the William Martin Chandler family did live. One Group 3 member suggested this might be a photograph of William Martin Chandlers’ father, Major Lewis Chandler. He was born in Georgia in 1815 and was purportedly part of the 1838 Cherokee Removal and later the local militia through the Civil War. (Note the sword in the photograph.)

Some information in the captions for these photos is from the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD).


The photos of the William Martin Chandler family are courtesy of Ethelyn Robinson Bradshaw, granddaughter of Sarah Ann Malinda Chandler and Robert Manuel Herring.

Ethelyn Bradshaw

Updated December 6, 2014

Robert L. Chandler family of Alabama

The photograph at right of the Robert L. and Julia A. E. Lambert Chandler family can be dated to about 1900, since Robert B. Chandler, the boy at left in front, was born in 1893. (See below a photograph of Robert B. Chandler as an adult.)Robert and Julia were born in Carroll County, Georgia, and raised their family in Cleburne County, Alabama. Members of the family are:

Front row: Robert B., John G., and Charles W.

Middle row: Martha F., Robert L., Zelma, and Julia.

Back row: Lula L. and Josephine A.



The photo above is Robert B. Chandler (1893-1918), a son of Robert L. and Julia A. E. Lambert Chandler.Robert L. Chandlers’s parents were Hiram Bennett Chandler and Frances Marion Holloway. Richard Chandler born 1751 is considered the earliest known ancestor for Group 3. Robert L. Chandler’s line of descent is: Richard Chandler b 1751 VA? > Richard Chandler b 1775 VA > Ambrose Chandler b 1805 NC > Hiram Bennett Chandler b 1831 GA.These photos of the Robert L. Chandler family and Robert B. Chandler are courtesy of John Reese, Jr., a descendant of Ambrose Chandler born 1805. John’s line of descent from Ambrose: Ambrose Chandler b 1805 NC > William W Chandler b 1828 GA > Mary F.Jane “Molly” Chandler b 1853 GA > William Marion McClain b 1884 AL > Gladys Eula McClain b 1911 GA > Emma Lee Pemberton b 1929 AL

John Reese, Jr.

August 10, 2014


James L. Chandler Family – Newly Found Photos

Linda Yates hit a treasure trove when she located a previously unknown Chandler cousin, the first Chandler relative she has ever met except for her own father. These photos were furnished by the new cousin. Maybe you can help put some of them in context for Linda.

Submitted by Linda Yates

June 27, 2010

This is purportedly a photograph of James L. Chandler, Linda’s g-g-grandfather, and his wife.

From Linda: James L Chandler and his wife Oictoria (or maybe Victoria) Hatfield were both from Georgia. They had a son, William David Chandler, born September 9, 1877, Carrollton, Georgia.

  This photo is identified as Julia Chandler and possibly William Chandler.


From Linda: William David Chandler, son of James L. and Oictoria/Victoria Hatfield Chandler, was born September 9, 1877, Carrolton, Georgia., and died June 11, 1923, in Barberton Ohio. William David Chandler married Julia Walker, who was born June 13, 1878, in Carrolton, Georgia, and died April 18, 1933, in Barberton Ohio. Their children were Mamie, born 1903 Alabama and died in her 20s in Ohio; James, born 1904 Georgia; Cramer Beuford (Linda’s grandfather), born 1907 Alabama; and Nellie, born 1911 Alabama and died at age 16.

Linda’s grandfather, Cramer Buford Chandler, as a young man.   Cramer, much later in life, is shown with his wife, Sophia (nee Opalewski) Chandler, at left.

From Linda: Cramer and Sophia both died in Arizona. Cramer’s brother James married Hazel Mess from Akron Ohio, they also died in Arizona. Cramer’s sister Nellie died in Georgia.

Mamie Chandler, above, was the daughter of William David and Julia Chandler. She was born 1903 Alabama and died in her 20s in Ohio.
Katherine Kennedy Mastro, shown above in a 1935 photo, is Mamie’s daughter.


William Solomon Chandler Family

Back row, from left: Thelma Eukalee Chandler Passmore, Mary Lorene Chandler Damren, Minnie Frances Chandler, Nellie Elizabeth Stringer. Middle row (adults): Thomas Louis Passmore, William Solomon Chandler, Stella Chandler Stringer, Joseph Damren, Pauline (Crozier) Chandler, Richard Alvin Chandler. Front row (adults): Benjamin Franklin Chandler, Ruby Dukes Chandler, Martha Ezell Chandler Matthews. None of the children were identified.The photo of William Solomon Chandler’s family above was taken in late 1939, possibly in Tifton, Georgia. Solomon was born May 13, 1875, in Carroll County, Georgia, and died May 6, 1940. He married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Serene Susan “Sallie” McGee (1880-1929).The photograph below of the daughters of William Solomon Chandler is believed to have been taken sometime in the 1950’s in Miami, Florida. Seated:  Ezelle Chandler Mixon. Standing, from left:  Stella Chandler Stringer, Mary Chandler Ellis, Minnie Chandler Watson, Thelma Chandler Kilcoyne. Ezelle was first married to a Matthews and second to a Corbin, Mary was first married to a Damren, and Thelma was previously married to a Mr. Passmore.

William Solomon Chandler is the son of Hiram Bennett Chandler (born 5 May 1831 in Franklin County, Georgia; died 11 March 1900) and his wife Frances M. Holloway (born 11 March 1836, Campbell County, Georgia). He is the grandson of Ambrose Chandler (born 1805, North Carolina; died 9 April 1868, Carroll County, Georgia) and Jerusha White (born 1805, Georgia; died 1894, Haralson County, Georgia).These photos were submitted by CFA members Charles “Chuck” and Vicki Chandler Watson, a married couple who are both Chandler descendants. Vicki is a descendant of William Chandler of Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire, England (DNA Group 9). Chuck, a member of DNA Group 3, is a grandson of William Solomon Chandler and the son of Minnie Frances Chandler Watson (April 15, 1923 – December 15, 2006, photo at right).


Charles and Vicki Chandler Watson

Updated January 23, 2010



George Washington Chandler family

Sand Mountain, Alabama (Grove Oak)

Back Row:  Corene, Tommie Lou “Benefield”, Iris Benefield holding Mary, Ellie Vandora “Robertson” Chandler, George Washington Chandler

Front Row:  Hayward, Howard, Cleo, Alene, Boyce.  Youngest child Billy not yet born.

Photo contributed by Sanford Chandler


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