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photo of John William Chandler Family

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This page:
Luke Randolph Chandler and family
Orlando and Henrietta Chandler of Kentucky
Lorenzo Dow Chandler family of Tennessee
Harry and Dovie Chandler children in Ohio


Luke Randolph Chandler and family

Luke Randolph Chandler
b 25 March 1806 VA
d 24 May 1880, Jackson Co. AL
buried Liberty Cemetery

Lillie Virginia Chandler
b 23 November 1872 Jackson Co. AL
d 12 March 1945 Scottsboro AL
buried Union Cemetery
Carolyn Tamblyn submitted this portrait of Luke Randolph Chandler, photos of other family members, and some history of the family as well. Carolyn wrote: “I think that this is Luke Randolph Chandler although I cannot be sure. It was among pictures I inherited from my grandmother, Lillie Chandler Barclay. It is painted on very thin tin.”Luke Randolph was a descendant of John Chandler born 1600 in England, placing this family in Chandler DNA Project Group 7A. The Chandler lineage from John to Luke Randolph is as follows: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > William Chandler b 1693 VA > Frederick Chandler b 1745 VA > Luke Randolph Chandler b 1806. This Chandler family is well represented in our CFA membership.

Luke Randolph Chandler married Sarah Ann MacFarlane about 1831 in Madison County, Alabama. Sarah was the daughter of Lucy Price and Joseph MacFarlane. They had nine children: Sophia Ann b abt 1834, Francis Marion b 1835, Martha Virginiab 1837, Henrietta b 1840, Robert H. b 1842, Joseph Thomas b 1844, Matthew S. b 1846, Mary b 1852, and Andrew Jackson b 1854. Matthew married Martha Origon Proctor (1853-1884) and they had six children: Sarah Ann b 1871, Lillie Virginia b 1872, Charles “Charlie” b 1875, James Marion “Jim” b 1877, George Randolph b 1879, and Jessy Elbert “Jess” b 1881. (See a portrait of Charlie and a group picture of most of the siblings below.)

Lillie Virginia Chandler, the daughter of Luke Randolphs’s son Matthew S. Chandler and Martha Origan Proctor, married David Edward Barclay in 1888, and they had 9 children. Lillie’s mother died when she, the second daughter, was 12, and her father died when she had been married only a few months. Newlyweds Lillie and David took her four younger brothers into their home in Woodville, Alabama.  Charles, Jim, George and Jess finished the county high school and then went to work laying ties on the Southern Railroad which fronted the Barclay farm.  George later became a farmer, but the other brothers made their careers in railroading. Charlie became General Superintendent of the Southern Railroad, living in Nashville, Tennessee; Jim achieved a position as Vice President of the Illinois Central Railroad, living in Chicago, Illinois; and Jess was Chief Dispatcher for the Southern Railroad in Birmingham, Alabama. A sadder bit of this family’s railroad story is that Lillie’s oldest son, James Oliver Barclay, was killed in an accident in the Chattanooga railway yards soon after his election as local chairman of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen at Sheffield, Alabama.

Charles Chandler b 1875

Lillie (at left) in the 1930s with siblings Jim, Sally, Charles and Jess.
George is missing from the photo.

Carolyn Tamblyn

October 1, 2012


Orlando and Henrietta Chandler of Kentucky

Orlando Stephen Chandler was born 10 September 1873 in Webster County, Kentucky, and died 14 November 1897 in a typhoid fever epidemic in Webster County, Kentucky.  He married Henrietta Joyner, daughter of John Coe and Emily S. Ballard Joyner, on 11 March 1894. He is buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery in Webster County with his parents James Madison and Margaret Jane Ramsey Chandler and several of his siblings.James Madison Chandler, born in Person County, North Carolina, came to western Kentucky as a young child. His father, Washington Chandler, was the only CHANDLER head of household to appear on the 1830 Hopkins County, Kentucky, census.Orlando and Henrietta had a son and a daughter, both born in the Slaughters area of Webster Co. KY. James Evan Chandler was born 18 Jun 1895. Orrye L. Chandler Mahurin, mother of CFA member Larry Mahurin, was born 15 March 1898 – four months after her father died.

On the 1900 census Henrietta, a very young widow; her widowed mother-in-law; and Henrietta’s two children were living together in the household of landlord Margaret J. Chandler in Slaughtersville, Webster County, Kentucky.

J. Evan Chandler married Bertha Swanson on 7 September 1915 in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. They moved to Greenville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, soon after their marriage and lived out their lives there where Evan was employed by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company. Their children were: Cortelle Chandler (1918-2005) married Bruce Irwin Ifft circa 1945; Mary Rose Chandler (1920-2003) married William Frederick Burford circa 1947; and James Evan Chandler Jr. (aka “Jimmy”) 1921-1999 married 1st, Helen Caldwell and 2nd, Sandra Shaw. J. Evan Chandler died in Pennsylvania in 1968.

Orrye married Hume Coffman Mahurin, born 24 December 1893 in Onton, Kentucky, on 16 February 1916. They had the following children: Geraldine Mahurin Sadler (1917-2005); Alice Gene Mahurin Allen (1919-1993); Camilla Mahurin Ray, born 1921; James Edward “Buzz” Mahurin (1924-1994); Thornton Henry Mahurin (1930-2005); and Larry Ross Mahurin, born 1937. Orrye died in Ocober 1975.

Orlando’s widow, Henrietta Chandler, and his widowed mother, Margaret J. Chandler, with 3 year old Evan and infant Orrye, summer 1898

Orrye Chandler, age approximately 17

1915 wedding photo of Bertha Swanson and J. Evan Chandler

Evan and Bertha Chandler’s three children, from left: Jimmy, Mary Rose, and Cortelle

J. Evan Chandler (center) with his son James Evan “Jimmy” Chandler (at left) and his nephew Larry Mahurin (at right), c. 1939

1945 photo of Hume and Orrye Chandler Mahurin

1963 photo of Orrye Chandler Mahurin (center) with son Larry at left and brother J. Evan Chandler at right

1988 photo of the children of Orrye Chandler Mahurin, taken in Hanson, Kentucky: from left, Larry, Gene, Camilla, Thornton, Geraldine, and James

Photos and information submitted by
Larry and Madonna Mahurin

July 31, 2012


Lorenzo Dow Chandler family – Van Buren County, Tennessee

Above: Dow and Mattie Chandler
The 1930s era photo at left above shows Lorenzo Dow Chandler (known as “Dow”) in the center, his wife Mattie Mae Davis Chandler at right, and their son Arnold Lorenzo Chandler (1909-1998) at left. Also in the group are two unidentified children, presumably family members. The photo was taken at the family farm in Van Buren County, Tennessee; the crop is tobacco.
The photo at right is a tintype of Anna Ellis Chandler, 3rd wife of Little Chandler. Little and Anna are said to have both died of “the fever” that swept through Van Buren County, Tennessee, in 1869. Little and Ann were the parents of Lorenzo Dow Chandler (above), and Little was the son of Jonathan Chandler (born March 17, 1786, in Friedland, Rowan – now Forsyth – County, North Carolina; died 1823, Cape Girardeau, Missouri). Jonathan’s wife and Little’s mother was Elizabeth Elrod. The family believes there is a Cherokee Indian connection in the late 1700s or 1800s. The Chandler lineage of this family is currently unknown beyond Jonathan born 1786.

Lonnie Chandler

March 11, 2012


Laudie, Envie, Perry and Maud Chandler in Ohio

Linda Chandler Channell writes, “I believe this to be a picture of Laudie and Envie, and Perry and Maud Chandler in Beaver, Ohio. I don’t have a date, but it looks like maybe late ’30’s, early 40’s.” Laudie (1911-1995) and Perry (1918-2007) were the sons of Harry and Dovie Chandler. This family can be found in the 1930 Federal Census of Johnson County, Kentucky. They are members of Genetic Chandler Family #2, descendants of Isaac Chandler, born 1732 in Virginia, died 1797 in Surry County, North Carolina. The Chandler lineage is Isaac 1732-1797 > Thomas 1762-1845 > Henry 1815-1875 > Isaac 1848-1912 > Harry Chandler born 1886 in Kentucky.Laudie Chandler and Envie Castle married 24 January 1935. Perry N. Chandler married Maud Thompson in 1930 in Beaver, Ohio. As of late 2011, all nine children from this union are living.

Below are pictures Linda took on a 2011 trip to Beaver, Ohio, with her father Charles. The log cabin (at left and center) was at one time owned by Laudie and Envie Chandler. Before Laudie and his family owned the cabin, Linda’s grandparents, Perry and Maud Chandler, rented it. Their son Charles (Linda’s dad) was born in the right half of the cabin (the bedroom) in 1939, and his cousin Phyllis was also born there. That’s Charles standing in the back door of the cabin in the center photo. The photo at right is of a barn that is “across the hollow” from the cabin.

Linda Chandler Channell
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December 12, 2011
Updated January 6, 2012

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