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photo of John William Chandler Family

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This page: Group 7A descendants of Allen Lacy Chandler b 1833 GA
Elisha Asbury Chandler (1956-1933) and wife Mary Elizabeth Davis>/a>
Richard Lee Chandler (1883-1949) family
Thomas Jefferson Chandler (1885-1948) family

Elisha Asbury Chandler and Mary Elizabeth Davis

Elisha Asbury Chandler was the son of Allen Lacy Chandler (1833-1915) and Matilda Jane “Polly” Jones (1836-1896. Allen Lacy Chander served in the Civil War as a corporal with the 53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers. He died March 5, 1915, in the Confederate Soldiers Home in Atlanta and is buried in Atlanta¬ís Westview Cemetery, Plot 281.Elisha Asbury was born February 1, 1956, in Georgia, and died October 4, 1933, in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia. He married Mary Elizabeth Davis of Morgan County, born July 11, 1859, and died March 21, 1939. Elisha Asbury and Mary Elizabeth lived near the small community of Godfrey in Morgan County, Georgia, for a number of years and are buried at nearby Bethany Cemetery.Elisha Asbury and Mary Elizabeth had eleven children: William Lacy Chandler b 1877, Matilda Jane Chandler b 1879, George H. T. Chandler b 1881, Richard Lee Chandler b 1883, Thomas Jefferson Chandler b 1885, John Marshall Chandler b 1887, Walter Asbury Chandler b 1888, Annie Maude Chandler b 1891, Horace Legree Chandler b 1893, Mary Ethel Chandler b 1895, and Dewey Davis Chandler b 1898.Photos of the families of sons Richard Lee Chandler and Thomas Jefferson Chandler can be seen below.

Richard Lee Chandler Family

Richard Lee Chandler (1883-1949) was born in Buckhead, Georgia, but moved his family to Miami, Florida, in the early 1940’s. The large photo, dated December 1956, shows his children, (from left) Bernice Chandler Moore, Mary Chandler (married 1st Jay, 2nd Vallandry), Minnie Chandler (married 1st Bishop, 2nd Fournier), Dorothy Chandler (married 1st DeSha, 2nd Bridges), only son Elisha Asbury Chandler, Olivia Chandler Masculine, and, at extreme right, Richard Lee Chandler’s wife, Minnie Lou Prince. The photo at left is Richard Lee Chandler (1883-1949) at the age of 22. At bottom left is his son Elisha Asbury (1909-1968, named for his grandfather but called “Son,” “Jack,” and “Buddy”) in his Coast Guard uniform.

Chandler lineage: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1739 VA > James Chandler b 1761 NC > Allen Chandler b 1787 NC > Allen Lacy Chandler b 1833 GA > Elisha Asbury Chandler b 1856 GA

Richard Lee Chandler and Thomas Jefferson Chandler (below) were Georgia brothers who traveled in different directions and raised their families many miles apart.

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Thomas Jefferson Chandler

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