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Mary Jane Wade Chandler, wife of Robert Bailey Chandler (Genetic Chandler Family 7A)

Mary Jane Wade Chandler

The photograph at right is a copy of the only known portrait of Mary Jane Wade Chandler, matriarch of a large group of Mississippi Chandler descendants. Mary Jane Wade married Robert Bailey Chandler on February 15, 1844. They were both born in Georgia, he on July 24, 1820, in Jackson County, and she on January 16, 1828, in Marietta, Cobb County. They raised a family of 15 children in Winston County, Mississippi, where they are both buried at Antioch Cemetery. Robert Bailey died February 4, 1877, and Mary Jane died August 22, 1895. A photo of Robert Bailey Chandler’s grave marker can be seen on the Chandler Graves page on this website.

Mary Jane’s grave has never had a memorial, but that is being remedied in 2014. Several desendants are taking steps to put a marker on her grave. We hope to tell more of that story soon.

Children of Robert Bailey Chandler and Mary Jane Wade were:

      • William Robert Chandler born 1845
      • Lettie Jane Chandler born 1847
      • James Lewis Chandler born 1848
      • Asa Andrew Chandler b 1850
      • George Washington Chandler born 1852
      • John Monroe Chandler born 1853
      • Margaret Ann Chandler born 1855
      • Alonzo Harris Chandler born 1856
      • Martha Elizabeth Chandler born 1859
      • Nezekiah Amos Chandler born 1861
      • Savannah Avery Chandler born 1864
      • Eli Clayton Chandler born 1866
      • Ancy Netta Chandler born 1869
      • Oliver Henry Chandler born 1873
      • Mary Bailey “Dollie” Chandler born 1875



Robert Bailey Chandler’s lineage: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > Joell Chandler b 1683 VA > Robert Chandler b 1720 VA > Bailey Chandler b 1751 VA > Robert Chandler b 1790 NC > Robert Bailey Chandler b 1820 GA

Photo courtesy of Linda Inman

February 6, 2014

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