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photo of John William Chandler Family

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This page: Genetic Chandler Family 9
(Descendants of William Chandler born 1595 Hertfordshire England)
John David Chandler and Maude A. McCalla family
Louis Edmond Chandler
Louis Edmond Chandler and family
Russell and Faye Chandler, children of Louis Edmond Chandler
NEW:Louis Levi and Elizabeth Sweet (Pope) Chandler
NEW:Chandler-Moore Gathering in 1932


John David Chandler and Maude A. McCalla

John David Chandler
born June 20, 1882, Jefferson, Ohio
died January 29, 1946, Bycurus, Ohio
Maude A. McCalla Chandler
born March 20, 1882, Galion, Ohio
died November 6, 1935, Bucyrus, Ohio

This Chandler family is part of Group 9 in the Chandler DNA Project. Group 9 is composed of descendants of William and Annis Chandler of Roxbury, Massachusetts, formerly of Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire, England.

At right are John David Chandler and wife Maude with daughter Gladys Ruth Chandler (1905-1932) in a photo made in April 1906.

The lineage from the recognized ancestor of Group 9 to John David Chandler is as follows:
William Chandler b 1595 ENG > Capt. Thomas Chandler b 1628 ENG > William Chandler b 1659 MA > Moses Chandler b 1695 MA > Sanborn Chandler b 1734 NH > Joseph Chandler b 1753 NH > Joseph Chandler b 1786 NH > John Sanborn Chandler b 1833 > Jacob Franklin “Frank” Chandler b 1859 OH > John David Chandler b 1882 OH.

Dick Chandler, co-administrator of the Chandler DNA Project, wrote: “We have a DNA project participant whose test showed that he belongs to that genetic family – he descends from John David Chandler’s brother, Boyd Franklin Chandler . . . . We were very glad to have this DNA confirmation, because George Chandler’s magnum opus of William and Annis descendants stops with the birth of Joseph Chandler in 1786 in NH. The DNA result confirmed that this was the same Joseph who moved to OH and continued the line there, which went > John Sanborn Chandler > Jacob Franklin Chandler > John David Chandler.”

Gerald David Chandler (1907-1975) and his wife Ruth Virginia Athey (1910-1975)
(in both photographs above)

Gerald, son of John David Chandler, and Ruth had three children: James Norman Chandler (living), Michael David Chandler (1939-2006), and Ruth Anne Chandler Salyers Rees (living).

Michael David Chandler is shown in the photo at left.

CFA member Jerry Rees, a great-grandson of John David Chandler and grandson of Gerald David Chandler, has submitted these photographs and information that will help bring this family up to date in CFA records.

Jerry Rees

Updated August 2, 2013

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Louis Edmond Chandler

Louis Edmond Chandler is shown in both photos at right, one taken as a young man and the other at an older age. Louis was born 4 October 1877 in Algonquin, Illinois. In his later years he retired to the family farm in Garnett, Kansas. He died February 1975 in Garnett, Anderson, Kansas. These photos were provided by granddaughter Vicki Chandler Watson. Louis’ children, Faye and Russell, are shown below with their mother. Louis’ grandson, Russell Louis Chandler Jr., is a member of Chandler DNA Project Group 9, descendants of William Chandler who was born 1595 in Hertfordshire England and died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1641.

Vicki Chandler Watson

May 24, 2011


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Louis Edmond Chandler and family

Vicki Chandler Watson submitted this photograph of Louis Edmond Chandler with his family. In the photo are Louis Edmond, his wife Eula Faye Hughes Chandler, daughter Alta “Faye” Chandler, and Russell Louis Chandler as a baby. This picture was taken in 1922.

Vicki Chandler Watson

September 17, 2014

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Faye Chandler and Russell Chandler (Group 9) with their Mother

Alta Faye Chandler, left, and Russell Louis Chandler, right, are the children of Eula Faye Hughes (center) and Louis Edmond Chandler (DNA Group 9). Eula Hughes Chandler (later Ehrenreich) and Louis Edmond Chandler were married February 14, 1916, and divorced March 17, 1934. Eula was born December 9, 1891, and died July 6, 1969, in Wickenburg, Arizona. Russell was born March 22, 1922, in Joplin, Missouri, and died August 24, 1999, in Phoenix, Arizona. Faye survives her mother and brother.In addition to Vicki Chandler Watson, Russell was the father of four other children, including Russell Louis Chandler Jr., Sally Chandler, Nancy Chandler and Peggy Chandler-Gindt. Russell Louis Chandler Jr. is a member of Chandler DNA Project Group 9, descendants of William Chandler who was born 1595 in Hertfordshire England and died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1641. The lineage is William Chandler > Thomas Chandler > Henry Chandler > Henry Chandler Jr. > John Chandler > Simeon Chandler > Simeon Chandler Jr. > Louis Levi Chandler > Louis Edmond Chandler > Russell Louis Chandler.

Vicki Chandler Watson

Updated January 23, 2010

Louis Levi Chandler and Elizabeth Sweet Chandler

Vicki Chandler Watson submitted these photographs of Louis Levi Chandler and his wife, Elizabeth Sweet (Pope) Chandler. They are the parents of Louis Edmund Chandler, above.

Louis Levi Chandler
b 2 May 1844 in Algonquin, McHenry, IL
d 14 Nov 1926
Pvt Co F 9 IL Cav during Civil War

Elizabeth Sweet (Pope) Chandler
b 29 Nov 1843 in New York City, NY
d 6 Mar 1932 Garnett, Anderson, KS

Vicki Chandler Watson

July 14, 2018

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1932 Moore-Chandler Family Reunion

Elizabeth Moore, descendent of William & Annis Chandler. Her most recent chandler is Orpha Chandler & William Moore. Here is a photo of the 1932 Moore-Chandler family reunion. Elizabeth believes the reunion took place in Madison, WI at the Gisholt Home for the Aged that Orpha & Will were running. This photo would have been in front of their residence and the building in the back should be the nursing home.

The identifications were acquired from people in the early 2000’s, trying to identify the attendees before many of the elders in the family passed. As such, some attendees are not identified and some may be misidentified. If you can provide further identifications or corrections, please contact Eileen at

Back Row: 1. Moore Maltpress 2. Febe Adde 4. Earl Moore 7. Alfa 8. Allen Moore 9. Glades Moore 10 George Moore 11. Mrs Bert Moore 12. Art Moore 13. Frances Moore 15. Charlie Harker 17. Glades Moore 20. Henry Hefty 22. Roy Harcker

Middle Row: 1. Bert Maltpress 2. Ivah (Moore) Maltpress 4. William Moore 5. Mrs Chandler 6. Will Chandler 7. Orpha (Chandler) Moore 8. Ella Brader

Front Row. 4. possibly Gladys Auby (worker at the home for the aged) 7. William (Bill) Moore 11. Gerturde (Moore) Fenner

Elizabeth Moore

July 16, 2018

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