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photo of John William Chandler Family

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George and Jane Chandler descendants (Genetic Chandler Family 7B)
Howell Lewis Chandler (1818-1898) descendants

George and Jane Chandler Descendants (Genetic Chandler Family 7B)

photograph of 1937 reunion of George and Jane Chandler descendants
The large group in the photo above gathered in Philadelphia in 1937 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the 1687 arrival in America of the George and Jane Chandler family. Descendants of George and Jane Chandler are members of Chandler DNA Project Group 7B.

George Chandler, the immigrant ancestor of Group 7B, never actually made it to America from his origin in Wiltshire but died on the voyage. His widow Jane and seven or eight children settled in the part of Pennsylvania that later became Delaware. He was one of the Chandlers of Wilcot parish in Wiltshire, whose claimed lineage traces back to 1524. We have found through DNA testing that John Chandler of Jamestown is related to this family, as well as to other Chandlers of Hampshire, and we hope to find the common origin of these Chandlers.


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Photos courtesy of David Chandler

May 9, 2013


Howell Lewis Chandler (1818-1898) descendants

Howell Lewis Chandler, son of Carter Chandler and Alice “Alsey” White, was born 1818 in Virginia. He married Martha Pace in Virginia, moved with the Pace family to Ohio, and then moved on to Decatur, Iowa, in 1855. Martha was born 1815 and died September 1881, in Decatur County, Iowa. After Martha’s death in 1881 Howell married Sarah Weir Milliam. He died in 1898, also in Decatur, Iowa.

Howell Lewis Chandler and Martha Pace had seven children: William S. (1841-1922), Henry Troilus (1844 Ohio-1912 Iowa), George Theolus (1847-1936), Euphemia (1849-?; m. Baker, then Fenton), Parthenia (1850- ?), Tabitha (1859-?, m Gaskell), and Alice (1853-1911).

At right is William S. (Strawder/Strattor/Strauder) Chandler, seated in a barber chair. In the photograph Strawder (he used that name, although the spelling varied) dwarfs both the chair and the barber! Strawder was born in Ohio in 1841 and died in 1922 in Iowa. He served as a member of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry during the Civil War.In March 1898 Strawder traveled to the Yukon with a party of other men from Leon and Decatur County, Iowa, in search of gold. photograph of Strawder Chandler
William S. (Strawder/Strattor/Strauder) Chandler
In the family portrait at right, William Strawder Chandler and his wife Hanna Field Hawkins Chandler are seated. The teen girl standing at right is Laura E. Chandler (m. Springer), who died in 1904 at 33 years old. The smaller girl is Sarah Blanche Chandler (m. Kohal). Left of Laura is Charles Hawkins, Hanna’s son from a previous marriage. To his left is Miller Chandler (born 1866 Iowa; died 1948 Watsonville, CA). Continuing to the left is John Wesley Chandler (born 1869; died 1890 in Iowa). At extreme left is Elmer Ellsworth Chandler (born 1873; died 1919, buried in Carbon County, Montana). The smaller boy is Niles Emory Chandler (born 1876; died 1895 Iowa). photo of Strawder Chandler family
William Strawder Chandler family
Another son of Howell and Martha Pace Chandler – and Strawder’s younger brother – was George Theolus Chandler (born 1847 Ohio). George T. is the great-great-grandfather of CFA member David Chandler, who provided these photographs and much of the information. According to a biography available online (see link below), excerpted from “History of South Dakota,” which David attests is reliable, George T. Chandler was a progressive agriculturist and stock grower in Douglas County, South Dakota. George was 8 when his family moved from Ohio to Iowa. At the age of 18 he had a farm of his own in Decatur County, Iowa. In 1882 he moved to what is now South Dakota and was an early pioneer of Douglas County. In 1868 he married Mary Ellen Chambers, and they had four children: Marion Austin, Thomas M., Howell Francis, and Cora E.Source: George T. Chandler Biography, pages 1107-1108 in “History of South Dakota” by Doane Robinson, Vol. II (1904), //

George T. Chandler is the front seat passenger (seated to the right of the driver) in the photograph at left. Also in the photo are Dwight Messing (driving) and (from left) Jessie Norton, Cora Chandler, and Mrs. George Chandler. Dwight Messing later served as a member of the South Dakota State Legislature.

portrait of Howell Francis Chandler and wife Nancy
Howell Francis Chandler and his wife Nancy Margaret Michael

Above is a portrait of Howell Francis “Frank” Chandler (born 1877 Decatur County, Iowa; son of George Theolus Chandler) and his wife Nancy Margaret Michael (born 1888 South Dakota). Howell died in 1953 and Nancy in 1942, both in Lower Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Howell and Nancy had two sons, Lyle and Kenneth, and two daughters, Zelda and Dorothy. The two eldest, Zelda and Lyle Carter, were born in South Dakota – Zelda in 1905 and Lyle in in 1908. Kenneth and Dorothy were born in Fergus, Montana. Kenneth was born in 1921 and Dorothy in 1925. Zelda died in 1985 in Holland Patent, New York. Lyle died 1984 in Utica, New York. Dorothy died 1995 in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, and Kenneth died 2001 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

From left, siblings Zelda Chandler (Beachley),
Dorothy Chandler (Hendrickson), Kenneth
Chandler, and Lyle Carter Chandler 

Above, Howell and Nancy Chandler later in life
At left, from left: Lyle Carter Chandler, Howell F. Chandler, Luman Cagle (second husband of Howell’s sister Cora Ellen), and Austin Beachley (husband of Zelda Chandler)
David’s Chandler lineage: Carter Chandler b c 1788 VA > Howell Lewis Chandler b 1818 VA > George Theolus Chandler b 1847 OH > Howell Francis “Frank” Chandler b 1877 IA > Lyle Carter Chandler b 1908 SD > Francis Lyle “Butch” Chandler b 1940 NY

Photos courtesy of David Chandler

Updated July 20, 2013

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