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Chandler Cemetery, Laurel Springs, New Kent, Virginia

Laurel Springs was the name of the Chandler family home for many years. The house, owned jointly by brothers Theodore Lipscomb Chandler Delaware P. Chandler at the time, burned December 23, 1868. Information provided by Pam Huffman () from the diary of Anne Elizabeth Cooke, Col. R. P. Cooke, and “Families are Forever” by Nellie & Marius Barham

Thanks to CFA member Lorie Bradshaw () for bringing Chandler Cemetery in New Kent County, VA, to our attention.

Lineage of this family according to the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD): JRR John > John. Delaware P. CHANDLER and Oliver Mitchell CHANDLER* (see photos of grave markers at right) are 1st cousins once removed. Their common ancestors are John CHANDLER born 1718 and Frances Elizabeth “Fanny” ALLEN.

*Webmaster's note: I have no explanaton for the discrepancy between the information for Oliver on the GenWeb site (see link at left) and the dates on his marker
*Webmaster’s note: I have no explanaton for the discrepancy between the information for Oliver on the GenWeb site (see link at left) and the dates on his marker

A list of Chandlers known to be buried in the Chandler Cemetery at Laurel Springs can be seen on Virginia’s GenWeb site. Grave marker photos courtesy of Pam Huffman –

Posted January 26, 2011
Lorie Bradshaw sent this photo (taken for her by Sandra Blake of New Kent County, VA) of the current overgrown condition of the Chandler Cemetery at Laurel Springs in New Kent County, VA. Although her grave is unmarked, according to the diary of Anne Cooke, a Chandler descendant living in the 1800’s, Lorie’s 3rd Great Grandmother Mary Anne Eliza Chandler (maiden name unknown), wife of William Chandler, is buried there.

Capt. Joshua L. Chandler, Chincoteague Island, Virginia

chandler_cem_chincoteagueisland_vaW. W. “Bill” Chandler provided these photos of the Capt. Chandler Cemetery, spotted on Chincoteague Island, Virginia. The marker is for Capt. Joshua L. Chandler and gives a birth date of October 1829 and death death of October 21, 1877.

According to the GHOTES (Genealogy & Historie Of The Eastern Shore) of Virginia web site:
“This is the only grave in the Chandler Cemetery, it is located at the extreme North end of Main Street at a place commonly known as ‘The Turntable.’ The inscription is memorized by nearly all Chincoteaguers.” It reads: joshua_chandler_grave_chincoteagueisland_va

Farewell wife and children dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
As I am, someday you will be
Prepare for death and follow me
Numerous Chandlers are listed on the GHOTES virtual cemetery pages.

Read about Chincoteague Island on the GHOTES site.

Submitted by Bill Chandler

February 9, 2009