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Chandler Burials (DNA Group 4) in Chandler Cemetery, Rockwall, Rockwall County, Texas

At right is a photograph of a Texas historical marker dedicated to Henry M. and Mary Wade Chandler, early settlers of Rockwall County, Texas. The marker is located at Chandler Cemetery, burial site of Henry and wife Mary and several members of their family. Photos presented here were provided by Hope Wagner, a descendant. Additional photos can be seen on the Find-A-Grave website.According to the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD), Henry M. Chandler’s Group 4 lineage is as follows: Thomas Chandler b bef 1725 VA > Thomas Chandler b 1750 VA > James M Chandler b abt 1782 VA.
CFALD lists seven children for Henry and Martha: Sarah A, born 1845; Luticia P, born 1849; Hardin Wayne, born 1852; Mary E, birth date uncertain; Jesse B, born 1857; Mary F, born 1868; and Rosalie, born 1870.

H. M. Chandler
born Jan. 10, 1821
died Dec. 9, 1904
Although he sleeps his memory doth live,
And cheering comfort to his mourners give.

Martha A.
wife of H.M. Chandler
born Mar. 16, 1826
died June 14, 1908
Here is one who is sleeping in faith and love
With hope that is treasured in heaven above.

Mary F.
Dau. of H.M. & M.A. Chandler
Died Dec. 31, 1869
Aged 9 Yrs. 23 Ds.

Jesse B.
son of H.M. & M.A. Chandler
born June 13(?), 1857
died Apl. 3, 1878

James H.
son of O.W. & R.L. Wilson
Born Oct. 11, 1883
Died Dec. 20, 1884

Victor Aaron
Infant son of O.W. & R.L. Wilson:
Born & died Mar. 17, 1891
Read more about Genetic Chandler Family 4 elsewhere on our website. Henry’s family is mentioned on a subsidiary Group 4 page, “Thomas the Younger”. Photos of Chandler sites in Rockwall, Texas, can be seen on the Chandler Sightings page.

Hope Wagner

December 15, 2017

Chandler Burials in Fannin County, Texas

j_e_and_e_a_chandler_fromhalupnikA father and son and their wives are buried in Gober Cemetery, Gober, Fannin County, Texas. Dale and Marty Halupnik sent these photos of the gravesites of four of Marty’s ancestors.
Rev. Jabez Ezra Chandler is buried beside his second wife, Ellen Angeline Peacock. Rev. Chandler was born in Franklin County, Georgia, and died in Fannin County, Texas. He married Ellen Angeline Peacock on October 12, 1884. They had three children: Maggie Eleanor Chandler, Lucy Jordan Chandler, and William Ezra “Willie” Chandler.*

Rev. Chandler was married first to Rhoda Porter, born 1823 and died February 27, 1884, in Jackson County, Alabama. They had seven children: Sarah Jane Chandler, Jefferson Chandler, Mahalia E. Chandler, Jedithen Taler Chandler, Rose Ann Chandler, Willie M. “Willis” Chandler, and Mary F. Chandler.*
Also buried in Gober Cemetery are Jedithen Taler Chandler, Rev. Chandler’s son by the first marriage, and his wife Malissia Jane Smith Chandler. Malissia bore 12 children, of which three did not survive. The surviving children of Jedithen and Malissia were Henry Ezra “Eddie” Chandler, Tera M. Chandler, Marion Thomas Chandler, Willie David Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Rosa Ella Chandler, Charles Burton Chandler, John B. Chandler, and Oma Chandler.*jidithenThe lineage of Rev. Chandler and his son Jedithen is: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1739 VA > James M Chandler b 1761 NC > James Chandler b 1801 GA > Jabez Ezra Chandler b 1825 GA > Jedithen Taler Chandler b 1850 GA.* Marty Halupnik is a granddaughter of Jedithen’s son Charles Burton Chandler.

Dale and Marty Halupnik

July 14, 2012

*Some dates and children’s names found in the CFA Lineages Database (CFALD).

W. O. B. Chandler, Stoneburg, Texas

wob_chandler_by_davidchandlerCFA member David Chandler sent this photo of the grave marker of W.O.B. Chandler. David was following up on previous research which caused him to conclude that the “O” in W.O.B.’s name stood for “Overton,” a family surname, rather than the generally accepted “Overturn,” which was probably a transcription error. (See CFA Newsletter, Autumn 2008.) W.O.B. Chandler is buried in Oakhill Cemetery, Stoneburg, Montague County, Texas. In addition to “Chandler” on the base, the inscription reads:

W.O.B. Chandler
Born May 8, 1816
Died Aug. 1, 1896
His happy soul has winged its way
to one pure bright eternal day