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Elijah and Sarah Ellen Chandler, Sulphur, Kentucky

sarah_and_elijah_chandler_from_larryElijah H. Chandler and Sarah Ellen Stanley Chandler are buried in the Sulphur Baptist Church Cemetery. The cemetery is approximately three (3) miles north of Sulphur, Kentucky, on Highway 157. Elijah was born December 17, 1824, and died May 4, 1894. Sarah Ellen was born October 27, 1833, and died June 1, 1920. They were married October 20, 1854.

Larry Chandler, the CFA member who sent these photos, says, “There are several Chandlers buried here. I will forward names if anyone is interested.”

elijah_chandler_from_larry sarah_ellen_chandler_from_larry


Submitted by Larry D. Chandler

December 2, 2009

Green Berry Duff Chandler

A resident of Kentucky, Green Berry Duff Chandler (1835-1919) died while visiting his son in Oklahoma. See information about this grave on Chandler Graves – Oklahoma.