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Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church Cemetery

101 Old Kennett Road
Wilmington, Delaware

One of the oldest churches in America, Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church was organized October 15, 1720, 56 years before the American Revolution. These photos of Chandler graves in the church cemetery were submitted by Christopher Burns. Chris says, “The Chandler Family from near Centreville, Delaware, descends from George and Jane Chandler. My ancestor was Benjamin Chandler (1782-1857).” According to their website, cemetery rules require only one upright marker per plot, resulting in some of the tombstones displaying from two to seven names.

According to Chris, Centreville, Delaware, a small village (established 1750) which is located just west of Wilmington, is full of Chandlers. A book, Centreville, A History of a Delaware Village, has been published about the history of the village, including all the Chandlers who settled there and excerpts from the diary of Chris’ ancestor Benjamin Chandler. Anyone who has Chandler ancestors from that area should buy the book and visit the beautiful village, Chris said. Read more about the George and Jane family, part of Group 7B in the Chandler DNA Project.

Christopher Burns

June 24, 2010

Joseph H. Chandler, M.D., and wife Sarah are among the many Chandlers buried at the Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church Cemetery. See a closer view of their individual markers immediately below.

Jos. H. Chandler, M.D.
1839 – 1910

Sarah Chandler
1837 – 1924

James Chandler
Born May 23, 1821
Died April 3, 1900

Kizzia H. Chandler
Born June 1, 1822



Jane Chandler
Sept. 20, 1809
April 11, 1893

Rebecca A. Chandler
July 30, 1852 – April 4, 1917

1845 Elizabeth S.1927

Emlyn C. Chandler
1904 – 1961
His Wife
Hannah E. Talley
1910 –

Joseph Perlee
son of
Thom?? & Louise
(bottom line illegible)

1849 Joseph P. 1934
His Wife
1850 Lucretia M. Ely 1933
1880 J. Poulson 1968
His Wife
1878 Bertha M. Pyle 1949
1910 Elizabeth E. 1979
1902 Roger W. Cann 1968
1903 Edith W. Cann 1995

Rachel C. Chandler (?)
18?7 – 1905
(Parts of dates illegible)

At Rest

Benjamin Chandler
Nov. 15, 1782 – July 23, 1857

Elizabeth S. Chandler
Jan. 23, 1782 – July 30, 1865

J. Poulson Chandler
Oct. 4, 1813 – Oct. 6, 1898

Mary M. Chandler
Dec. 18, 1813 – Feb. 9, 1879

Benjamin Chandler Jr.
Dec. 18, 1840 – Jan. 1, 1870

J. Poulson Chandler

Below, two views of a cluster of Chandler graves at the Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Wilmington, Delaware.