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Scrolls of Friends

CFA Jim Reeves Library

Contact Sanford Chandler, CFA Librarian, at , to discuss donating your family history or a history or genealogy book to the library. Donations of money to help fund the library are also appreciated, and information can be found on the main Library page. Scrolls of Builders and Benefactors will be cleared every two years (after election of new officers).

scroll of benefactors
(Donations of Money)

  • Claudia Chandler Brocato,
  • Doyce Chandler, Jr.,
  • Nancy Ching,
  • Henry Lederman,
  • Dominique Pickett
scroll of builders
(Donations to Library Collection)

  • Marianne Burton,
  • Greg Chandler (AU),
  • John Chantler (UK),
  • Kirk Chandler,
  • Lynn Holmes,
  • Carol May,
  • Jon Posey

Friends of the Library – Purpose and Criteria

At the 2012 Annual Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, the CFA Executive Committee announced the founding of The Friends of the CFA Jim Reeves Library. Monetary gifts will help fund our current digitizing project and continue to support the growth of the library in the future. Gifts of research and family reports or books will equally help the library’s growth. However much it expands in the future, the heart of the library will always be what Jim Reeves brought together, so, in his honor, we wish his name to be permanently associated with the library.

There are two categories of “Friend”:

  1. Library Benefactor for those making a financial donation of any size, and
  2. Library Builder for those donating a book of any value or a comprehensive, sourced family report for inclusion in the library.

We do ask that a prospective Library Builder check with the librarian before contributing a book in case we already have it or something equivalent.

We will maintain scrolls of Friends on this page by category but not detailing the donation, and the scrolls will be published to members at least once a year with the newsletter, so as to express publicly the association’s appreciation of donors.  To avoid burdening our successors with a never-ending commitment, the scrolls will be cleared when a new Executive Committee is elected, i.e. every two years starting in 2013.

You can make a donation of money or a donation to the library collection from the main Library page.