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Memorial Scroll

A gift in memory of his father, William Lavern Chandler (1917-1981), by Vern T. Chandler

Donation in memory of her great-grandfather, George Henry Chadwick Chandler (1853-1945) and his son Roy Grant Chandler (1883-1978), by Eileen A. Chandler

The following people
made a gift in memory of
Jon Paul Chandler

Claudia Chandler Brocato
B. Glenn Chandler
Dick Chandler
Jim Light
Chuck and Vicki Chandler Watson

The following people
made a gift in memory of
Joan Chandler Gagliardi

Cindy Bedwell
Moses and Gertrude Cornwell
Alvie Davidson
Deborah Devlin
Richard and Ann Flannery
Bill and Jane Reeves

Donors supporting CFA research in memory of Dick Chandler for numerous contributions to CFA
  • Janet Barber
  • Claudia Brocato
  • Carol Chandler
  • Chad Chandler
  • Eileen Chandler
  • Glenn Chandler
  • Helen Chandler
  • James Chandler
  • Margaret Chandler
  • Robert V. Chandler
  • Sanford Chandler
  • Vern Chandler
  • Judy Clinkscales
  • Rita Law
  • Henry Lederman
  • Jim Light
  • Carol May
  • Doris Messner
  • Lynn Samuelson
  • Sue Smith
  • Bill Wallace
  • Vicki Watson

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Memorial Donation
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