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Memorial Scroll

A gift from Martha Johnson in memory of:

James Marion Chandler (1877-1950)

Bessie Aiken Chandler (1883-1981)

Lady Betty Chandler McLeod (1909-2003)

Marion Aiken Chandler (1911-1996)

James Mathew Chandler (1916-1942)


A gift from Claudia Chandler Brocato in memory of

Frank Leverett Chandler (1939-2021)


A gift from Jim Winston in memory of

Jeremy Todd Winston (1972-2021)

Donors supporting CFA research in memory of Dick Chandler for numerous contributions to CFA
  • Dale English
  • Claudia Brocato

Make a donation to the CFA in honor/memory of a friend or family member

You can make a donation by using the PayPal button at right, or you can mail your gift to:

Helen Chandler

8965 Bristol Oaks Ln Apt 103
Bartlett TN 38133-4178

Be sure to include the name of the person for whom a memorial is intended.

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You can adjust the amount of your gift by changing the quantity after you click “Add to Cart.” For instance, a $100 gift can be multiplied into a $200 gift by putting 2 in the “Quantity” box and then clicking “Update.”

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