John Chandler 1600 Christening Record

While on the 2016 CFA UK Tour, sisters Barbara Nash and Gwen Dean talked Dr Tony Trowles FSA, head of the Abbey Collections and Librarian, Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s Westminster in London, into making a new scan of the christening record for John Chandler born 1600, ancestor of Chandler DNA Group 7A.

When Dr. Trowles sent the image by email, he wrote:

Dear Barbara and Gwen,

It was a pleasure to meet you both this afternoon. Attached is an image from the parish register of St Margaret’s for 1600. The entry ‘John Chandler son to John’ is under 7 September 1600 (it’s the last of the three entries under the 7th). I hope you can read it ok.

With very best wishes,

Below is the scan of the image with no notations.
Click here to see the image with notations that will help you decipher the writing.

Click here to see an earlier version of the christening record
provided to us years ago by CFA member
William Henry (Bill) Chandler (1948-2006) of Hemingway, South Carolina.