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Members and Their Lineage
E-mail your lineage to Claudia at
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CFA members in Genetic Families / Members with Incomplete Lineage

This section offers members of The Chandler Family Association an opportunity to connect with cousins who share the same branch on the Chandler family tree. In order to be listed here, you must make a specific request. lineage tree image If you would like your lineage posted here, please write Claudia at . Begin with your most distant Chandler ancestor, list the Chandler or Chandler descendant in each generation, and end the lineage with yourself. The lineage will be posted along with your email address.

If you or a relative have participated in the Chandler DNA Project, please specify the genetic family number assigned as a result of that test, and we will post your lineage under the appropriate family number.

Not yet a member? Please visit our Queries page, where we can post any questions or mysteries you may have encountered in your Chandler research. We are happy to post questions for CFA members and non-members alike.

If you are a CFA member but cannot connect to any of the Chandler lines on this page or on the page listing descendants of John Chandler born 1600 (Genetic Family Group 7A), send your lineage anyway, beginning with the most distant Chandler ancestor you have been able to document. We'll post the information you provide; perhaps someone else will be able to link to you!

The lineages on this page and the John born 1600 lineage page are posted as provided by the members, and the CFA makes no representation regarding accuracy. If you would like your family history website included with your lineage listing, send the link to Claudia at . The linked pages are not under the control of the CFA, which makes no claims as to their accuracy. Look for this graphic - personal webpage graphic - to indicate web page links.

The list of Chandler descendants on this page and the John Chandler born 1600 descendants page do not constitute the entire membership of the CFA but only those who have chosen to post their lineage.

All e-mail address links on this web site are encoded for the security of our members. The addresses appear to be text but are actually a graphic image.

The assignment of a lineage to a genetic family is based on the identification of the member's ancestor as someone in the genetic ancestors table. A family assignment may need to be changed if future DNA testing or paper research reveals conflicts either in the member's lineage or in the ancestors table.

Genetic family numbers that are underlined are active links and lead to a family history for that group.
Genetic Chandler Family 2
William Chandler b. 1700 > Isaac Chandler b. 1732 > Thomas Chandler b. 1762 > Catherine "Katie" Chandler b. 1800 > James Chandler b. 1817 > Peter Marion Chandler b. 1846 > Sherman Chandler b.1873? > Walter Chandler b. 1915 > Walter LeRoy Chandler b. 1944 Mark Chandler
Genetic Chandler Family 3
See CFA chapter page for DNA Group 3
Richard Chandler b 1751 VA? > Hezekiah Chandler b 1774 NC or VA > Clemmons Quillian Chandler b 1820 GA> George Neese Chandler b 1849 GA> Brue Stanhope Chandler b 1887 GA> Edith Evelyn Chandler b 1922 GA Susan Frenzel
Richard Chandler b 1751 VA? > Richard Chandler b 1775 VA > Ambrose Chandler b 1805 NC > Hiram Bennett Chandler b 1831 GA > William Solomon Chandler b 1875 GA > Minnie Frances Chandler b 1923 GA Charles "Chuck" Watson
Richard Chandler b 1751 VA? > Richard Chandler b 1775 VA > Lindsey Chandler b 1810 NC > Asa Chandler b 1831 > Duke Williamson Chandler b 1851 AL > Ivy Benjamin Chandler b 1887 GAIva Jean Chandler Yarbrough Donahue
Richard Chandler b 1751 VA? > Richard Chandler b 1775 VA > Lindsey Chandler b 1810 NC > Asa Chandler b 1831 > Duke William Chandler b 1851 AL > Judge Ayers Chandler b 1894 GA > Rena Lugenia Chandler b 1923 GAKim Anthony Mitchell
Genetic Chandler Family 4
Manson Hardaway Chandler > Elijah Chandler (twin brother of Elisha) > Samuel Dehaven Chandler > Samuel Raymond Chandler Larry Douglas Chandler
Genetic Chandler Family 5
Daniel Dial Chandler (1783, died 1843, Sumter Dist., SC) > James H. Chandler (1811, SC) > John L. Chandler (1843, SC) > Augustus F. Chandler (1868, FL) > Charles A. Chandler (1909, FL) > Harold A. (1932, FL) Dr. Wayne Chandler
Genetic Chandler Family 7A
Follow this link to CFA members who are descendants of John Chandler, believed to be the John, son of John, christened at St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London, England on September 7, 1600.
Genetic Chandler Family 7B
Thomas Chandler b 1570 ENG > John Chandler b 1603 ENG > George Chandler b 1633 ENG > George Chandler b 1671 ENG > George Chandler b abt 1700 > George Chandler b 1733 PA > Joseph A Chandler b 1760 DE > Benjamin Chandler b 1782 DE > Joseph Perlee Chandler b 1810 DE > Elizabeth Adeline Chandler b 1846 > Irene Simmons b 1871 DE > Elizabeth Ann Sheward b 1894 DE > Harcourt Burns b 1924 Christopher "Chris" Burns
Thomas Chandler b 1570 ENG > John Chandler b 1603 ENG > George Chandler b 1633 ENG > George Chandler II b 1670 ENG > George Chandler III b 1701 PA > Isaac Chandler b 1732 PA > Swithin Chandler b 1772 DE > Jacob Chandler b 1816 DE > Kennard Chandler b 1860 DE > Donald Chandler b 1896 DE > Donald Chandler Jr b 1930 MIDon Chandler
Genetic Chandler Family 7C
Richard CHANDLER (b.1575-Eling Hampshire; m.1619; d.1661) (proved by DNA testing to be related to immigrant John born 1600) > Richard CHANDLER (b.1620-Eling Hampshire; m.1642; d.1656) > Richard CHANDLER (b.1645-Eling Hampshire; m.1670) > Arthur CHANDLER (b.1684-Eling Hampshire; d.1761-Timsbury Hampshire) > John William CHANDLER (b.1723-Timsbury Hampshire; m.1764; d.1793-Timsbury Hampshire) > Robert CHANDLER (b.1782-Timsbury Hampshire; m.1810; d.1834-Botley Hampshire) > Charles CHANDLER (b.1821-Redbridge Hampshire; m.1841; d.1889-South Stoneham, Hampshire) > William Henry CHANDLER (b.1842-Southampton Hampshire; m.1866; d.1884-Southampton Hampshire) > Alfred CHANDLER (b.1878-South Stoneham Hampshire; m.1901; d.1960-Bristol Gloucestershire) > Leonard CHANDLER (b.1912-Bristol Gloucestershire; m.1935; d.1985-Westcliff-on-Sea Essex) All events in this descendancy occurred in England. Richard Winston "Dick" Chandler (b.1942- Bristol Gloucestershire)
Richard Chandler b 1575 HAM ENG > Richard Chandler b 1620 HAM ENG > Richard Chandler b 1645 HAM ENG > Arthur Chandler b 1684 HAM ENG > John William Chandler b 1723 HAM ENG > Robert Chandler b 1782 HAM ENG > Henry Alfred Chandler b 1813 HAM ENG > Alfred Clarence Chandler b 1849 HAM ENG > Charles Arthur Chandler b 1879 LAN ENG > Alfred Clarence Chandler b 1913 WA AUSSusan Chandler Davis
Genetic Chandler Family 8
See CFA Chapter page for DNA Group 8
Robert Chandler (b. 1775 NC; d ab 1848 Carroll Co VA) > Hiram A. Chandler (b. ab 1823, Patrick Co VA; d. aft. 1884 around Cabell Co WV) > John W Chandler (b. 7 Jan 1849, Carroll Co VA; d. 1914 Princeton WV) > Lester Norman Chandler (b. Feb 1880 Bland Co VA; d. 12 Feb 1944, Rich Creek VA) > Walter Bowman Chandler (b. 21 Sept 1907, Bland Co VA, d. 20 May 1987, Roanoke VA)Jacqueline Mears Chandler Cahoon
Thomas Chandler (b. 1762 Buckingham VA, d. September 4, 1840 Cabell County WV) > Henry Chandler (b. June 12, 1815 VA, d. September 28, 1875) > William Chandler (b. September 1846 Johnson County KY, d. April 8, 1906) > Sanford Marion Chandler (b. December 22, 1870 Lowmansville KY, d. June 24, 1947) > Mitchell Chandler (b. August 12, 1909 Lowmansville KY, d. December 11, 1994 Ashland, KY) Jack Chandler
Genetic Chandler Family 9
Thomas Chandler b 1475 HRT ENG > Thomas Chandler b 1500 HRT ENG > John Chandler b 1525 HRT ENG > Thomas Chandler b ? HRT ENG > Henry Chandler b 1560 HRT ENG > William Chandler b 1595 HRT ENG > John Chandler b 1635(?) CT > John Chandler b 1665 CT > Joshua Chandler b1695/6 CT > Moses Chandler b 1733 CT > John Chandler b 1768 CT > Thomas K Chandler b 1813 CT > Thomas K Chandler b 1871 TX > James Guy Chandler b 1900 TX > Charles Chandler b 1933 TX Charles Chandler
Thomas Chandler b 1475 HRT ENG > Thomas Chandler b 1500 HRT ENG > John Chandler b 1525 HRT ENG > Thomas Chandler b ? HRT ENG > Henry Chandler b 1560 HRT ENG > Thomas Chandler b 1628 ENG > William Chandler b 1595 HRT ENG > Henry Chandler b 1667 MA > Henry Chandler, Jr. b 1696 MA > John Chandler b 1727 CT > Simeon Chandler b 1766 CT > Simeon Chandler, Jr. b 1805 IL > Levi Lewis Chandler b 1844 IL > Louis Edmond Chandler b 1877 KS > Russell Louis Chandler b 1922 MOVicki Chandler Watson
Genetic Chandler Family 11
Thompson Chandler b. 1811 > Ransom Kiles Chandler b. 1844 > Walter Paris Chandler b. 1865 > Hubert Paris Chandler b. 1905Major General (Ret.) Hubert Thomas "Tom" Chandler
Genetic Chandler Family 13
See CFA Chapter page for DNA Group 13
Edmund Chandler b c 1587 ENG > Joseph Chandler b 1646 MA >Edmund Chandler b 1670 MA > Capt. John Chandler b 1696 MA > Jonathan Chandler b 1731 MA > Ichabod Chandler b 1762 MA > Elihu Chandler b 1795 ME > James S Chandler b 1836 IA > Everett Chandler b 1883 IA > Paul Chandler b 1907 IA Barb Chandler
Edmund Chandler b c 1587 ENG > Joseph Chandler b 1646 MA > Edmund Chandler b 1670 MA > Capt. John Chandler b 1696 MA > Jonathan Chandler b 1731 MA > Ichabod Chandler b 1762 MA > Freeman Chandler b 1801 ME > Albion Chandler b 1832 ME > Theodore Ellsworth Chandler b 1862 IA > Loretta Chandler b 1900 OH > Charles Campbell b 1917 OH > James Campbell Sr. b 1942 OH James Campbell Jr.

Incomplete Lineages
CFA members: If your lineage is included here but you would prefer to be listed
with your genetic family (if known), please write .
Rev. John Chandler b 1755 VA > Elizabeth (Betsey) Chandler b 1792 KY > James Madison Bottom b 1824 KY > Jemima Hester Bottom b 1852 KY > James Henry Light b 1880 TN > Arie Lee Light b 1909 MO James Herman Light
John Chandler (ca. 1803) > Samuel Harrison Chandler > Samuel Harrison Chandler Jr. (1863) > Anna Chandler Gregory Morrison (1899) > Lonnie Ray Morrison (1939)Merrie Christine Morrison
Pleasant Chandler b. 1789 Orange County NC > George W. Chandler b. 1832 Caswell Co., NC > Thomas Yancey Chandler b. 1860 Caswell Co., NC > Eugene Spencer Chandler, Sr. b. 1900 Caswell Co., NC > Eugene Spencer Chandler, Jr. b. 1931 Belmont Co., Ohio Susan E. Chandler
Whitfield William Chandler b 1783 VA > Jesse Chandler b 1813 PA > Elizabeth Chandler b 1832 PA > Alpha Nichols b 1855 CA > Ida Marie Nichols b 1895 CA > Leroy Frederick Hill b 1918 CAKaren Hill Daniels
William Lawrence Chandler, b abt 1810 in VA, d 28 Nov 1836 In Zanesville, OH > William Henry Slicer Chandler, b 31 Jan 1834 in Fredericksburg, VA, d 24 Dec 1898 in Columbus, OH > Lawrence Washington Bruce Chandler (6th child of 10), b 5 Apr 1869 in Groveport, OH, d 1949 in Plain City, OH > Robert Bruce Chandler, b 4 Oct 1905 in Plain City, OH, d 17 Mar 2005 in Dublin, OH > William Woodruff Chandler, b 28 Feb 1926 William W. Chandler

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